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245 00 Integrated diabetes care|h[electronic resource] :|ba 
       multidisciplinary approach /|cedited by David Simmons, 
       Helmut Wenzel, Janice C. Zgibor 
260    Cham :|bSpringer International Publishing :|bImprint: 
300    xiii, 250 p. :|bill., digital ;|c24 cm 
505 0  1. An Introduction to Integrated Care and Diabetes 
       Integrated Care -- 2. Integrating Outpatient Care the 
       Toyota Way: An Individualized Multidisciplinary Team-Care 
       Model for Diabetes Care Delivery -- 3. Approaches to 
       Integrated Diabetes Care: United States: San Francisco -- 
       4. A Primary Healthcare System Approach to Improving 
       Quality of Care and Outcomes in People with Diabetes: The 
       University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Experience -- 5. 
       Integrated Diabetes Care in Hong Kong: From Research to 
       Practice to Policy -- 6. Approaches to Integrated Diabetes
       Care: A South African Approach -- 7. English Approaches to
       Integrated Diabetes Care: The East Cambridgeshire and 
       Fenland Diabetes Integrated Care Initiative: A Multiple 
       Provider Approach -- 8. UK Approaches to Integrated 
       Diabetes Care: Derby--A Joint Venture Model Under the NHS 
       -- 9. Integrated Diabetes Care: Coventry and Warwickshire 
       Approach -- 10. Integrated Diabetes Care in Germany: 
       Triple Aim in Gesundes Kinzigtal -- 11. Approaches to 
       Integrated Diabetes Care in the Netherlands -- 12. 
       Integrated Diabetes Care in Sweden -- 13. Integrated 
       Diabetes Care for Adults with Diabetes: A Patient 
       Organisation Perspective -- 14. Training for Diabetes 
       Integrated Care: A Diabetes Specialist Physician 
       Perspective from the English NHS -- 15. Diabetes 
       Integrated Care: Are We There Yet? 
520    This book collates evidence of worldwide approaches to 
       both horizontal integration (across disciplines) and 
       vertical integration (across organizations) in diabetes 
       care and describe what was done, what worked and what 
       appeared to be the barriers to achieving the goals of the 
       programmes. Evidence is sought from groups who have 
       developed different approaches to integrating diabetes 
       care in different health systems (such as insurance vs 
       taxpayer funded, single vs multiple organization, 
       published vs unpublished) A final chapter brings the 
       evidence together for a final discussion about what seems 
       to work and what does not. Integrated Diabetes Care - A 
       Multidisciplinary Approach showcases innovative approaches
       to diabetes, showing the reader new ways by which problems
       are addressed and their putative outcomes 
650  0 Diabetes|xTreatment 
650 14 Medicine & Public Health 
650 24 Diabetes 
650 24 Metabolic Diseases 
650 24 Endocrinology 
700 1  Simmons, David 
700 1  Wenzel, Helmut 
700 1  Zgibor, Janice C 
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