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100 1  Peltier, Corinne Elizabeth 
245 12 A qualitative examination of college wrestlers' 
       experiences making weight: issues of team dynamics, eating
       attitudes and eating behaviors 
300    94 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 49-06, 
       page: 3832 
500    Adviser: William A. Pitney 
502    Thesis (M.S.Ed.)--Northern Illinois University, 2011 
520    The purpose of this study was to examine college 
       wrestlers' experiences of making weight and the issues of 
       team dynamics, eating attitudes and eating behaviors 
       involved therein.  Of particular interest was how team 
       participation and the social atmosphere of the team 
       influenced the athletes' dietary practices.  Ten  
       participants completed an interview regarding their social
       experiences while members of a wrestling team and their 
       eating attitudes and behaviors.  Upon analysis three 
       higher order themes were revealed: eating behaviors, 
       social dynamics, and coaching influence.  Eating behaviors
       demonstrated the use of a vast array of practices for 
       making weight, social implications of eating, and how the 
       participants' diets change in the off-season.  Social 
       dynamics depicted a group of individuals who are in 
       constant competition with each other but struggle to 
       branch out and exist in a social space separate from 
       wrestling.  Lastly, coaching influence demonstrated that 
       the coaches are a profound authority on the eating 
       behaviors of the athletes and that the coaching role is an
       important one in the world of team dynamics.  This can 
       often lead to strained or negative relationships between 
       coaches and athletes 
590    School code: 0162 
650  4 Health Sciences, Recreation 
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710 2  Northern Illinois University.|bKinesiology and Physical 
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