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Author World congress of Taiwan studies (2018.09.6-8 : :Taipei, Taiwan)
Title The 3rd World Congress of Taiwan studies : Taiwan in the globalized world : the relevance of Taiwan studies to the social sciences and humanities = 第三屆臺灣研究世界大會 / co-organized by Academia Sinica and the Ministry of Education, Taiwan
Imprint Taipei, Taiwan : Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica, 2018
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Descript 24 volume (various pagings) : illustrations, maps ; 30 cm
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Note "September 6-8, 2018"
Keynote Speech Taiwan Studies as a New Academic Field: Problems and Prospects / Fu-San Huang -- Session P1 , Plenary Session : Launching International Journal of Taiwan Studies and Discussing Manifesto for Global Taiwan Studies
Session A1 : The case of Taiwan for sociology -- A1.1, Developing a Contact-based Approach to Personal Network Studies in Taiwan and Beyond / Yang-chih Fu -- A1.2, Remaking Taiwan : Society and the State Since the End of Martial Law / Thomas B. Gold -- A1.3, Making Taiwan Relevant to Sociology : Turning Contingencies into Puzzles / Chengpang Lee -- A1.4, Governing Taiwan's Decentralized Economy : The State, SME Networks, and Learning / Michelle Fei-Yu Hsieh -- Session A2 : Assessing the Study of Taiwan in Europe : An EATS Outlook -- A2.1, Assessing the Study of Taiwan Literature in Europe : An EATS outlook / Federica Passi -- A2.2, Cold War or Hot Peace : A Survey of the European Perspective on Cross-Taiwan Strait Security / Dean Karalekas -- A2.3, Assessing the State of Taiwan History and Historiography : An EATS Outlook / Niki Alsford -- A2.4, Assessing the State of Migration Scholarship to and from Taiwan: An EATS Outlook / Lara Momesso -- Session A3 : 深度探討日本的台灣研究 : 人文社會科學領域的挑戰 <中文場次> -- A3.1, 日本的台灣文學研究,這十年(2008-2017) / 赤松美和子-- A3.2, 從歷史學的角度來分析近十年來之日本的臺灣研究 / 菅野敦志 -- A3.3, 台灣政治研究的回顧及展望(2008-18年) : 過去的十年與今後的十年 / 家永真幸 -- A3.4, 這十年來日本人類學之臺灣研究 / 宮岡真央子 -- Session A4: 台灣人的戰爭經驗:跨國與比較的觀點 <中文場次> -- A4.1, 二戰時期菲律賓戰場的台灣人俘虜收容所監視員 / 鍾淑敏, 陳柏棕 -- A4.2, Taiwanese Interpreters as War Criminals in the British Trials after WWII / 藍適齊 -- A4.3, Small wars與台灣北部漢人武裝抗日運動 / 近藤正己 -- A4.4, 日據時期新加坡倖存者對日籍臺灣兵的歷史記憶 / 黃賢強 -- Session A5 : Studying Taiwan before Taiwan Studies : Reflections on America's Cold War Sinology -- A5.1, Cold War, Transpacific Sojourns, and Taiwan's Role in America's Cold War Sinology / Dominic Meng-Hsuan Yang -- A5.2, Rethinking Traditionalism : Myron Cohen and the Place of Ethnography in the Study of Taiwan's History / Derek Sheridan -- A5.3, From David Schak to "Seeing through Hong Kong and Taiwan" : Oral History of Ethnographers, Anthropological Reflections, and Comparative Perspectives / Eric Siu Kei Cheng -- A5.4, The Experiences and Views of Studying "Taiwan" from a Marxist Anthropologist : Hill Gates / Chi-Ting Peng and Justina Hwang -- A5.5, Coming, Leaving, and Returning : Stevan Harrell and the Reconstruction of Taiwan Studies / Weiting Guo -- Session A6 : State Governance and Identity Politics : Perspectives from Taiwanese Indigenous People -- A6.1, Hunting, Ecological Knowledge, and Governance of Forests : Truku Perspectives / Scott Simon -- A6.2, The Authentic Change of Material Culture of the Indigenous People in Taiwan / Atsushi Nobayashi -- A6.3, Wilson's Hope : Or, How to Govern "the Finest Forests of Eastern Asia" / Kuang-Chi Hung -- A6.4, State Governance and the Bunun's