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Author Kobayashi, Mieko
Title How Japanese working women learn to attain leadership positions in the Japanese business environment
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Note Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 70-07, Section: A, page: 2340
Adviser: Marie Volpe
Thesis (Ed.D.)--Teachers College, Columbia University, 2009
This study explored the learning strategies of Japanese working women who attained leadership positions in male-dominated Japanese business environment. The following questions were addressed at the outset of the study: (1) What competencies did they perceive necessary for their career advancement?, (2) How did they learned to acquire the competencies, (3) What factors fostered or impeded their advancement? The researcher conducted in-depth interviews on 17 Japanese women who were manager and above in various organizations as well as a focus group and documents analysis
The findings revealed that the research participants did not give up on the challenges or took the challenges as rather learning opportunities. Further, all participants expressed that the ability to build good relationships with others was crucial in advancing their careers. The participants relied on informal learning strategies such as observing others, through dialogue with others and researching/reading etc. The participants also indicated that support from others played a key role in advancing their careers and the lack of the support hindered the advancement. Further, negative perception of other working women was expressed by the participants such as low self-confidence and aggressive attitudes. Based on the findings, the researcher drew on the following conclusions: (1) Developing people skills in order to build good personal and professional relationships is crucial in progressing careers, (2) Japanese woman need to possess self confidence for their self-development, (3) Leveraging informal learning strategies, particularly collaborative learning - learning through interaction with others is essential for Japanese women in self development, (4) Mental support from others facilitates women's career advancement, (5) Confronting challenges and turning them into developmental opportunities is the key for advancing careers
School code: 0055
Host Item Dissertation Abstracts International 70-07A
Subject Women's Studies
Education, Adult and Continuing
Alt Author Teachers College, Columbia University
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