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Title United Nations Conference on the Application of Science and Technology for the Benefit of the Less Developed Areas papers. E.3.2-E.6.2
Imprint Geneva : United Nations, 1963
 Modern History Library, loan suspended  A 338.91 U58u  E.3.2-E.6.2    AVAILABLE    30550100418803
 Agenda item: E.3.2 
 E/CONF.39/E/4The choice of motive power in the development and modernization of railways in less developed countries / S.E. Lord 
 E/CONF.39/E/15Recent development of motive power and rolling stock / M. Abdel Salam 
 E/CONF.39/E/21Improvement of the stability of railway rolling stock / M. Mauzin 
 E/CONF.39/E/26Diesel railcars for train composition on power distribution system / Kyozo Kondo 
 E/CONF.39/E/27Comparison of merits and demerits of the locomotive-haules train and multiple-unit train / Sadayuki Sakata 
 E/CONF.39/E/29Weight reduction of passenger cars in JapaneseNational Railways / Akira Hoshi 
 E/CONF.39/E/47An economic system of railway electricfication: single-phase current at industrial frequency / M. Nouvion 
 E/CONF.39/E/66The use of rail cars / J. Langlois 
 E/CONF.39/E/86Replacement of steam traction by diesel traction on the railway systems of French-speaking states in tropical Africa / The Central Office for Overseas Railways 
 E/CONF.39/E/87Transition from steam to diesel locomotive traction, trans-Australian railway / J.A. Heath 
 Agenda item: E.3.3 
 E/CONF.39/E/17Recent progress in operating techniques of single track lines, with a view to increasing their capacity / L.S. de Silva 
 E/CONF.39/E/19Increasing the output of single-track lines / Andre Poupardin 
 E/CONF.39/E/24Study on traffic capacity of railway lines by simulation of train diagrams and its application to traffic capacity increasing plan / Masao Nagahama 
 E/CONF.39/E/39Economics of railway signalling and track capacity as applied to single line railways / H.F. Dennison 
 E/CONF.39/E/55Technical and economic efficiency of dispatcher centralization on single-track railways / Boris Ryazantsev 
 E/CONF.39/E/100Modern signalling and telecommunications facilities for single track railway lines obviating the provision of local operating staff / Ing. Sasse 
 Agenda item: E.4 (E.4.1 - E.4.2 - E.4.3 - E.4.4) 
 E/CONF.39/GR.6(E)Inland water transport and coastal shipping: report of the Conference Secretary-General 
 Agenda item: E.4.1 
 E/CONF.39/E/1Planning and development of lighthouses and other aids to navigation in India under the five-year plans / S.K. Lahiri 
 E/CONF.39/E/40Some applications of modern soil mechanics and hydraulics to the harbour construction in Japan / Hiromasa Fukuuchi 
 E/CONF.39/E/71Sand drift at Portland, Victoria, Australia: use of selected minerals as tracers / G. Baker 
 Agenda item: E.4.2 
 E/CONF.39/E/50The possibilities of using push-towing method of navigation in transporting goods on the inland waterways of countries to be led to a higher degree of industrialization / Fritz Hartung 
 E/CONF.39/E/52Report on application of science and technology on applicability and limitation of new techniques related to pushcraft navigation / Inland Water Transport Board 
 E/CONF.39/E/80Navigation of craft by pushing method on the USSR rivers / G.J. Vaganov 
 Agenda item: E.4.3 
 E/CONF.39/E/9Operational research methods as applied to investigations of profitability of port investments / Petter C. Omtvedt 
 E/CONF.39/E/36A new type of breakwater for exposed locations / H. Lundgren 
 E/CONF.39/E/59Loading and unloading equipment in the river ports of the USSR / P. A. Jakovlev...[et al.] 
