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100 1  Laraway, David,|eauthor 
245 10 Borges and Black Mirror /|cby David Laraway 
264  1 Cham :|bSpringer International Publishing :|bImprint: 
       Palgrave Pivot,|c2020 
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490 1  Literatures of the americas 
505 0  1. Possessed by the Mirror -- 2. Forgetting and Forgiving 
       in an Age of Total Recall -- 3. Nostalgia, the Virtual, 
       and the Artifice of Eternity -- 4. Executable Code 
520    'A joy to read: smart, illuminating, humane. Neither 
       Borges nor Black Mirror will ever be the same again.' - 
       Alf Seegert, Associate Professor, Department of English at
       University of Utah, USA Borges and Black Mirror convenes a
       dialogue between one of the most influential writers of 
       the twentieth century, the philosophical fabulist Jorge 
       Luis Borges, and one of the most important writers and 
       producers of the twenty-first century, Charlie Brooker, 
       whose Black Mirror series has become a milestone in an age
       of "post-television" programming. The book's introduction 
       provides a detailed examination of the terms of engagement
       of Borges and Brooker and each of the chapters explores in
       a sustained way the resonances and affinities between one 
       particular story by Borges and one particular episode of 
       Black Mirror. The result is a series of essays that locate
       Brooker's work with respect to a rich literary and 
       philosophical tradition on the one hand and, on the other,
       demonstrate the relevance of Borges's work for anyone who 
       wishes to understand one of our most emblematic cultural 
       artifacts in the age of Netflix 
600 10 Borges, Jorge Luis,|d1899-1986 
630 00 Black mirror (Television program) 
650 14 Latin American/Caribbean Literature 
650 24 Twentieth-Century Literature 
650 24 Screen Studies 
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830  0 Literatures of the americas 
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