Traditional Territory Movement / Shu-Yuan Yang -- Session A7 : Democratization, Civil Society, and Social Movement in Taiwan -- A7.1, Controversies about religious organizations within an evolving Taiwan civil society / Richard Madsen -- A7.2, Mobilization and Technology : The Emergence of New Actors and Values through New Digital Media in the Sunflower Movement in Taiwan / Stéphane Corcuff -- A7.3, Female Empowerment Matters : A Global Study of the Legalization of Same-Sex Unions / Yen-hsin Alice Cheng and Thung-Hong Lin -- A7.4, Taiwan's Environmentalism : At a Critical Turn in a Critical Zone / Paul Jobin
Session B1 : Women and Gender -- B1.1, The Use of Language as Floating and Interfered Spaces of Borderland : Linguistic Transition of Female Migrant Spouses in Taiwan / Isabelle Cheng -- B1.2, Gay Rights as a Weapon of Soft Power / Fanni Maraczi -- B1.3, Globalization of the Taiwanese Women's Movement? : The Impact of the UN Human Rights Conventions and their Adoption in Taiwan. With a Focus on CEDAW / Astrid Lipinsky -- B1.4, How do They Tell the "Story"? : The Displays in the Comfort Woman Museums in Taipei, Seoul and Shanghai / Shiho Maehara -- Session B2 : Taiwan's Past in Comparative Perspective -- B2.1, Contribution and Challenges of DH Methods in the Study of Taiwanese Elites : TBIO and the Case of the Lin Family from Wufeng / Táňa Dluhošová and Lung-chih Chang -- B2.2, 18th Century French Publication of Taiwan Scenery in Travel Illustration : on Geopolitics from Atlas of Maps / Chao-Ying Lee -- B2.3, Organizational Strategies of Okinawans in Pre- and Post-war Taiwan / Haruna Nakamura and Nina Margo Holzschneider -- B2.4, A Connected History of Colonial Medicine : The Comparative Study of Taiwan and Vietnam / I-Kang Tsai -- Session B3 : Family, Gender, and the Making of Home in Taiwan in Comparative Perspective -- B3.1, Lagged Adaptation in the Association between Women's and Men's Gender Attitudes and Housework Time in 24 Countries / Man Yee Kan, Kamila Kolpashnikova and Tsui-o Tai -- B3.2, Changes in Women's Perceptions of Housework Division : A Comparative Study / Tsui-O Tai and Wan-Chun Hsieh -- B3.3, Intimacy, Equity and Gender Ideology among Married People in East Asia / Ming-Chang Tsai -- B3.4, Gender and Inequality : Marriages across Borders and Boundaries in Taiwan from a Comparative Perspective / Zhenchao Qian and Ming-Chang Tsai -- Session B4 : What Makes Taiwan Culture Unique -- B4.1, Taiwan's Tea Art : Invented Tradition or Cultural Inheritance? / Shuenn-Der Yu -- B4.2, What does Civility Mean in the Taiwanese Context? : An Ethnographic Inquiry Based on MRT Etiquette / Anru Lee -- B4.3, Electric Flower Cars in Taiwan : Modernist Traditionalism, Traditionalist Modernity / Marc Moskowitz -- B4.4, Style vs. Content in the Taiwanese Creative Industries and Taiwanese Nation Branding / Teri Silvio -- Session B5 : Cross-Strait and International Relations -- B5.1, One China, Two Taiwans : The Geopolitics of Cross-strait Tourism / Ian Rowen -- B5.2, China's Influence on Taiwan's Media and Implication on Taiwanese Politics / Chien-Jung Hsu -- B5.3, When the Link between Independence and Unification Brakes : Re-evaluate the Validity of the Measurement with the Exploratory Approach / Frank Cheng-Shan Liu and Yihuang Kang -- B5.4, The Politics of the New Southbound Policy : A Case Study of Taiwan's Relations with Myanmar / Matteo Fumagalli -- Session B6 : Taiwan and the World from Archaeological Perspectives -- B6.1, Archaeological Investigation