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Author Palaian, Sally Kay
Title The experience of longing: A phenomenological investigation
Descript 125 p
Note Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 54-03, Section: B, page: 1678
Thesis (Ph.D.)--The Union Institute, 1993
This dissertation investigates the question, "What is the experience of longing?" A comprehensive literature review revealed no qualitative or quantitative investigations on this topic. A qualitative research design was used for this study for two reasons. First, the phenomenon of longing has an infinite number of components; and second, qualitative design is the most suited to uncover and reveal the essences and meanings of an experience in its entirety. The focus of the research was on actual moments of the phenomenon, rather than the objects of longing. Data was gathered from ten co-researchers in lengthy, open ended interviews and consisted of depictions of vivid moments in which they experienced longing. The phenomenological design entailed the following processes: epoche, phenomenological reduction, eidetic variation and synthesis. This dissertation consists of introduction and formulation of the question, literature review on the topic, demonstration of phenomenological theory and methodology, analysis of the data, and outcomes and conclusions. The data revealed five core themes of longing. (1) longing is experienced as a pull across a distance, a stretching toward connection, a call to action, (2) longing is experienced as a painful loss with emptiness, torment, frustration, powerlessness, insatiability, despair, and hopelessness, (3) longing changes yet it is an enduring life long experience, (4) longing is an escape from the present to recapture the past or fantasize with anticipation of the infinite future, (5) longing is an internal solitary experience with somatic bodily awarenesses. These themes were portrayed, supported, and explicated by verbatim illustrations from the data. The psychological, societal, and educational implications were summarized as well as ideas for in-depth future studies
School code: 1033
Host Item Dissertation Abstracts International 54-03B
Subject Psychology, Clinical
Alt Author The Union Institute
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