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100 1  Richardson, Mark A 
245 10 Developing a certified public horticulture internship 
       program in the United States 
300    104 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 48-01, 
       page: 0247 
500    Adviser: Robert E. Lyons 
502    Thesis (M.S.)--University of Delaware, 2009 
520    Internships are integral components of undergraduate 
       education in horticulture. They provide students with 
       opportunities for hands-on experience, professional 
       networking, and career exploration. Despite widespread 
       understanding of their importance, both in the academic 
       sector and in public horticulture institutions, very few 
       guidelines exist for developing and running successful 
       internship programs to serve the needs of students 
       pursuing careers in public horticulture. Because of the 
       large number of unique public horticulture institutions in
       the United States, there can be tremendous variability 
       among internship experiences. This research was conducted 
       to determine the feasibility of a Certified Public 
       Horticulture Internship Program (CPHIP), which would offer
       a consensus-based set of standards for public horticulture
       professionals to follow 
520    The research was conducted through semi-structured 
       telephone interviews of six university faculty and six 
       public horticulture professionals who run internship 
       programs. The results of the interviews were organized 
       into nine Main Categories to interpret and analyze the 
520    The results of this research clearly indicate that the 
       development of a CPHIP would be welcomed by both 
       university faculty and public horticulture professionals. 
       Both groups of respondents reported poor communication 
       between universities and the public horticulture 
       institutions that host student interns. A CPHIP offers 
       educators and public horticulture professionals an 
       opportunity to substantially improve the internship 
       experience at public horticulture institutions across the 
       United States 
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650  4 Agriculture, Horticulture 
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710 2  University of Delaware.|bDepartment of Plant and Soil 
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