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050 00 HB34|b.E74 1973 
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245 00 Essays in honour of Lord Robbins /|cedited by Maurice 
       Peston, and Bernard Corry 
250    1st U.S. ed 
260 0  White Plains, N.Y. :|bInternational Arts and Sciences 
       Press,|c1973, c1972 
300    viii, 405 p. :|bgraphs ;|c23 cm 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  Economic theory and methodology: Lipsey,  R. G. The 
       foundations of the theory of national income. Lancaster, 
       K. Operationally relevant characteristics in the theory of
       consumer behaviour. Foldes, L. Some comments on the theory
       of monopoly. Peacock, A. T. Fiscal means and political 
       ends. Machlup, F. The universal bogey. Layard, R. Economic
       theories of educational planning.--History of economic 
       theory: Corry, B. A. Lauderdale and the public debt. Hicks,
       J. R. Ricardo's theory of distribution. Laidler, D. Thomas
       Tooke on monetary reform. Brown, E. H. P. Then and now.--
       Economic policy and applied studies: Sayers, R. S. The 
       background of ratio control by central banks. Archibald, 
       G. C. On regional economic policy in the United Kingdom. 
       Klappholz, K. Equality of opportunity, fairness, and 
       efficiency. Yamey, B. S. Do monopoly and near-monopoly 
       matter? Alford, R. F. G. Indicators of direct controls on 
       the United Kingdom capital market, 1951-1969. Turvey, R. 
       Marginal cost pricing. Peston, M. Public utility pricing. 
       Townsend, H. Price theory and petrol prices. Baumol, W. J.
       The dynamics of urban problems and its policy implications
600 10 Robbins, Lionel Robbins,|cBaron,|d1898-1984 
650  0 Economics 
650  0 Economics|xHistory 
700 10 Robbins, Lionel Robbins,|cBaron,|d1898-1984 
700 10 Peston, Maurice Harry 
700 10 Corry, Bernard 
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