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245 00 Naturalization policies, education and citizenship
       |h[electronic resource] :|bmulticultural and multi-nation 
       societies in international perspective /|cedited by Dina 
260    [Basingstoke] :|bPalgrave Macmillan,|c2013 
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490 1  Palgrave politics of identity and citizenship series 
505 0  1. Introduction; Dina Kiwan -- 2. Learning to be 
       'British'? Education and Naturalisation in the UK; Dina 
       Kiwan -- 3. State Paternalism and Religious Dress; Cecile 
       Laborde -- 4. Diversity and Nationality: Contemporary 
       Developments in Five European Citizenship Regimes; Nasar 
       Meer and Tariq Modood -- 5. Descent, Territory, and Common
       Values: Redefining Citizenship in Canada; Elke Winter -- 
       6. Regional Diversity and Education for 'National' 
       Citizenship in Ukraine: The Construction of Citizenship 
       Identities by Borderland Youth; Antonina Tereshchenko -- 
       7. Shifting Youth Identities and Notions of 'Citizenship' 
       in the Palestinian Diaspora: the Case of Lebanon; Kathleen
       Fincham -- 8. Conclusion; Dina Kiwan 
520    Around the world, there is a heightened interest in 
       citizenship policy in the policy domains of education, 
       naturalization and integration. We are witnessing 
       widespread contestations over conceptions of citizenship -
       - whether it be, for example, the challenges posed by 
       multicultural diversity as a result of large-scale 
       immigration in Western contexts, or the challenges of 
       ongoing uprisings in the Arab world, as seen through the 
       lens of the 'Arab Spring'. This book examines 'national' 
       constructions of citizenship through its study of 
       education and naturalization policies, uniquely drawing on
       a wide range of country examples - including Belgium, 
       Denmark, France, Germany, the UK, Ukraine, Canada and 
       Palestinians in Lebanon. Contributing authors examine 
       'national' constructions of citizenship in a wide range of
       societal contexts, including devolution, multiculturalism,
       ethno-religious conflict, post conflict and 'non-state' 
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650  0 Emigration and immigration law 
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700 1  Kiwan, Dina,|d1970- 
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