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Author Palafox, Lisa Ann
Title A proposal to improve methods in action research
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Note Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 73-04, Section: A, page:
Adviser: Barbara Poling
Thesis (Ed.D.)--University of La Verne, 2011
Purpose: The purpose of this historically based, logical inquiry, was to uncover meaning in the process of observation about general features of reality and real objects in Kurt Lewin's (1890-1947) action research and to determine whether a relationship existed between his thought and the theoretical system of scientific research in the documents of Charles S. Peirce (1839-1914)
Methodology: The data and collection techniques in this study came from historical, educational, and logical backgrounds. The data were then gathered for themes and patterns. These themes and patterns, or dominant ideas, emerged from the review of relevant literature
Findings: As a result of subjective and nominalistic thinking described in the literature, no common language is present, and thus interpretations of action research are basically considered all equal. Action research as currently practiced and theorized about has many different definitions and methods. The theorist's lack of shared language to describe observation makes this research difficult to transmit to others in the field. What they do transmit is either subjectively posited, from the teacher or practitioner, or merely gives names to particular situations they feel are a correct interpretation of events, which in the final analysis are excessively vague observations using nominalist principles
Conclusions: This research could possibly help teachers and practitioners develop their powers of observation and inquiry about the objects of study in an educational environment. Researching detailed accounts using the methods and names for reality created by Peirce's method could possibly create common terminology to help all those using action research to understand and apply it in their fields study. It is a research procedure in which practice and theory may be used as a method in everyday problem solving but provides the language, communication, and difficulties found in working in the field
Recommendations: The recommendations for further research are to combine the works of Peirce and Lewin and create a more detailed account of action research guidelines to possibly improve research methods in educational settings. These guidelines could take the problems associated with action research as it currently stands (no common language, participates in subjective nominalism) and develop a handbook of sorts (not a recipe)
School code: 0476
Host Item Dissertation Abstracts International 73-04A
Subject Education, Teacher Training
Education, Curriculum and Instruction
Education, Philosophy of
Alt Author University of La Verne
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