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100 1  Spier, Shaked,|eauthor 
245 10 Collective action 2.0 :|bthe impact of social media on 
       collective action /|cShaked Spier 
264  1 Cambridge, MA, United States :|bChandos Publishing is an 
       imprint of Elsevier,|c[2017] 
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490 1  Chandos social media series 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
520    Collective Action 2.0: The Impact of Social Media on 
       Collective Action provides a balanced look into how ICTs 
       leverage and interact with collective action through 
       avoiding technological determinism, utopianism, and 
       fundamentalism, which impacts the current discourse. 
       Recent events in different authoritarian regimes, such as 
       Iran and Egypt, have drawn global attention to a 
       developing phenomenon in collective action: people tend to
       organize through different social media platforms for 
       political protest and resistance. This phenomenon 
       describes a change in social structure and behavior tied 
       to Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Social 
       media platforms have been used to leverage collective 
       action, which, in some cases, has arguable led to 
       political revolution. The phenomenon also indicates that 
       the way information is organized affects the organization 
       of social structures with which it interacts. The 
       phenomenon also has another side, namely the use of social
       media for activist suppression, state surveillance, or for
       the mobilization of collective action towards undesirable 
       ends. Analyzes social media and collective action in a 
       deep and balanced mannerPresents an account avoiding 
       technological determinism, utopianism, and 
       fundamentalismConsiders the underlying theory behind quick
       -paced social mediaTakes an interdisciplinary approach 
       that will resonate with all those interested in social 
       media and collective action, regardless of field specialty
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830  0 Chandos social media series 
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