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245 00 Macrophages :|bmethods and protocols /|cedited by Germain 
264  1 New York :|bHumana Press ;|bSpringer,|c[2018] 
264  4 |c©2018 
300    1 online resource ( xii, 278 pages) :|billustrations (some
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490 1  Methods in molecular biology,|x1064-3745 ;|vv. 1784 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 00 |tCulture of human monocyte-derived macrophages /|rAoife 
       Kelly, Aleksander M. Grabiec, and Mark A. Travis  --
       |tSimple multistep protocol for differentiating human 
       induced pluripotent stem cells into functional macrophages
       /|rChandrayana Mukherjee, Christine Hale, and Subhankar 
       Mukhopadhyay --|tGrowing murine bone marrow-derived 
       macrophages /|rAna詳 Assouvie, Lisa P. Daley-Bauer, and 
       Germain Rousselet --|tImmortalization of murine bone 
       marrow-derived macrophages /|rDominic De Nardo, Dhan V. 
       Kalvakolanu, and Eicke Latz --|tIsolation and 
       identification of murine serous cavity macrophages /
       |rCalum C. Bain and Stephen J. Jenkins --|tIsolation and 
       identification of interstitial macrophages from the lungs 
       using different digestion enzymes and staining strategies 
       /|rShaikh M. Atif, Sophie L. Gibbings, and Claudia V. 
       Jakubzick --|tIsolation and phenotyping of adult mouse 
       microglial cells /|rKathleen Grabert and Barry W. McColl -
       -|tIsolation and phenotyping of bone marrow macrophages /
       |rMarion Chalot --|tIsolation and phenotyping of 
       intestinal macrophages /|rVanessa Petit --|tPhenotyping 
       tumor-associated macrophages /|rR. Ian Cumming and Yen-Rei
       A. Yu  --|tActivating murine macrophages In Vitro /
       |rElizabeth Dalby --|tPolarizing macrophages in vitro /
       |rXuan Huang, Yong Li, Mingui Fu, and Hong-Bo Xin --
       |tViral replication assay in bone marrow-derived 
       macrophages /|rLinda Roback and Lisa P. Daley-Bauer --
       |tMacrophage bactericidal assays /|rMourad Aribi --
       |tQuantitative phagocytosis assays in primary and cultured
       macrophages /|rFernando Monta䮯, Sergio Grinstein, and 
       Roni Levin --|tObserving frustrated phagocytosis and 
       phagosome formation and closure using total internal 
       reflection fluorescence microscopy (TIRFM) /|rAnna 
       Mularski, Florence Marie-Ana詳, Julie Mazzolini, and 
       Florence Niedergang --|tChromatin immunoprecipitation in 
       macrophages /|rGermain Rousselet --|tTransfecting 
       macrophages /|rAndrea-Anneliese Keller, Marten B. Maess, 
       Michael Schnoor, Berith Scheiding, and Stefan Lorkowski --
       |tIn vitro migration assays /|rLewis Taylor, Carlota Recio,
       David R. Greaves, and Asif J. Iqbal --|tCytokine-induced 
       acute inflammatory monoarticular arthritis /|rAdrian 
       Achuthan, Ming-Chin Lee, Reem Saleh, Andrew J. Fleetwood, 
       John A. Hamilton, and Andrew D. Cook --|tCharacterizing 
       activation, proliferation, and ontogeny of murine 
       macrophages in parasitic helminth infections /|rDominik 
       R赣kerl --|tGenetic models of macrophage depletion /|rLi 
       Hua, Jiayuan Shi, Leonard D. Shultz, and Guangwen Ren --
       |tDepleting macrophages in vivo with clodronate-liposomes 
       /|rSt⥰hanie G. Moreno --|tCre driver mice targeting 
       macrophages /|rJiayuan Shi, Li Hua, Danielle Harmer, 
       Peishan Li, and Guangwen Ren 
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650  0 Macrophages|vLaboratory manuals 
650 12 Macrophages 
655  2 Laboratory Manuals 
655  4 Electronic books 
700 1  Rousselet, Germain,|eeditor 
776 08 |iPrint edition: |tMacrophages : methods and protocols
830  0 Methods in molecular biology ;|v1784 
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