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      Psychoanalysis and ecology at the edge of chaos : complexity theory, Deleuze/Guattari and psychoanalysis for a climate in crisis / Joseph Dodds ; foreword by Martin Jordan Dodds, Joseph,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2011
      Chinatowns in a transnational world : myths and realities of an urban phenomenon / edited by Vanessa Künnemann and Ruth Mayer AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2011
      Tributary empires in global history / edited by Peter Fibiger Bang and C. A. Bayly AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2011
      Dynamics in the history of religions between Asia and Europe : encounters, notions, and comparative perspectives / edited by Volkhard Krech, Marion Steinicke Interdisciplinary Consortium for Research in the Humanities "Dynamics in the History of Religions between Asia and Europe"; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2012
      Birthing bodies in early modern France : stories of gender and reproduction / Kirk D. Read Read, Kirk D; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2011
      Pour une éthique clinique dans le cadre judiciaire / Danièle Epstein Epstein, Danièle; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2011
      Clinique et éthique / dir. Claude Revault d'Allonnes, Robert Samacher et Olivier Douville AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1998
      Dude, you're a fag : masculinity and sexuality in high school / C.J. Pascoe Pascoe, C. J.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2012
      Casualties of care : immigration and the politics of humanitarianism in France / Miriam Ticktin Ticktin, Miriam Iris; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2011
      Writing ethnographic fieldnotes / Robert M. Emerson, Rachel I. Fretz, Linda L. Shaw Emerson, Robert M; DUE 07-02-21   PRINTED 2011
      Red flags and lace coiffes : identity and survival in a Breton fishing village / Charles R. Menzies Menzies, Charles R; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2011
      Intellectual narratives : theory, history, and self-characterization of social margins in public writings / Alex Ching-shing Chan Ching-shing Chan, Alex,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2011
      Global migrants, local culture : natives and newcomers in provincial England, 1841-1939 / Laura Tabili Tabili, Laura; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2011
      Encountering development : the making and unmaking of the Third World / Arturo Escobar Escobar, Arturo,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2012
      Anarchic solidarity : autonomy, equality, and fellowship in southeast asia / Thomas Gibson, Kenneth Sillander, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2011
      Art of the Western world : from ancient Greece to Post-Modernism : a magnificently illustrated introduction to the spirit, values and ideals of Western civilization / by Bruce Cole and Adelheid Gealt ; with an introduction by Michael Wood Cole, Bruce,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2006
      Appreciating diversity : cultural and gender issues / edited by Aneta Chybicka and Maria Kaźmierczak AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2008
      Appreciating diversity : cultural and gender issues / edited by Aneta Chybicka and Maria Kaźmierczak AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2008
      Deep history : the architecture of past and present / Andrew Shryock and Daniel Lord Smail ; with Timothy Earle ... [et. al.] Shryock, Andrew; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2011
      Friendships in childhood & adolescence / Catherine L. Bagwell, Michelle E. Schmidt Bagwell, Catherine; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2011
      From iron rice bowl to informalization : markets, workers, and the state in a changing China / [edited by] Sarosh Kuruvilla, Ching Kwan Lee, and Mary E. Gallagher DUE 07-26-21, AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2011
      Aphrodite's island : the European discovery of Tahiti / Anne Salmond Salmond, Anne; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2010
      Transformations : women, gender & psychology / Mary Crawford Crawford, Mary; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2012
      Moral ambition : mobilization and social outreach in evangelical megachurches / Omri Elisha Elisha, Omri,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2011
      The powerful ephemeral : everyday healing in an ambiguously Islamic place / Carla Bellamy Bellamy, Carla,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2011
      Making chastity sexy : the rhetoric of evangelical abstinence campaigns / Christine J. Gardner Gardner, Christine J.; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2011
      Sex cells : the medical market for eggs and sperm / Rene Almeling Almeling, Rene,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2011
      Spirits of Protestantism : medicine, healing, and liberal Christianity / Pamela E. Klassen Klassen, Pamela E.; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2011
      Maori times, Maori places : prophetic histories / Karen Sinclair Sinclair, Karen,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2003
      Maya or mestizo? : nationalism, modernity, and its discontents / Ronald Loewe Loewe, Ronald; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2011
      Making and unmaking intellectual property : creative production in legal and cultural perspective / edited by Mario Biagioli, Peter Jaszi, and Martha Woodmansee AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2011
      The nature of race : how scientists think and teach about human difference / Ann Morning Morning, Ann Juanita,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2011
      Humanitarian reason : a moral history of the present times / Didier Fassin ; translated by Rachel Gomme Fassin, Didier; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2012
      Darkness before daybreak : African migrants living on the margins in southern Italy today / Hans Lucht Lucht, Hans,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2012
      Cuisines of Portuguese encounters : recipes from Portugal, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Goa, Guinea-Bissau, Macao, Malacca, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe / Cherie Y. Hamilton Hamilton, Cherie Y; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2008
      A northern alternative : Xue Xuan (1389-1464) and the Hedong School / Khee Heong Koh Koh, Khee Heong; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2011
      Spirituality and intellectual disability : international perspectives on the effect of culture and religion on healing body, mind, and soul / William C. Gaventa, Jr., David L. Coulter, editors International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities.; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2001
      Spirituality, Inc. : religion in the American workplace / Lake Lambert III Lambert, Lake; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2009
      Witnesses for the future : philosophy and messianism / Pierre Bouretz ; translated by Michael B. Smith Bouretz, Pierre; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2010
      Variationist sociolinguistics : change, observation, interpretation / Sali A. Tagliamonte Tagliamonte, Sali; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2012
      American higher education in the twenty-first century : social, political, and economic challenges / edited by Philip G. Altbach, Patricia J. Gumport, and Robert O. Berdahl AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2011
      Palaces of time : Jewish calendar and culture in early modern Europe / Elisheva Carlebach Carlebach, Elisheva; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2011
      Religion in 21st century / Dr Suhail Saheed Saheed, Suhail; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2010
      Minority education : select issues / Elisa L. Montgrove, editor AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2011
      Paranormal America : ghost encounters, UFO sightings, Bigfoot hunts, and other curiosities in religion and culture / Christopher D. Bader, F. Carson Mencken, and Joseph O. Baker Bader, Christopher David; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2010
      American global strategy and the "war on terrorism" / Hall Gardner Gardner, Hall; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2007
      Self-development and social transformations? : the vision and practice of the self-study mobilization of Swadhyaya / Ananta Kumar Giri ; foreword by Arjun Appadurai Giri, Ananta Kumar; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2009
      Chinese American transnational politics / Him Mark Lai ; edited and with an introduction by Madeline Y. Hsu Lai, H. Mark; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2010
      Miracles : wonder and meaning in world religions / David L. Weddle Weddle, David L.; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2010
      The study of children in religions : a methods handbook / edited by Susan B. Ridgely AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2011
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