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245 00 Law, state and religion in the new Europe :|bdebates and 
       dilemmas /|cedited by Lorenzo Zucca and Camil Ungureanu 
260    New York :|bCambridge University Press,|c2012 
300    viii, 342 p. ;|c24 cm 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 00 |tReligion and political liberty in Italian republics (in 
       the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries) /|rMaurizio 
       Viroli --|tTwo stories about toleration /|rRainer Forst --
       |tNatural reason, religious conviction, and the 
       justification of coercion in democratic societies /
       |rRobert Audi --|tThe 'other' citizens : religion in a 
       multicultural Europe /|rMaleiha Malik --|tIslam and the 
       public sphere : public reason or public imagination? /
       |rChiara Bottici and Benoit Challand --|tLaw v. religion /
       |rLorenzo Zucca --|tUnveiling the limits of tolerance : 
       comparing the treatment of majority and minority religious
       symbols in the public sphere /|rSusanna Mancini and Michel
       Rosenfeld --|tObjective, critical and pluralistic? : 
       Religious education and human rights in the European 
       public sphere /|rIan Leigh --|tReligion and (in)equality 
       in the European framework /|rAileen McColgan --|tIs there 
       a right not to be offended in one's religious beliefs? /
       |rGeorge Letsas --|tReligious pluralism and national 
       constitutional traditions in Europe /|rDaniel Augenstein -
       -|tRights, religion and the public sphere : the European 
       Court of Human Rights in search of a theory? /|rJulie 
       Ringelheim --|tEurope and religion : an ambivalent nexus /
       |rCamil Ungureanu 
520    "The return of religion to the public sphere raises 
       various dilemmas. Rights and values, pluralism and 
       identity, justice and efficacy, autonomy and tradition, 
       and integration and toleration cannot always be balanced 
       without the loss of something valuable. This volume of 
       essays tackles such dilemmas from two perspectives. To 
       begin, major contemporary theorists rethink the place of 
       religion in the public sphere from republican, liberal and
       critical-theoretical viewpoints. Contributors then bring 
       together theory and practice to better conceptualize and 
       assess the latest developments in European jurisprudence 
       with respect to religion"--|cProvided by publisher 
650  0 Freedom of religion|zEurope 
650  0 Religion and law|zEurope 
650  0 Church and state|zEurope 
700 1  Zucca, Lorenzo 
700 1  Ungureanu, Camil 
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