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      Strategically aligned family research : supporting soldier and family quality of life research for policy decisionmaking / Carra S. Sims, Anny Wong, Sarah H. Bana, John D. Winkler; prepared for the United States Army, approved for public release; distribution unlimited Sims, Carra S; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
      An assessment of the Army's Tactical Human Optimization, Rapid Rehabilitation and Reconditioning Program / Terrence K. Kelly, Ralph Masi, Brittian A. Walker, Steven A. Knapp, Kristin J. Leuschner ; prepared for the United States Army Kelly, Terrence K.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
      Trends in Chicago's schools across three eras of reform : summary of key findings. Research summary / Stuart Luppescu, Elaine M. Allensworth, Paul Moore, Marisa de la Torre, James Murphy ; with: Sanja Jagesic DUE 03-24-24   PRINTED 2011
      Industrial relations and European integration : trans- and supranational developments and prospects / edited by Berndt Keller and Hans-Wolfgang Platzer AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2003
      Dangerous donations : northern philanthropy and southern Black education, 1902-1930 / Eric Anderson and Alfred A. Moss, Jr. ; with a foreword by Louis R. Harlan Anderson, Eric,; DUE 03-24-24   PRINTED c1999
      Controversies in cognitive neuroscience / Scott Slotnick Slotnick, Scott; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
      The deliverance of others : reading literature in a global age / David Palumbo-Liu Palumbo-Liu, David; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2012
      Shakespeare in culture / edited by Bi-qi Beatrice Lei and Ching-Hsi Perng AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2012
      W.E.B. DuBois : the fight for equality and the American century, 1919-1963 / David Levering Lewis Lewis, David L.,; DUE 03-24-24   PRINTED 2001
      Citizens of Asian America : democracy and race during the Cold War / Cindy I-Fen Cheng Cheng, Cindy I-Fen,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
      Women on the edge : twelve political film practices / Sharon Lin Tay Tay, Sharon Lin,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2009
      Social change and education in greece : a study in class struggle dynamics / Spyros Themelis Themelis, Spyros; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2013
      Transpacific antiracism : Afro-Asian solidarity in Twentieth-century Black America, Japan, and Okinawa / Yuichiro Onishi Onishi, Yuichiro,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
      It's not because you're black : addressing issues of racism and underrepresentation of African Americans in academia / Annie Smith Smith, Annie; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2013
      From Bombay to Bollywood : the making of a global media industry / Aswin Punathambekar Punathambekar, Aswin; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
      Five-star billionaire : a novel / Tash Aw Aw, Tash; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
      Where are the utopian visionaries? : Architecture of social exchange / edited by Hansy Better Barraza AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2012
      Research design : qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches / John W. Creswell Creswell, John W; DUE 06-01-22, AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2014
      Colossal : engineering the Suez Canal, Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, and Panama Canal : transcontinental ambition in France and the United States during the long nineteenth century / Darcy Grimaldo Grigsby Grigsby, Darcy Grimaldo; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2012
      The Dono code : installations, sculptures, paintings / Wouter Welling, Helena Spanjaard Welling, Wouter,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2009
      United States code. 2012 edition : containing the general and permanent laws of the United States enacted through the 112th Congress (ending January 2, 2013, the last law of which was signed on January 15, 2013) / prepared and published under the authority of Title 2, U.S. code, section 285b, by the Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the House of Representatives United States,; LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED 2013-
      CSG State Directory. Directory II. Legislative leadership, committees & staff LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED 1998-
      Fanon : imperative of the now / Grant Farred, special issue editor. Against the day : labor in China : a new politics of struggle / [Ralph Litzinger, editor] AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2013
      The state of play on international piracy and anti-counterfeiting strategies / Andy Y. Sun Sun, Andy Y; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2012
      Asia-Pacific : a strategic assessment / David Lai Lai, David,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
      Theoretical issues in psychology : an introduction / Sacha Bem, Leiden University, and Huib Looren de Jong, Free University, Amsterdam Bem, Sacha,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
      The ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights : institutionalising human rights in Southeast Asia / Hsien-Li Tan Tan, Hsien-Li,; DUE 06-01-22, AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2011
      U.S. energy policy and the pursuit of failure / Peter Z. Grossman, Butler University, IN Grossman, Peter Z.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
      Money and banks in the American political system / Kathryn C. Lavelle Lavelle, Kathryn C.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
      Dandies : fashion and finesse in art and culture / edited and with an intro. by Susan Fillin-Yeh AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2001
      Beyond Artificial Intelligence : Contemplations, Expectations, Applications / Jozef Keleman, Jan Romportl, Eva Zackova, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
      Uplifting a people : African American philanthropy and education / edited by Marybeth Gasman, Katherine Sedgwick DUE 09-15-23   PRINTED c2005
      Philanthropy and cultural imperialism : the foundations at home and abroad / edited by Robert F. Arnove AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1982
      Asian American plays for a new generation / edited by Josephine Lee, Don Eitel, and R. A. Shiomi AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2011
      Althusser and his contemporaries : philosophy's perpetual war / Warren Montag Montag, Warren; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
      Essays on women's artistic and cultural contributions 1919-1939 : expanded social roles for the new woman following the First World War / edited by Paula Birnbaum and Anna Novakov ; with a preface by Flavia Marcello AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2009
      Race for citizenship : Black Orientalism and Asian uplift from pre-emancipation to neoliberal America / Helen Heran Jun Jun, Helen Heran; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2011
      Re-evaluating education in Japan and Korea : demystifying stereotypes / Hyunjoon Park Park, Hyunjoon,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
      Reframing transracial adoption : adopted Koreans, white parents, and the politics of kinship / Kristi Brian Brian, Kristi,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2012
      Asian American studies now : a critical reader / edited by Jean Yu-wen Shen Wu and Thomas C. Chen AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2010
      The dance of identities : Korean adoptees and their journey toward empowerment / John D. Palmer Palmer, John D.; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2011
      Moving images : photography and the Japanese American incarceration / Jasmine Alinder Alinder, Jasmine,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2009
      Growing up Brown : memoirs of a Filipino American / Peter Jamero Jamero, Peter M; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2006
      What makes a good school? / Chris Bonnor and Jane Caro Bonnor, Chris; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2012
      Healing the wounded giant : maintaining military preeminence while cutting the defense budget / Michael E. O'Hanlon O'Hanlon, Michael E; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
      The picture in question : Mark Tansey and the ends of representation / Mark C. Taylor Taylor, Mark C.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1999
      Political sociology : the state of the art / Subrata Mitra, Malte Pehl, Clemens Spiess (eds.) AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2010
      Divided nations : why global governance is failing, and what we can do about it / Ian Goldin Goldin, Ian,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
      British politics : a very short introduction / Tony Wright Wright, Anthony,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2013
      Annual report / World Trade Organization LIB USE ONLY, AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1996-
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