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245 00 Frontiers of commodity chain research /|cedited by 
       Jennifer Bair 
264  1 Stanford, Calif. :|bStanford University Press,|c©2009 
300    xii, 281 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 231-267) and 
505 0  |tGlobal commodity chains : genealogy and review /
       |rJennifer Bair --|tHistoricizing commodity chains : five 
       hundred years of the global coffee commodity chain /
       |rSteven Topik --|tTrading up the commodity chain? : the 
       impact of extractive and labor-intensive manufacturing 
       trade on world-system inequalities /|rDavid A. Smith and 
       Matthew C. Mahutga --|tProtection networks and commodity 
       chains in the capitalist world-economy /|rImmanuel 
       Wallerstein --|tThe comparative advantages of tropical 
       commodity chain analysis /|rJohn M. Talbot --|tFrom 
       commodity chains to value chains : interdisciplinary 
       theory building in an age of globalization /|rTimothy J. 
       Sturgeon --|tGlobal commodity chains, market makers, and 
       the rise of demand-responsive economies /|rGary G. 
       Hamilton and Gary Gereffi --|tMimicking "lean" in global 
       value chains : it's the workers who get leaned on /|rKate 
       Raworth and Thalia Kidder --|tUnveiling the unveiling : 
       commodity chains, commodity fetishism, and the "value" of 
       voluntary, ethical food labels /|rJulie Guthman --|tChain 
       (re)actions : comparing activist mobilization against 
       biotechnology in Britain and the United States /|rWilliam 
       A. Munro and Rachel A. Schurman 
520    Extending the frontiers of commodity chain research, this 
       distinctive volume includes original work from major 
       figures in sociology, history, geography, and labor 
       studies. It underscores the wide and interdisciplinary 
       appeal of chain approaches for analyzing the economic, 
       social, and political dimensions of international trade 
       and production networks. Commodity chain analysis sheds 
       light on the political and ecological implications of 
       economic globalization and on how activists in pursuit of 
       social justice, workers' rights, and environmental 
       protection can use it. Following a substantive review of 
       literature in the field, the collection goes on to examine
       theoretical and methodological debates over how to conduct
       research on global commodity and value chains, how power 
       is exercised through these chains, and how global economic
       activities are coordinated across space. The result is a 
       rich and unusually coherent volume that demonstrates how 
       commodity and value chain analysis is informing 
       contemporary research in a variety of fields 
650  0 Commercial products 
650  0 International trade 
650  0 International division of labor 
650  0 International economic relations 
700 1  Bair, Jennifer,|d1973- 
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