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100 1  Patel, Rita Manubhai 
245 10 Students' reasoning in start-unknown situations involving 
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500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 47-06, 
       page: 3610 
500    Adviser: Ellen Hines 
502    Thesis (M.S.)--Northern Illinois University, 2009 
520    This thesis investigated students' reasoning in value-
       unknown problems. More specifically, this research 
       examined students' strategies in solving start-unknown 
       problem situations involving percents. The purpose of this
       study was to offer teachers insight into students' 
       difficulties with start-unknown problems involving 
520    This study was conducted using task-based interviews. Each
       interview was conducted in a preplanned setting. A 
       contingency plan was developed to guide the researcher 
       based on the students' initial responses. Interviewees 
       ranged from 4th grade elementary school students to first 
       year college students 
520    Based on this investigation the research found that 
       students had some comprehension of the start-unknown 
       problem structure. They were largely unable to consider 
       (or did not recognize the significance of) how to find a 
       percent of an unspecified quantity to add (or subtract) as
       an adjustment back to a start-unknown quantity. This may 
       be due to an underdeveloped understanding of the problem 
       situation or underdeveloped algebraic reasoning 
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