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100 1  Jurgen, Ronald 
245 10 Autonomous Vehicles for Safer Driving 
264  1 Warrendale :|bSAE International,|c2013 
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505 0  Intro -- Table of Contents -- Introduction -- Overview -- 
       Autonomous Driving - A Practical Roadmap -- Major Design 
       and Test Collaborations -- Sartre - Safe Road Trains for 
       the Environment Reducing Fuel Consumption through lower 
       Aerodynamic Drag Coefficient -- Ohio State University 
       Experiences at the DARPA Challenges -- Low-Cost Autonomous
       Vehicles for Urban Environments -- Vehicle Safety 
       Communications - Applications: System Design & Objective 
       Testing Results -- A Sampling of Autonomous Vehicle 
       Research Projects -- Distributed System Architecture of 
       Autonomous Vehicles and Real-Time Path Planning based on 
       the Curvilinear Coordinate System -- Development of a Semi
       -Autonomous System for Testing with Somnolent Drivers -- 
       Investigating Control of Vision Based Autonomous 
       Navigation in the Image Plane -- An Autonomous and Car-
       Following System via DSRC Communication -- Integrated 
       Controller Design for Path Following in Autonomous 
       Vehicles -- Autonomous Vehicle Control in Urban 
       Environment by Map-Based Driving Lane Detection -- 
       Navigation Control in an Urban Autonomous Ground Vehicle -
       - About the Editor 
520    Self-driving cars are no longer in the realm of science 
       fiction, thanks to the integration of numerous automotive 
       technologies that have matured over many years. 
       Technologies such as adaptive cruise control, forward 
       collision warning, lane departure warning, and V2V/V2I 
       communications are being merged into one complex 
       system.The papers in this compendium were carefully 
       selected to bring the reader up to date on successful 
       demonstrations of autonomous vehicles, ongoing projects, 
       and what the future may hold for this technology. It is 
       divided into three sections: overview, major design and 
       test collaborations, and a sampling of autonomous vehicle 
       research projects.The comprehensive overview paper covers 
       the current state of autonomous vehicle research and 
       development as well as obstacles to overcome and a 
       possible roadmap for major new technology developments and
       collaborative relationships.The section on major design 
       and test collaborations covers Sartre, DARPA contests, and
       the USDOT and the Crash Avoidance Metrics Partnership-
       Vehicle Safety Communications (CAMP-VSC2) Consortium. The 
       final section presents seven SAE papers on significant 
       recent and ongoing research by individual companies on a 
       variety of approaches to autonomous vehicles 
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650  0 Automobiles-Automatic control 
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