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245 00 Carbon-related materials in recognition of Nobel Lectures 
       by Prof. Akira Suzuki in ICCE /|cedited by Satoru Kaneko, 
       Paolo Mele, Tamio Endo, Tetsuo Tsuchiya, Katsuhisa Tanaka,
       Masahiro Yoshimura, David Hui 
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       Synthesis and the Catalytic Properties of Graphene-based 
       Composite Materials -- Chapter2: Optical characterization 
       of graphene and its derivatives - an experimentalist's 
       perspective -- Chapter3: Submerged liquid plasma for the 
       formation of nanostructured carbon -- Chapter4: Lab on a 
       Graphene -Functionalized Graphene Transistor and Its 
       Application for Biochemical Assay -- Chapter5: Production 
       of single- and few-layer graphene from graphite -- 
       Chapter6: Graphene-based coatings for dental implant 
       surface modification -- Part II: CARBON COMPOSITES AND 
       THIN FILMS -- Chapter7: Effect of CNT on the Mechanical 
       Properties of Composite Materials and Structures -- 
       Chapter8: Energy absorption capability of hybrid fibers 
       reinforced composite tubes -- Chapter9: Graphene Rubber 
       Nanocomposites: Preparation, Structure and Properties -- 
       Chapter10: Effects of Graphene and Graphite on Properties 
       of Highly Filled Polybenzoxazine Bipolar Plate for Proton 
       Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell: A Comparative Study -- 
       Chapter11: Electrical Properties of Amorphous Carbon 
       Nitride Thin Films for Pressure Sensor applications -- 
       Chapter12: Combination of cross-coupling and metal carbene
       transformations for the development of new multicomponent 
       reactions -- Chapter13: Synthetic molecular springs: 
       Stretched and contracted helices with their 
       interconversions of mono-substituted polyacetylenes 
       prepared with a rhodium complex catalyst -- Chapter14: The
       Spin Coupling in the Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons and Carbon-
       based Materials -- Chapter15: Electrocatalytic Hydrogen 
       Production Properties of Polyaniline doped with Metal 
       Organic Frameworks -- Chapter16: Plasma Bonding of Plastic
       Films -- Part IV: CHARACTERIZATION TOOL -- Chapter17: 
       Atomic Force Microscopy for Characterizing Nanocomposites 
520    Details recent scientific advances in the field of carbon 
       materials and carbon nanomaterials including: polymers, 
       carbon nanocomposites, and graphene; Covers a wide 
       spectrum of topics related to carbon science, from organic
       chemistry to devices, physical chemistry, applied physics,
       synthesis, and device implementation; Describes 
       experimental and theoretical approaches in several 
       categories of carbon-related materials. This book 
       summarizes the recent advances in carbon-related 
       materials. It covers both experimental and theoretical 
       approaches in graphene and nanocarbon materials, carbon 
       composites and thin films, organic synthesis and physical 
       chemistry, and characterization tools. Also discussed are 
       cutting-edge applications for use in biochemical assays, 
       dental implant surface modifi cations, pressure sensors, 
       and more. This book is published in recognition of the 
       Nobel Lectures delivered by Akira Suzuki, Emeritus 
       Professor of Hokkaido University and Nobel Prize winner in
       Chemistry, 2010 
650  0 Nanostructured materials 
650  0 Carbon 
650 14 Materials Science 
650 24 Ceramics, Glass, Composites, Natural Materials 
650 24 Nanochemistry 
650 24 Polymer Sciences 
650 24 Nanotechnology 
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