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100 1  Schmidt, Bunney L 
245 10 Four Big Four auditor failures and the reputation 
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500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 67-
       02, Section: A, page: 0622 
500    Adviser: John Sennetti 
502    Thesis (D.B.A.)--Nova Southeastern University, 2006 
520    Because prior research shows the effect of the Andersen 
       audit failure on Enron and on Andersen's other clients, 
       this dissertation investigates the more general question 
       as to whether a specific, well known audit failure of the 
       remaining Big Four audit firms can similarly affect their 
       other audit clients in the post-Enron environment. As in 
       prior research, I seek to determine whether client stock 
       price declines occur within the three day window 
       surrounding the date of the announced audit failure and 
       whether these declines also are correlated with client 
       location or client industry 
520    Specifically, I investigate the affects of a publicly 
       known audit failure on the firm's other clients' stock 
       prices. This study considers four failures, Adelphia, 
       HealthSouth, Xerox and Tyco, one each for the Big Four 
       accounting firms. This stock price data is taken from 9,
       593 clients available on Compustat 2000 and Center for 
       Research in Security Prices (CRSP) databases. Consistent 
       with the Andersen study, I find corresponding client stock
       price declines for each audit failure of the Big Four. 
       Unlike the Andersen study, I do not find that audits 
       performed by the same office that performed the failed 
       audit suffered a greater decline in abnormal returns. I am
       also unable to show that there is an industry effect. 
       These results are limited to the well known Big Four audit
       failures of the post-Enron era and may not hold for 
       smaller, lesser known failures of the Big Four or Non-Big 
       Four audit firms 
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650  4 Business Administration, Accounting 
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710 20 Nova Southeastern University 
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