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001    ESTCW36743 
003    CStRLIN 
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008    831214s1793    xxu|||| s    o00| | eng d 
040    MWA|cMWA|dCu-RivES|dCStRLIN|dThomson Gale 
110 1  United States.|bDept. of the Treasury 
245 13 An account of the receipts and expenditures of the United 
       States, commencing with the establishment of the Treasury 
       Department, under the present government, and ending on 
       the thirty-first day of December one thousand seven 
       hundred and ninety-one|h[electronic resource]. | Stated in
       pursuance of the standing order of the House of 
       Representatives of the United States, passed on the 
       thirtieth day of December, one thousand seven hundred and 
       ninety-one. Published by order of the House of 
260    Philadelphia :|bPrinted by Childs and Swaine,|cM,DCC,
       XCIII. [1793] 
300    58,61-[62]p., [1]folded leaf ;|c2⁰ 
500    The folded leaf is inserted after p. 58 
500    Reproduction of original from the British Library 
510 4  Evans,|c26341 
510 4  English Short Title Catalog,|cESTCW36743 
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       Hills, Mich. :|cThomson Gale,|d2003.|nAvailable via the 
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590    ECCO 
710 1  |4aut|aUnited States.|bCongress|bHouse.|g1791-1792.|n(2nd,
       2nd session) 
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