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100 1  Jaeger, M 
245 10 Twelfth Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence
       :|bSCAI 2013 
264  1 Burke :|bIOS Press,|c2013 
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490 1  Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications ;
505 0  Title Page -- Preface -- Contents -- Invited Talks -- 
       Intelligent Transport and Energy Systems Using Agent 
       Technology -- Robot Visions, Robot Vision -- Regular 
       Papers -- Decremental Possibilistic K-Modes -- Performing 
       Decision-Theoretic Inference in Bayesian Network Ensemble 
       Models -- Gated Bayesian Networks -- Solving the 15-Puzzle
       Game Using Local Value-Iteration -- Comparison of 
       Clustering Approaches for Gene Expression Data -- 
       Heuristics for Determining the Elimination Ordering in the
       Influence Diagram Evaluation with Binary Trees -- 
       Revisiting Inner Entanglements in Classical Planning -- 
       Trap Escape for Local Search by Backtracking and Conflict 
       Reverse -- Incorporating Prior Knowledge when Learning 
       Mixtures of Truncated Basis Functions from Data -- 
       Expansion of the Variational Garrote to a Multiple 
       Measurement Vectors Model -- Classification of Movement 
       Patterns in Skiing -- Combining Constraint Types from 
       Public Data in Aerial Image Segmentation -- Formalizing 
       Theatrical Performances Using Multi-Agent Organizations --
       A Hierarchical Model for Continuous Gesture Recognition 
       Using Kinect -- Expressive Planning Through Constraints --
       Beating the Bookie: A Look at Statistical Models for 
       Prediction of Football Matches -- A Software Package for 
       Web Deployment of Probabilistic Graphical Models -- Data 
       Mining-Based Facial Expressions Recognition System -- 
       Reasoning About Human Activities: An Argumentative 
       Approach -- Towards a Machine Learning Algorithm for 
       Predicting Truck Compressor Failures Using Logged Vehicle 
       Data -- Error AMP Chain Graphs -- Learning Air Combat 
       Parameters Using Differential Evolution -- Anchor-Profiles
       for Ontology Mapping with Partial Alignments -- Query-
       Focused Association Rule Mining for Information Retrieval 
       -- Traceable Uncertainty for Threat Evaluation in Air to 
       Ground Scenarios -- Knowledge-Based Industrial Robotics 
505 8  Probabilistic Inference in BN2T Models by Weighted Model 
       Counting -- Doctoral Symposium -- On Programming 
       Organization-Aware Agents -- Enhancing Recall in Semantic 
       Querying -- Industrial Robot Skills -- Learning Inverse 
       Kinematics Problem in Changing Task Environment -- Neural 
       Network for Prediction of Glucose Concentration in Type 1 
       Diabetic Patients -- Subject Index -- Author Index 
520    Artificial intelligence has become so much a part of 
       everyday life that it is now hard to imagine a world 
       without it.This book presents papers from the 12th 
       Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (SCAI),
       held in Aalborg, Denmark in November 2013. The SCAI 
       conference is the main biennial platform for the AI 
       research community in Scandinavia, and the papers 
       collected here not only include contributions from 
       Scandinavia, but also from other European and non-European
       countries.Topics cover the entire range of AI, with a 
       particular focus on machine learning and knowledge 
       representation, as well as uncertainty in AI and 
       applications.In addition to the 28 regular papers, 
       extended abstracts of the presentations made by Ph.D. 
       students of their research-in-progress to a panel of 
       experts in the doctoral symposium - a new feature at this 
       conference - are also included here.This book will be of 
       interest to all those who wish to keep up-to-date with the
       latest developments in artificial intelligence 
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650  0 Artificial intelligence -- Congresses 
655  4 Electronic books 
700 1  Nielsen, T.D 
700 1  Viappiani, P 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aJaeger, M.|tTwelfth Scandinavian 
       Conference on Artificial Intelligence : SCAI 2013|dBurke :
       IOS Press,c2013|z9781614993292 
830  0 Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications 
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