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Author Khush, Gurdev S
Title Advances in Rice Genetics
Imprint Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd, 2003
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Series Rice Genetics Collection ; v.8
Rice Genetics Collection
Note Intro -- Contents -- PREFACE -- ACKNOWLEDGMENTS -- Genetics and breeding of agronomic traits -- Comparing agronomic performance of breeding populations derived from anther culture and single-seed descent in rice -- Advances in breeding salt-tolerant rice varieties -- Breeding for salt tolerance in rice -- Genetic analysis and prediction of heterosis -- Relationship of parental genetic diversity with heterosis in two-line and three-line Philippine rice hybrids -- Stable high-yielding ability of japonica-indica hybrid rice -- Inheritance of fertility restoration of WA cytoplasm in sodic-tolerant rice hybrids -- Genetic analysis of temperature-sensitive genic male sterility in rice -- Complexity of inheritance of thermosensitive genic male sterility in rice -- Characterizing tropical japonicas with wide compatibility based on isozyme pattern in rice -- Effects of cytoplasm and cytoplasm-nucleus interaction in breeding japonica rice -- Genetic analysis of hybrid breakdown in a japonica/indica cross of rice -- Induction and use of japonica rice mutant R917 with broad-spectrum resistance to blast -- Partial resistance to rice blast in the tropics -- Developing near-isogenic lines for blast resistance in two genotypes of indica rice IR24 and IR49830-7-1-2-2 -- Developing near-isogenic lines for rice blast resistance -- Improving field resistance to blast and eating quality in Japanese rice varieties -- Inheritance of resistance to bacterial blight in rice -- Genetic analysis of resistance to bacterial blight in rice -- Breeding bacterial blight-resistant rice cultivars at the Philippine Rice Research Institute -- Inheritance and allelic relationships of rice gall midge resistance genes in some new donors -- Genetics of submergence tolerance in rainfed rice: line × tester analysis -- Diallel analysis for cold tolerance at the germination stage in rice
Inheritance of nitrogen efficiency under aluminum stress in upland rice lines -- Genetic mechanism of variegation of a chlorophyll mutant originated from the cross between distantly related rice varieties -- Major genes controlling spikelet number per panicle in rice -- Genetic relationship between red pericarp and fertility restoration in rice -- Genetic analysis of morphological and related taxonomic traits in rice -- Performance of backcrossed doubled-haploid lines of rice under contrasting moisture regimes: root system and grain yield components -- Developmental genetics of internodal elongation in floating rice -- Genetic divergence in photoperiod-insensitive autumn rice germplasm of northeast India -- The relationship between number of nitrogen-fixing rhizobacteria and growth pattern of rice varieties -- Genotype by environment interaction across normal and delayed planting in rainfed lowland rice environments of eastern India -- Using rice cultivar LGC-1 as a dietary food for patients with kidney disease -- Characterization of a rice mutant showing an abnormal morphology -- Genetic diversity evolution and alien introgression -- RAPD variation in carbonized rice aged 13010 and 17310 years -- Diphyletic origin of cultivated rice based on genetic analysis and archaeology -- Evolutionary and molecular genetic studies at the waxy locus in cultivated rice and wild relatives -- PCR-RFLP analysis of cpDNA and mtDNA in Oryza -- Evolutionary significance of varietal groups resistant to bacterial leaf blight in rice -- Advances in rice chromosome research 1995-2000 -- Achievements in rice cytogenetics -- Advanced cytogenetics in Oryzeae -- Cell-cycle synchronization and flow karyotyping in rice -- High-resolution fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) for gene mapping and molecular analysis of rice chromosomes
Analysis of meiosis in rice after mutagenic treatment -- Genomic relationships of the AA genome Oryza species -- Characterizing hybrid and backcross derivatives of O. sativa × O. minuta using species probes -- Genetic variation for perenniality in O. sativa/O. rufipogon derivatives -- Genetic population structures of Oryza glumaepatula and O. grandiglumis distributed in the Amazon flood area -- Oryza glumaepatula Steud. introgression lines in rice: identification of genes for reproductive barriers -- Advanced backcross analysis for transferring QTLs from O. rufipogon -- Wild-QTL-allele effect in the background of japonica Nipponbare and indica (IR36) cultivars -- Trait-improving wild QTL alleles identified using advanced backcross QTL analysis from a cross between cultivated rice Oryza sativa and wild rice O. rufipogon -- Using new alleles from wild rice Oryza rufipogon to improve cultivated rice (O. sativa) in Latin America -- A new gene for resistance to bacterial blight from Oryza rufipogon -- Identifying blast resistance in Oryza species and its introgression into U.S. rice cultivars -- Evaluation of O. sativa × O. glaberrima-derived lines using microsatellite markers -- Genetic analysis of pollen sterility loci found in hybrid progeny between Oryza sativa and O. glabberima -- A rhizomatous individual obtained from interspecific BC1F1 progenies between Oryza sativa and O. longistaminata -- Identifying late heading genes in rice using Oryza glumaepatula introgression lines -- Genetic variability of tolerance for iron toxicity in different species of Oryza and their derivatives -- Identifying subspecies-specific DNA markers in rice -- Identifying RAPD markers to classify rice germplasm as indica or japonica
