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100 1  Seiba, Zafer 
245 10 Classroom instruction and second language acquisition:  
       The effect of Explicit Form-Focused Instruction on L2 
       learners' linguistic competence 
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500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 63-
       01, Section: A, page: 0073 
500    Adviser:  Esim Erdim 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--The University of Mississippi, 2001 
520    In an attempt to account for the imbalance between the 
       linguistic and the communicative abilities evident in the 
       performance of L2 learners, this study investigated the 
       effect of Explicit Form-Focused instruction on the 
       linguistic competence of ESL university students in the 
       United States of America. Two groups were included: (i) a 
       Focus on Form instruction group receiving input flood and 
       input enhancement and (ii) an Explicit Form Focused 
       instruction group receiving the same Focus on Form 
       instruction together with explicit negative evidence/
       feedback. A set of treatment and testing materials were 
       developed for and adapted to the targeted participants. A 
       pretest, an immediate posttest and a retention test were 
       administered to the two groups in order to compare their 
       performance on two measures of linguistic competence 
       (defined as the ability both to recognize and produce 
       contextually accurate language). Results of the study 
       revealed that the Explicit Form-Focused instruction group 
       performed significantly better than the Focus on Form 
       group as evidenced by their ability to accurately 
       recognize, as well as to accurately use the simple past 
       tense and the present perfect aspect in various contexts. 
       The study argues for the adoption of a particular type of 
       explicit instruction (Explicit Form-Focused)---one which 
       promotes perception (noticing and understanding) of target
       linguistic features in the input through the provision of 
       explicit negative evidence/feedback in the context of 
       meaning-focused activities 
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