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100 1  McNeill, Stacy A 
245 12 A multivariate analysis of instructor source credibility, 
       student communication apprehension, and learner-centered 
       instructional practices 
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500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 67-
       11, Section: A, page: 4083 
500    Adviser:  Cynthia MacGregor 
502    Thesis (Ed.D.)--University of Missouri - Columbia, 2006 
520    In this study, learner-centered practice was investigated 
       in relation to instructor source credibility and student 
       communication apprehension in college public speaking 
       classes. Data was collected from students in ten sections 
       of public speaking courses at a midsize public university 
       in the Midwest ( N = 169) in the spring of 2006 
520    Significant Pearson correlations were found between the 
       learner-centered practice of establishing positive 
       interpersonal relationships and the source credibility 
       dimension of instructor competence and between all five 
       tested learner-centered practices and the source 
       credibility elements of instructor caring/goodwill and 
       trustworthiness. There were no significant correlations 
       with the practices and student communication apprehension 
520    The multiple linear regression analysis showed 
       establishing positive interpersonal relationships offered 
       significant predictive power toward the source credibility
       measures of competence, caring/goodwill, and 
       trustworthiness. Also, the learner-centered practice of 
       facilitating the learning process showed significant 
       predictive power toward instructor trustworthiness. As 
       expected, the learner-centered variables did not provide 
       predictive power in relation to student communication 
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710 2  University of Missouri - Columbia 
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