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100 1  Spiers, John Henry, III 
245 10 Breaking the wedding vows: Woman-centered critiques of 
       marriage, 1963--1982 
300    172 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 45-04, 
       page: 1790 
500    Adviser: Megan Taylor Shockley 
502    Thesis (M.A.)--Clemson University, 2007 
520    This thesis explores woman-centered critiques of marriage 
       during the period of second-wave feminism from 1963 to 
       1982. It explores the social and cultural, economic, 
       sexual, and legal critiques of marriage that feminists 
       posed and the messages about marriage that filtered down 
       into a collection of popular magazines geared specifically
       to a female audience. It argues that feminists, operating 
       through intersecting and diverging motives, interests, and
       agendas, posed numerous and wide-ranging critiques of 
       marriage as a personal relationship and politicized 
       institution. It asserts that while popular women's 
       magazines were affected by the claims of feminists, these 
       magazines generally remained conservative in the content, 
       form, and language of the articles on marriage that they 
       featured. This thesis provides a much needed treatment of 
       a topic important to many feminists and an issue central 
       to understanding women's status in American society 
590    School code: 0050 
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650  4 History, United States 
650  4 Sociology, Theory and Methods 
650  4 Women's Studies 
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710 20 Clemson University 
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