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245 00 Informing clinical practice in nephrology :|bthe role of 
       RCTs /|cedited by Mohsen El Kossi, Arif Khwaja, Meguid El 
264  1 Cham :|bSpringer International Publishing :|bImprint: 
300    1 online resource (xii, 243 pages) :|billustrations, 
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505 0  Management of ADPKD -- Secondary Glomerular Disease Lupus 
       Nephritis -- ANCA-Associated Vasculitis -- Acute Kidney 
       Injury -- Chronic Kidney Disease -- Anaemia in Chronic 
       Kidney Disease (CKD) -- Lipids and Chronic Kidney Disease 
       -- Chronic Kidney Disease with Mineral and Bone Disorder 
       (CKD-MBD) -- Diabetic Nephropathy -- Primary Glomerular 
       Disease -- Hemodialysis -- Peritoneal Dialysis -- 
520    This book offers a thorough and critical appraisal and 
       evaluation of the key published clinical trials that have 
       shaped current practice in nephrology, dialysis and 
       transplantation. It will help the practicing physician 
       close the gap between the inflexible and generalized 
       nature of clinical guidelines and the day-to-day clinical 
       decision-making for individual patients. Furthermore, it 
       will provide clinicians with the tools required to 
       investigate and extract the appropriate guidance to apply 
       to individual and often complex cases encountered in daily
       practice. Lastly, it will improve the ability of junior 
       colleagues to appraise available evidence in a systematic 
       way when there is lack of local guidelines or when the 
       guidelines are difficult to apply due to logistic 
       constraints or barriers. Informing Clinical Practice in 
       Nephrology: The Role of RCTs is an essential reference 
       text for renal specialists, nephrologists in training, 
       transplant and renal surgeons as well as, researchers in 
       renal medicine, intensivists specializing in acute kidney 
       injury (AKI), immunologists, general practitioners and 
       other clinicians who are interested in chronic kidney 
       disease (CKD) 
650  0 Nephrology 
650  0 Kidneys|xDiseases 
650 14 Medicine & Public Health 
650 24 Nephrology 
650 24 Diabetes 
650 24 Transplant Surgery 
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