of People Interacting with the World in the Early Neolithic Taiwan / Kuang-Ti Li -- B6.2, The Kraak Porcelain Discovered from Taiwan and Macao, and their Relationship with the Manila Galleon Trade / Tai-Kang Lu -- B6.3, Continuity or Disruption of Taiwan Prehistory : A Perspective from Burial Behaviors of Southwestern Plain of Taiwan / Hung-Lin Chiu-- B6.4, Phytoliths Evidence for Rice Cultivation at 3500 Years Ago, O-Luan-Pi site II, Kenting Area / Tsuo-Ting Lee and Kuang-Ti Li -- B6.5, A Test Examination of the W. W. Howells' World Craniometric Data Set by Using Early Taiwanese Sample / Patricia Bian and Kuang-Ti Li -- Session B7 : Indigenous Rights -- B7.1, Tensions and Intentions Shaping the Social Imaginary of Taiwan's Indigenous Rights Framework / J. Christopher Upton -- B7.2, From Colonialism to Reconciliation : Indigenous Human Rights in Taiwan / Jolan Hsieh -- B7.3, Indigenous and Ethnic Toponyms under the State Policy of the Standardization of Geographical Names / Peter Kang -- Session B8 : Youth, Movements and Democracy -- B8.1, The Development of Taiwan as a Society / David Schak -- B8.2, Consuming Democracy : Geopolitics and Tourism Landscapes in Taiwan / Hardina Ohlendorf -- B8.3, Taiwanese Young People's Political Engagement in Digitally-enabled Social Movements / Gwenyth Wang -- B8.4, From Sunflowers to Suits : How Spatial Openings Effect Movement Party Formation / Lev Nachman
Session C1 : New Subjects of Taiwan Political Science Research -- C1.1, Lessons from the Taiwan Strait : Parallel Self-Interest, Consistent Signaling, and Can-Kicking Rapprochement / Dalton Lin -- C1.2, The Effect of Authoritarian Regime Types on the Progress of Transitional Justice in Taiwan / Nien-Chung Chang Liao and Wen-Chin Wu -- C1.3, Reexamining the Role of the Constitutional Court in Taiwan's Democratization : Evidence from the J.Y. Interpretation No. 261 / Chin-Shou Wang and Yu-Hsien Sung -- C1.4, What Do They Mean When They Say They Are "Chinese/Taiwanese"? : Investigating the Context of Ethnic Identity through a Text-Analysis Approach / Alex Chuan-Hsien Chang, Yu-shiuan Huang, Tse-Min Lin and Ji-lung Hsieh -- Session C2 : Taiwan in International Law -- C2.1, Has Taiwan Declared Independence? / Chen-En Sung -- C2.2, China-Taiwan Relations Re-examined: The "92 Consensus" and Cross-strait Agreements / Yu-Jie Chen and Jerome Cohen -- C2.3, Taiwan's Quest for International Space / Jacques deLisle -- Session C3 : Taiwan in Comparative Law -- C3.1, Legalizing LGBT Parenting in Taiwan : The Participation of Gay and Lesbian Family / Hsiao-Wei Kuan -- C3.2, Hybrid Legal Regimes : General Considerations and Taiwan As a Case Study / Jean-Marc Coicaud -- C3.3, Constitutional Beginnings / Oran Doyle -- C3.4, On Taiwan's Feedback to Comparative Law : A Legal Historical Point of View / Tzung-Mou Wu -- Session C4 : New Perspectives of Taiwan Cinema -- C4.1, Politics of the everyday : Taiwanese-language cinema of the 1950s-1960s / Ming-Yeh Rawnsley -- C4.2, The Poetics of Historiophoty of The Puppetmaster / Vivian Szu-Chin Chih -- C4.3, Hybridity and Variation under Self-Development : Language Localization of Contemporary New Films in Taiwan and Singapore / Hui-Hua Pan -- Session C5 : Political Parties and Society -- C5.1, The 2012 Korean Anti-Brawling Reform : Lessons for Taiwan? / Nathan Batto -- C5.2, Explaining Party Switching in Taiwan's 2016 Elections / Dafydd Fell -- C5.3, Authoritarian Legacies, Party System Institutionalization, and the Taiwanese Democratic