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Title Morrison pahphlets [microform]. 181 / Toyo Bunko
Imprint Tokyo : Toyo Bunko, [1999]
 Fu Ssu-Nien A/V Room  MF DS503.5 M878  v.181(ROLL 8646)    AVAILABLE    30530001112457
Descript 1 microfilm reels ; 35 mm
Series 東洋文庫. モリソン文庫
Note File no.: P-III-b-646~689
Subject East Asia -- Collected works
Alt Author Toyo Bunko (Japan). Nanposhi Kenkyu Iinkai
Davis, O. K. Whose open door (P-III-b-648)
Rea, George Bronson. Closing the open door (P-III-b-649)
Boulger, Demetrius Charles. The Western frontiers of china (P-III-b-650)
Kingsmill, Thos. W. Russia and England in the Far East : The Present Outlook (P-III-b-651)
Hallett, Holt S. France and Russia in China (P-III-b-652)
Aube, Th. La Chine à la Veille de la Guerre, Souvenirs d'une Campagne dans les mers de Tartarie de Chine et du Japon (P-III-b-653)
Michener, Carroll K. China in the War (P-III-b-654)
Doolittle, Mrs. Sophia H. The female missionarry. A memorial of Mrs. Frances J. Wiley (P-III-b-655)
Stott, R. A. A peep into an Indian workshop (P-III-b-656-1)
Allan, C. Wilfrid. The pioneer missionary of Central China. Griffith John (P-III-b-656-2)
Walker, F. Deaville. India. 3. The story of the early missions (P-III-b-656-3)
Gibson, Eliza C. The fallen missionary : Mrs. Anna M. Wentworth (P-III-b-657)
Smith, Arthur H. Chinese hatred of foreigners (P-III-b-659)
Millard, Thomas F. The settlement in China (P-III-b-660)
Sing, Saint Nihal. The Americanization of Oriental women (P-III-b-661)
Bowden-Smith, A. Georgette. A Chinese leader of women (P-III-b-662)
Cobbold, Ralph P. A sample of Chinese administration (P-III-b-664)
Reinsch, Paul S. A Parliament for China (P-III-b-665)
Brenan, Byron. The Office of District Magistrate in China (P-III-b-666)
Douglas, R. K. Chinese Mandarins and people (P-III-b-667)
Strupp, K. Der Konflikt zwischen Russland und China vom Frühjahr 1911 im Rahmen der volkerrechtlichen Beziehungen beider Staaten (P-III-b-668)
Krieger, Bogdan. Die ersten hundert Jahre russisch-chinesischer Politik (P-III-b-669)
Deshayes, Emile. Sur des dessins et peintures de chevaux. Art, equitation, classification des chevaux. Conference de 16 avril 1899 (P-III-b-671)
Cunliffe-Owen, Fritz. The crime of the powers (P-III-b-673)
Martens, F. Le Conflit entre la Russie et la Chine; ses origines,son developpement et sa Portée universelle. Étude politique (P-III-b-674)
Plauchut, Edmond. Chinois et Russes au Kouldja (P-III-b-675)
Quincy, Josiah. China and Russia (P-III-b-676)
Gundry, R. S. Russia and China (P-III-b-677)
Moorhead, R. B. The Far East (P-III-b-678)
Bonin, Charles Eudes. Voyage de Pekin au Turkestan russe par le Mongolie, le Koukou-nor, le Lob-nor et la Dzoungaire (P-III-b-680)
Champion, Paul. Fabrication des cordes de bambou à Han-keon (Chine) (P-III-b-681)
Coulter, Arthur D. The American manufacturer in China (P-III-b-682)
Fong, Walter N. Labor unions in China (P-III-b-683)
Coppet, Maurice de. L'action économique des Puissances en Chine (P-III-b-684)
Wright, Minnie. My Chinese cook (P-III-b-685)
Wong, Chin Foo. Political honors in China (P-III-b-686)
Winterburn, W. G. The Chinese junk (P-III-b-687)
Harlez, C. de. L'Infanticide en Chine: d'après les Documents Chinois (P-III-b-688)
Hulse-Jolly, Nellie. The romance of We Ling ki (P-III-b-689)
Boulger, Demetrius C. The Far Eastern Crisis. 2. Is Russia to preponderate in China? (P-III-b-670-2)
Alt Title Morrison pamphlet. 181
Personnel des légations étrangères (P-III-b-646)
More particulars of the Shansi murders, 1900 (P-III-b-647)
First Protestant Missionary to China. A sketch of Robert Morrison, D. D. (P-III-b-658)
The Shanghai Municipal Police (P-III-b-663)
The Far Eastern Crisis. 1. Why Not a Treaty with Russia? (P-III-b-670-1)
The Far Eastern Crisis. 3. Count Lamsdorff's First Failure (P-III-b-670-3)
Mémoire sur le différend russo-japonais relatif à la Mandchourie et à la Corée (P-III-b-672)
The Hunan tracts of China, which produced the anti-Christian and anti-foreign riots of 1891, and A critical digest of Indulgent treatment of foreigners (P-III-b-679)
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