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Author Odongo Okong'o, Benson Charles
Title A Descriptive Study of Early Childhood Teachers' Music Practices in the State of Arizona
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Note Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 73-04, Section: A, page:
Adviser: Elizabeth Blue Swadener
Thesis (Ph.D.)--Arizona State University, 2011
This dissertation discusses the findings of a descriptive study of early childhood teachers' musical practices in the state of Arizona. Drawing from socio-cultural and cultural-historical activity theory perspectives, this study utilized an online survey design for 2 months in which 312 participants from distinctive types of programs responded to 42 items that addressed early childhood teachers' music practices, perceived role of music, the teachers' preparation, challenges and needs for teaching music in their programs. The study uses the findings to explore how music is incorporated into the curriculum, its role, challenges and needs for teachers as well as inform policy makers of the effectiveness of music in early childhood curriculum that might bring about a resurgence of thinking about funding opportunities to promote music in different programs that serve children. These results reflected the diversity of most early childhood programs in the U.S in areas of scheduling, types of programs, working environments and curricular approaches used as well as in the duration and frequencies of music activities. However, there was a significant difference between how music was used in elementary versus early childhood centers. The results revealed that, although teachers used music at various times, for various reasons, planned or unplanned and as an integral part of other content areas, there was great variance in the manner in which music was emphasized in the total curriculum. In this study context, music in early childhood education centers was mostly teacher led and its value was geared towards specific behavioral outcome such as enhancement of language development rather than sheer enjoyment and relaxation. Although teachers used music on a daily basis, they were inadequately prepared and most teachers were looking for opportunities to improve their music abilities including required courses and workshops on ways of effectively incorporating music into curriculum/classroom. Funding, time and lack of confidence remain top challenges for early childhood and elementary teachers. The study recommends that music courses be required in teacher education programs and refresher workshops for in-service teachers about how to effectively use music in classrooms be more widely available
School code: 0010
Host Item Dissertation Abstracts International 73-04A
Subject Education, Early Childhood
Education, Music
Education, Curriculum and Instruction
Alt Author Arizona State University. Curriculum and Instruction
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