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Wood, Thomas, fl. 1615-1624

An oration or speech appropriated vnto the most mightie and illustrious princes of Christendom Wherein the right and lavvfulnesse of the Netherlandish warre, against Philip King of Spain is approved and demonstrated. Composed by a Netherlandish gentleman, and faithfully translated out of divers languages into Dutch, and now Englished by Thomas Wood. According to the printed copie at Amsterdam, by Michael Collyne stationer, dwelling upon the water at the corner of the old Bridge street, anno 1608
Verheiden, Jacob, fl. 1590
[Amsterdam] : Printed [by the successors of Giles Thorp], anno 1624

Location: 中央研究院

A garden of flovvers vvherein very liuely is contained a true and perfect discription of al the flovvers contained in these foure followinge bookes. As also the perfect true manner of colouringe the same vvith theire naturall coloures ... All vvhich to the great charges, and almost incredible laboure and paine, the diligent authore by foure yeares experience, hath very laboriously compiled, and most excellently performed, both in theire perfect lineaments in representing them in theire coper pla
Passe, Crispijn van de, d. 1670
Printed at Vtrecht : By Salomon de Roy, for Crispian de Passe, 1615

Location: 中央研究院