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100 1  Kloth, Sandra Sue 
245 10 Employee satisfaction with the work environment: 
       Importance of facility services 
300    57 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 34-05, 
       page: 2077 
502    Thesis (M.A.)--Michigan State University, 1996 
520    The emergence of facility management within the business 
       community has been increasingly apparent in recent years. 
       This study was a prefatory attempt at examining the 
       contribution of satisfaction with facility services in 
       explaining overall satisfaction with the work environment 
520    A post-occupancy evaluation (POE) was designed to measure 
       employee satisfaction with the building environment and 
       the services provided by an in-house facility service 
       provider. The POE consisted of employee questionnaires, 
       and physical measures of the environment. The study sample
       included employees within an office setting. A model of 
       environment satisfaction was created for this study 
       illustrating the possible effects work environment and 
       facility service constructs can have on overall 
       satisfaction with the work environment. Multiple-
       Regression analyses of the data extracted from the 
       questionnaires indicated a strong relationship between the
       work environment and facility service constructs. 
       Satisfaction with facility services explained 36% of the 
       variance in overall satisfaction with the work 
       environment. The results indicated that further research 
       of the relationship between work environment and facility 
       services is warranted 
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710 2  Michigan State University 
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