 E/CONF.39/E/62New types of harbour, the sidi ifni mole / Vicente Caffarena Acena 
 E/CONF.39/E/65Multi-purpose ports / Roberto Bustamente Ahumada 
 E/CONF.39/E/72Notes on the development of a roll-on/roll-off ferry terminal / G.A. Loutit 
 E/CONF.39/E/79Rational methods of loading and discharging vessels carrying wheat, rice, fatty grains, raw sugar and chemical fertilisers and silo storage of cereals and fatty grains / Willy Pfister 
 Agenda item: E.4.4 
 E/CONF.39/E/7Banana boat design / R. Deullin 
 E/CONF.39/E/41Coal and ore handling at port in Japan / Atsusato Miyake 
 E/CONF.39/E/44Dracone flexible barges / Henry N. Best 
 E/CONF.39/E/76Types of merchant ships that could be of interest to rapidly developing countries / H.P. Weymouth 
 Agenda item: E.5 (E.5.1 - E.5.2) 
 E/CONF.39/GR.25(E)Air transport and specialized uses of aircraft in less developed areas: report of the Conference Secretary-General 
 Agenda item: E.5 
 E/CONF.39/E/3Role of aviation in economic development and conditions for the development of aviation / Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization 
 E/CONF.39/E/46The role of air transport in accelerating investment in countries with little surface transport / Jean Mercier 
 E/CONF.39/E/91The role of airports in the geographical redistribution of industry / Jacques Jodeau 
 E/CONF.39/E/95Applications of air cargo transport to feeder operations in less developed areas / Phillip R. Carlson 
 Agenda item: E.5.1 
 E/CONF.39/E/10Domestic air transportation in the Philippines / P.C. Morantte 
 E/CONF.39/E/16Advances in planning and methods for organization of internal air transport / M. El Hakim 
 E/CONF.39/E/22Progress of planning and methods of organisation for inland air transport / Nguyen-Dinh-Lan 
 E/CONF.39/E/42The costs of speed in air transport within undeveloped countries / J.J. Furniss 
 E/CONF.39/E/61Mining development policy in Senegal / L. Alexandrenne 
 E/CONF.39/E/85A note on air transport in the Sudan / Mohamed El Amir El Amin 
 E/CONF.39/E/93Progress in planning and methods of organising internal air transport / Alberto Acuna Ongay 
 E/CONF.39/E/101Air transport and special uses of aircraft in development areas / Kamil Berker, Orhan Isilgan 
 Agenda item: E.5.2 
 E/CONF.39/E/43Design characteristics of aircraft for safe and efficient operation in less developed areas / David Rendel 
 E/CONF.39/E/94Stimulating progress in developing countries by using aircraft with short take-off and landing distances / Henri Ziegler 
 Agenda item: E.6 (E.6.1 - E.6.2) 
 E/CONF.39/GR.10(E)New techniques in the transport of fuels and perishable goods: report of the Conference Secretary-General 
 Agenda item: E.6.1 
 E/CONF.39/E/14Economic aspects in the design and operation of petroleum pipelines in the UAR / M.A. Sinbel, M.A. Kroush 
 E/CONF.39/E/53Transportation of fuels / Slobodan Boskovic 
 E/CONF.39/E/57Transportation of fuels / Bruno Mascanzoni Fabbri 
 E/CONF.39/E/63New methods of ore transport, with particular reference to less developed areas / Julio Larios Lopez, Eduardo Coterillo Arana 
 E/CONF.39/E/68Comparative costs and advantages of transportation of petroleum products by oleoduct and by other means of transportation / Daniel Durant 
 E/CONF.39/E/73Transportation of mineral products in remote areas / G.F. Mead 
 E/CONF.39/E/96Movement of commodities by pipeline / J.L. Burke 
 E/CONF.39/E/103New methods of transporting coal from the point of view of less developed areas: hydraulic conveyance of coal / European Economic Commission of the United Nations 
 Agenda item: E.6.2 
 E/CONF.39/E/78Climatic study of the African continent with a view to the protection of goods by means of packaging / M.G. Jouhaud 
 E/CONF.39/E/92Refrigeration services: some views on their establishment in developing countries / B. De Rouvray 
 E/CONF.39/E/97New techniques for temperature control of perishable goods in transport and storage applicable to the less developed areas / Richard C. Jordan 
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