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100 1  Büchel, Bettina S. T 
245 10 Facilitating groups to drive change|h[electronic resource]
       /|cBettina Büchel and Ivan Moss 
260    Basingstoke :|bPalgrave Macmillan,|c2007 
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  PART 1: FACILITATION -- HOW IT WORKS -- How Facilitation 
       works to Develop New Shared Mental Models -- Group 
       Processes Lead to High-quality Shared Mental Models -- 
       Group Facilitation is a Powerful Means to Engage a Group 
       to Improve Performance -- PART 2: PLANNING A FACILITATION 
       EVENT -- Selecting and Working with a Facilitator -- 
       Establishing the Facilitator -- Change Leader Relationship
       -- Understanding the Organisational Context to Validate 
       Change Objectives -- Selecting and Understanding the Group
       -- Designing the Agenda -- Communicating with Participants
       and Stakeholders -- PART 3: GUIDING FACILITATION EVENTS --
       Starting Facilitation Events Successfully -- Clarifying 
       Objectives and Expectations -- During Events -- Essential 
       Elements for Creating Real Momentum for Change -- Framing:
       Challenging Mental Models -- Facilitating Productive 
       Conflict -- Closing the Event Well -- Key Deliverables to 
       Create Momentum for Implementation -- PART 4: ENSURING 
       the Event -- Recognizing and Overcoming Barriers to 
       Implementation -- Getting buy-in from Stakeholders -- 
       Engaging the wider Organization -- Facilitated Events lead
       to Shared Mental Models which is the Starting Point for 
       any Lasting Change 
520    [FRONT FLAP] Facilitation can provide a key route to 
       creating buy-in to the need for change and associated 
       change initiatives. But, this only happens when 
       facilitation is used in the right way. The authors outline
       the guiding principles of facilitation that every change 
       leader needs to understand to successfully drive change. 
       This book will make the principles of effective 
       facilitation explicit for you - increasing the probability
       of success of your change initiative. [BACK FLAP] BETTINA 
       BÜCHEL is Professor of Strategy and Organization at IMD 
       where she directs public and in-company programs for large
       corporations. She has also been a strategic change 
       consultant in companies in Asia and Europe. Büchel 
       received her bachelor of economics and masters of public 
       administration at the University of Constance, Germany, 
       her Masters of Human Resources and Industrial Relations at
       Rutgers University, USA and her PhD at the University of 
       Geneva, Switzerland. Büchel has written seven books and 
       her articles have appeared in leading academic journals 
       such as Journal of Management Studies, Journal of World 
       Business or Sloan Management Review. buchel@imd.ch IVAN 
       MOSS was a program manager with IMD, where he facilitated 
       strategy development and change programs for leadership 
       teams from major multinationals. He has recently returned 
       to New Zealand, where he is working with the ICEHOUSE to 
       create and grow internationally successful New Zealand 
       businesses. ivan.moss@bigfoot.com 
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