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100 1  Lisnianski, Anatoly,|eauthor 
245 10 Modern dynamic reliability analysis for multi-state 
       systems :|bstochastic processes and the Lz-transform /|cby
       Anatoly Lisnianski, Ilia Frenkel, Lev Khvatskin 
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300    1 online resource (xiv, 184 pages) :|billustrations, 
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490 1  Springer series in reliability engineering,|x1614-7839 
505 0  General Concepts and Theoretical Background -- Industrial 
       Multi-state Systems (MSS) and Dynamic Reliability Analysis
       -- Modern Stochastic Processes Methods for Dynamic MSS 
       Reliability Assessment -- LZ-transform and Extended 
       Universal Generating Function (UGF) Technique -- 
       Applications and Real-world Case Studies -- Short-term 
       Availability and Reliability Analysis for Power Systems --
       The Lz-Transform and the Markov Reward Approaches for the 
       Reliability Assessment of Ship's Traction Drives -- 
       Availability Determination for MSS Cold Water Supply 
       System -- Availability Analysis for Aging Air Conditioning
       Systems -- Sensitivity and Importance Analysis of Aging 
       MSS Water Cooling System for Magnetic Resonance Inspection
520    This book discusses recent developments in dynamic 
       reliability in multi-state systems (MSS), addressing such 
       important issues as reliability and availability analysis 
       of aging MSS, the impact of initial conditions on MSS 
       reliability and availability, changing importance of 
       components over time in MSS with aging components, and the
       determination of age-replacement policies. It also 
       describes modifications of traditional methods, such as 
       Markov processes with rewards, as well as a modern 
       mathematical method based on the extended universal 
       generating function technique, the Lz-transform, 
       presenting various successful applications and 
       demonstrating their use in real-world problems. This book 
       provides theoretical insights, information on practical 
       applications, and real-world case studies that are of 
       interest to engineers and industrial managers as well as 
       researchers. It also serves as a textbook or supporting 
       text for graduate and postgraduate courses in industrial, 
       electrical, and mechanical engineering 
650  0 Reliability (Engineering)|xMathematical models 
650  0 System analysis|xMathematical models 
650 14 Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk 
650 24 Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes 
650 24 Mathematical and Computational Engineering 
700 1  Frenkel, Ilia,|eauthor 
700 1  Khvatskin, Lev,|eauthor 
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830  0 Springer series in reliability engineering 
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