LEADER 00000nam  2200000 a 4500 
008    980623s1901    enk           001 0 eng d 
040    AS|cAS|dMH 
041 0  eng 
050    DS740.63|b.H37 1901 
100 1  Hart, Robert|c, Sir,|d1835-1911 
245 10 "These from the land of Sinim." :|bessays on the Chinese 
       question /|cby Sir Robert Hart 
260    London :|bChapman & Hall,|c1901 
300    254 p. ;|c22 cm 
500    Includes index 
505 0  Contents: I. The Peking legations: a national uprising and
       international episode.--II. China and her foreign trade.--
       III. China and reconstruction: November, 1900.--IV. China 
       and non-China.--V. The Boxers: 1900.--Appendix I. A 
       Tsungli yamên circular to Chinese ministers abroad.--
       Appendix II. The inspector general's memorandum concerning
       commercial relations 
590    thllc(fsnB1) 
650  0 Eastern question (Far East) 
651  0 China|xHistory|yBoxer Rebellion, 1899-1901 
651  0 China|xPolitics and government|y19th century 
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