DNA fingerprinting and phylogenetic analysis of Indian aromatic high-quality rice germplasm using panels of fluorescent-labeled microsatellite markers -- Fingerprinting of Indian scented rice by RAPD markers -- Relationship between heterosis in F1 hybrids and genetic similarity among parents as measured by RAPD SSR and co-ancestry analysis in japonica rice -- Reproductive barriers between japonica and indica crosses -- Genetic basis of F1 hybrid sterility and gamete formation in rice -- Developmental cytology on gametic abortion caused by induced complementary genes gal and d60 in japonica rice -- Molecular diversity and its geographical distribution in core rice germplasm -- Phenotypic diversity in embryo mutants induced by tissue culture in rice -- Genetic diversity in Korean japonica rice cultivars -- Genetic diversity based on isozyme pattern of rice germplasm in China -- Differential patterns of isozyme loci of Adh and Ldh between upland and lowland rice varieties -- Genetic diversity in seed storage proteins of Bangladeshi rice cultivars -- Genetic variation in storage protein and storage endosperm starch in local rice cultivars of Myanmar -- Variation in seed storage proteins of Pakistani rice germplasm -- Genetic diversity in rainfed lowland rice genotypes as detected by RAPD primers -- Marker-based estimation of coefficient of coancestry in rice -- Molecular cytological studies on a poly-egg rice mutant AP IV strain -- Molecular markers QTL mapping and marker-assisted selection -- The application of molecular markers in rice -- Application of molecular markers in rice breeding in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam -- Converting rice RFLP markers to PCR-based markers by the dCAPS method -- DNA markers to assess genetic purity of rice hybrids -- RAPD markers from mitochondrial DNA can distinguish male sterile and fertile cytoplasm in indica rice
Fine mapping of the F1 pollen sterility loci S-a and S-c in rice using PCR-based markers -- Map-based cloning of the Hd1 gene controlling photoperiod sensitivity in rice -- Response of QTLs for heading date in rice at different sites from tropical to temperate regions -- Mapping quantitative trait loci controlling heading date in rice -- QTL analysis for heading date using recombinant inbred lines in rice -- Molecular mapping of Hwc-2 one of the complementary hybrid weakness genes in rice -- Molecular markers for detecting bacterial blight resistance genes in maintainer lines of rice hybrids -- Identifying major genes and QTLs for field resistance to neck blast in rice -- Mapping QTLs for partial resistance to blast in rice -- Marker-assisted selection for transferring resistance to blast in high-yielding but susceptible Jyothi -- Using microsatellite markers to select blast resistance in U.S. rice breeding lines -- Mapping a recessive gene conferring resistance to rice yellow mottle virus -- Partial resistance to rice yellow mottle virus: QTL identification genetic model and QTL efficiency analysis after marker-assisted introgression -- Constructing linkage maps of brown planthopper resistance genes Bph1 bph2 and Bph9 on rice chromosome 12 -- Molecular mapping and marker-aided selection of a gene conferring resistance to an Indian biotype of brown planthopper in rice -- Mapping QTLs for brown planthopper (BPH) resistance introgressed from Oryza officinalis in rice -- RFLP mapping of antibiosis to rice green leafhopper -- Mapping of a gene ovicidal to whitebacked planthopper Sogatella furcifera Horváth in rice -- Molecular marker association for yellow stem borer resistance in rice -- Chromosome blocks are involved in adaptive gene complexes in rice landraces -- Drought tolerance in rice: QTLs marker-assisted selection and environmental interactions
Identifying traits and molecular markers associated with components of drought tolerance in rice
The Rice Genetics Collection of past symposia and other selected literature contains nearly 4,400 pages of searchable information on rice genetics and cytogenetics published by the IRRI and its partners since 1964. In addition to the five genetics symposia held at 5-year intervals since 1985, the collection contains classic publications that kicked off significant reporting on these subjects in the early 1960s. This collection is a comprehensive and historical documentation on the subject of rice genetics, spanning 45 years of research and scholarly work. Published in 2003, Advances in Rice Genetics is a supplement to Rice Genetics IV . It contains 241 short chapters from various contributors on topics dealing with the genetics and breeding of agronomic traits; genetic diversity, evolution, and alien introgression; molecular markers, QTL mapping, and marker-assisted selection; genomics; gene isolation and function; tissue culture and transformation; and genetics of rice pathogens. -->. Sample Chapter(s). Comparing agronomic performance of breeding populationsderived from anther culture and single-seed descent in rice (99k). Contents: Advances in Breeding Salt-Tolerant Rice Varieties (B Mishra et al.); Developing Near-Isogenic Lines for Rice Blast Resistance (H Tsunematsu et al.); Advanced Cytogenetics in Oryzeae (S A Jackson et al.); Identifying Subspecies-Specific DNA Markers in Rice (J H Chin & H J Koh); Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci Controlling Heading Date in Rice (K Fujino et al.); RFLP Mapping of Antibiosis to Rice Green Leafhopper (M Kadowaki et al.); A Gene Machine for Rice (N M Upadhyaya et al.); One Super-Mutator Transposon Family Found in Rice (R Ishikawa et al.); Molecular Cloning of the Salt-Responsive Gene in Rice (M Arumugam Pillai & S Yanagihara); Androgenesis in Aromatic Rice Hybrids (M Sakila et al.); Rice Transformation for
Resistance to Stem Borer (I Hanarida Somantri); Modification of Starch Branching Degree in Transgenic Rice (W S Kim et al.); Pathogenicity of Blast Isolates in Rice (M J T Yanoria et al.); and other papers. Readership: Rice scientists/researchers, crop science specialists, and agriculture professionals and students
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