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245 00 Childlessness in Europe|h[electronic resource] :|bcontexts,
       causes, and consequences /|cedited by Michaela Kreyenfeld,
       Dirk Konietzka 
260    Cham :|bSpringer International Publishing :|bImprint: 
300    xi, 370 p. :|bill., digital ;|c24 cm 
490 1  Demographic research monographs,|x1613-5520 
506    Open access 
520    This book is published open access under a CC BY 4.0 
       license. This open access book provides an overview of 
       childlessness throughout Europe. It offers a collection of
       papers written by leading demographers and sociologists 
       that examine contexts, causes, and consequences of 
       childlessness in countries throughout the region. The book
       features data from all over Europe. It specifically 
       highlights patterns of childlessness in Germany, France, 
       the United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Austria and 
       Switzerland. An additional chapter on childlessness in the
       United States puts the European experience in perspective.
       The book offers readers such insights as the determinants 
       of lifelong childlessness, whether governments can and 
       should counteract increasing childlessness, how the 
       phenomenon differs across social strata and the role 
       economic uncertainties play. In addition, the book also 
       examines life course dynamics and biographical patterns, 
       assisted reproduction as well as the consequences of 
       childlessness. Childlessness has been increasing rapidly 
       in most European countries in recent decades. This book 
       offers readers expert analysis into this issue from 
       leading experts in the field of family behavior. From 
       causes to consequences, it explores the many facets of 
       childlessness throughout Europe to present a comprehensive
       portrait of this important demographic and sociological 
650  0 Childlessness|zEurope 
650 14 Social Sciences 
650 24 Demography 
650 24 Population Economics 
650 24 Sociology, general 
700 1  Kreyenfeld, Michaela 
700 1  Konietzka, Dirk 
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