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100 1  Guastella, Gianni,|eauthor 
245 10 Word of mouth :|bfama and its personifications in art and 
       literature from Ancient Rome to the Middle Ages /|cGianni 
250    First edition 
264  1 Oxford :|bOxford University Press,|c2017 
300    xiv, 440 pages :|billustrations ;|c24 cm 
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337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
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504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 391-424) and 
520 8  This volume proceeds from a brief discussion of the 
       ancient concept to a detailed examination of the way in 
       which 'fama' has been personified in ancient and medieval 
       literature and in European figurative art between the end 
       of the fourteenth and the beginning of the sixteenth 
       centuries. Commenting on examples ranging from Virgil's 
       'Fama' in Book 4 of the 'Aeneid' to Chaucer's 'House of 
       Fame', it addresses areas of anthropological, sociological,
       literary, and historical-artistic interest, charting the 
       evolving depiction of 'fama' from a truly 
       interdisciplinary perspective. Following this theme, it is
       revealed that although the most important personifications
       were originally created to represent the invisible but 
       pervasive diffusion of talk which circulates information 
       about others, these then began to give way to embodiments 
       of the abstract idea of the glory of illustrious men. By 
       the end of the medieval period, these two different 
       representations, of rumour and glory, were variously 
       combined to create the modern icon of Fame with which we 
       are more familiar today 
650  0 Art, Medieval 
650  0 Literature, Medieval|xHistory and criticism 
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