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245 00 Criminal liability of political decision-makers :|ba 
       comparative perspective /|cedited by Frank Zimmermann 
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520    This book is dedicated to a fundamental conflict in modern
       states: those persons holding public office are no more 
       than ordinary citizens. Therefore, their activities must -
       as a matter of principle - be subject to full judicial 
       control. But at the same time, democratically legitimated 
       politicians need some discretion in their decision-making.
       Allegations of politicians committing criminal offences in
       office quickly attract a great deal of media attention. 
       Even politicians themselves frequently use such 
       allegations to discredit their political opponents. 
       However, to date this topic has not been fully addressed 
       on an academic level. This book is a first step in this 
       direction. The individual contributions cover topics such 
       as: "bad" political decisions that result in a waste of 
       taxpayers' money corruption and conflicts of interest in 
       political decision-making immunities and procedural 
       obstacles to the effective prosecution of politicians 
       abuse of criminal law and criminal proceedings in the 
       political arena criminal liability for decisions taken in 
       situations of state emergency the role of criminal law in 
       public opinion. Leading experts examine these and other 
       issues from a comparative perspective 
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650  0 Political corruption|zEurope|vCase studies 
650  0 Criminal liability|zEurope 
650 14 Law 
650 24 Private International Law, International & Foreign Law, 
       Comparative Law 
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