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Author Suehnel, Sabine Karin
Title Theoretical and experimental foundations in the work of Milton H. Erickson: The missing dimension
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Descript 57 p
Note Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 40-04, page: 1080
Chair: Eugene Taylor
Thesis (M.A.)--Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, 2001
Milton H. Erickson is venerated within the psychotherapeutic counter-culture as the most significant influence in clinical hypnotherapy in the twentieth century. The followers of Erickson's work suggest that the reasons for this influence are his innovative hypnotic techniques and the widespread clinical application of these practices. This thesis corrects this misrepresentation by comparing the clinical literature with Erickson's own complete works. The conclusion is that Erickson himself perceived techniques as unimportant. Instead, he created his methods of induction spontaneously and idiosyncratically out of the unique understandings of each subject's inner world of meanings. The true influence of his work, as he understood it, was an a-theoretical approach towards concepts such as methods of induction, the unconscious, and the self. Consequently, Erickson aligned himself with no particular school of thought and also chose not to construct his own theoretical system to explain the effects of hypnosis. Rather, he always remained focused on the internal experience of the individual, which was different from person to person. Further, this analysis reveals that Erickson studied deep trance states experimentally in various hospital settings in order to understand hypnosis from a scientific viewpoint. In contrast, Erickson found that light trances were sufficient in his private practice for the treatment of most clinical problems. His followers, because of their exclusive focus on clinical application have overlooked this distinction between the requirements for research versus therapeutic work. The entire range of Erickson's clinical and experimental studies must be considered for a more complete understanding of where he needs to be placed within the larger field of hypnotherapy
School code: 0795
Host Item Masters Abstracts International 40-04
Subject Psychology, Clinical
Psychology, Personality
Alt Author Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center
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