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100 1  Yu, Qin 
245 10 Macau tourism development in cooperation with its 
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500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 45-02, 
       page: 0606 
500    Adviser: Zheng Gu 
502    Thesis (M.S.)--University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2006 
520    This study assesses the importance of cooperative tourism 
       development in the Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai region. In 
       particular, it analyzes the necessity and strategies for 
       Macau to develop its casino gaming-centered tourism in 
       collaboration with its two neighbor cities. Data were 
       collected via face-to-face and email interviews with open-
       ended questions. Educators, executives, and government 
       officials in the tourism industries in Hong Kong, Macau 
       and Zhuhai were invited to participate in the interviews 
       via a convenience sampling process. The results indicate 
       that developing tourism in a closely cooperative manner is
       highly desirable for the three destinations. Especially, 
       Macau's collaborations with Zhuhai and Hong Kong are 
       critical to its tourism industry. To become a world-class 
       gaming destination, Macau needs to develop a complementary
       relationship with Hong Kong and Zhuhai by focusing its 
       casino gaming-centered tourism. Macau also needs to work 
       closely with its neighbors in the areas of cooperative 
       marketing, labor collaboration, infrastructure development,
       and security system etc. Furthermore, if the region could 
       gain the support from the Central Government, the 
       cooperation between the destinations will come out more 
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710 20 University of Nevada, Las Vegas 
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