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Author Ziegler, Amelia
Title The truth as non-foundational according to Zen Buddhism
Descript 60 p
Note Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 45-02, page: 0592
Advisers: Amy A. Oliver; Jin Y. Park
Thesis (M.A.)--The American University, 2006
In this paper I will discuss the truth as non-foundational through the perspective of Zen Buddhism. Zen Buddhism in particular criticizes foundational truth as it interprets the doctrine of dependent co-arising, accepted as the Buddha's core teaching, in a radically non-dualistic way. In addressing the truth as non-foundational according to Zen Buddhist thought I will first introduce the doctrine of dependent co-arising and emptiness. I will then discuss the way in which the concept of emptiness lead to the split between the gradual and sudden schools of Zen Buddhism and I will focus on the function of encounter dialogue as it evolved from the legitimization of the sudden tradition. I will conclude this paper by addressing the non-teleological aspects of Zen and point out that the truth asserted as non-foundational maintains that what we take to be truth is a ceaseless creative process
School code: 0008
Host Item Masters Abstracts International 45-02
Subject Religion, Philosophy of
Alt Author The American University
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