Miracle / Kharis Templeman -- Session C6 : Literature and Art -- C6.1, Appropriation of Space as a Place for Collective Memory in Contemporary Taiwan : Wu Ming-Yi's The Illusionist on the Skywalk as a Case Study / Marta Paolesse -- C6.2, Cultural Context of Taiwan's Travelogues during the Martial Law Period / Shu-Hui Lin -- C6.3, "Conversation" with Chiu Miao-Chin : Multidirectional Practices in Taiwan Homosexual Writing in the Early 21th Century / Yuan Zheng -- C6.4, The Marginalization of Taiwan Art History? : A Cultural Politics Perspective on the Discourse of Visual Art in Taiwan / Hsin-Tien Liao -- C6.5, Construction of Object, Place and Taiwan Consciousness : Discussing Tzeng Ching-wen's "Magnolia" / Bao-Chai Jiang -- Session C7 : Taiwan in Comparative Colonialism and Nationalism -- C7.1, Nation-state Formation at the Interface : A Conceptual Framework of Taiwan's Political History / Rwei-Ren Wu -- C7.2, Two Gates to Island Taiwan : Takekoshi Yosaburô, Yanaihara Tadao and Japanese Colonialism / Lung-Chih Chang -- C7.3, Can the Taiwanese Case be Compared with Others? : The Search for Equivalence / Atsuko Ichijo -- C7.4, Taiwan as a Trans-imperial Space : W. M. H. Kirkwood and Japanese Colonialism / Satoshi Mizutani -- Session C8 : Ethnicity and Periphery -- C8.1, "Tribal Herd (Zuqun)" and "Multidimensional Culture (Duoyuan Wenhua)" : Taiwanizing Western Concepts, Universalizing Taiwan Experience / Ichiro Numazaki -- C8.2, Rural Industries and Peripheries in Taiwan / David Karacsonyi and Kang-Tsung Chang -- C8.3, "Rite" or Wrong? : Shifting Discourses on Cultural Appropriation of Indigenous Performance and Reflection on the "Border" of Taiwan Studies / Yi-Tze Lee -- C8.4, Gender and Christianity among the Austronesian-speaking Amis of Taiwan / Shu-Ling Yeh
Includes bibliographical references
Chiefly in English with some text in Chinese
Subject Taiwan -- Congresses
Alt Author Huang, Fu-san, 1940-
Fu, Yang-chih, 1955-
Gold, Thomas B.
Lee, Chengpang
Hsieh, Michelle Fei-Yu
Passi, Federica
Karalekas, Dean
Alsford, Niki J. P.
Momesso, Lara
赤松美和子 (1977-)
菅野敦志 (1975-)
家永真幸 (1981-)
鍾淑敏 (1960-)
近藤正己 (1949-)
Yang, Dominic Meng-Hsuan
Sheridan, Derek
Cheng, Eric Siu Kei
Peng, Chi-Ting
Hwang, Justina
Guo, Weiting
Simon, Scott, 1965-
Nobayashi, Atsushi
Hung, Kuang-Chi
Yang, Shu-Yuan
Madsen, Richard, 1941-
Corcuff, Stéphane, 1971-
Cheng, Yen-hsin Alice
Lin, Thung-hong, 1974-
Jobin, Paul
Cheng, Isabelle
Maraczi, Fanni
Lipinsky, Astrid
Maehara, Shiho
Dluhošová, Táňa
Chang, Lung-chih, 1962-
Lee, Chao-Ying, 1966-
Nakamura, Haruna
Holzschneider, Nina Margo
Tsai, I-Kang
Kan, Man Yee
Kolpashnikova, Kamila
Tai, Tsui-O
Hsieh, Wan-Chun
Cai, Mingzhang
Qian, Zhenchao
Yu, Shunde, 1957-
Lee, Anru
Moskowitz, Marc
Silvio, Teri
Rowen, Ian
Hsu, Chien-Jung
Liu, Frank Cheng-Shan
Kang, Yihuang
Fumagalli, Matteo
Li, Kuang-ti, 1953-
Lu, Tai-Kang
Chiu, Hung-Lin
Lee, Tsuo-Ting
Bian, Patricia
Upton, J. Christopher
Hsieh, Jolan
Kang, Peter
Schak, David Carl, 1939-
Ohlendorf, Hardina
Wang, Gwenyth
Nachman, Lev
Lin, Dalton
Chang Liao, Nien-chung
Wu, Wen-chin, 1980-
Wang, Chin-Shou
Sung, Yu-Hsien
Chang, Alex Chuan-Hsien
Huang, Yu-shiuan
Lin, Tse-Min
Hsieh, Ji-lung
Sung, Chen-En
Chen, Yu-jie
Cohen, Jerome
deLisle, Jacques, 1961-
Kuan, Hsiao-Wei
Coicaud, Jean-Marc
Doyle, Oran
Wu, Tzung-mou
Rawnsley, Ming-Yeh
Chih, Szu-Chin(Vivian)
Chih, Vivian Szu-Chin
Pan, Hui-Hua
Batto, Nathan F., 1970-
Fell, Dafydd, 1970-
Templeman, Kharis
Paolesse, Marta
Lin, Shu-Hui
Zheng, Yuan
Liao, Hsin-Tien
Jiang, Bao-Chai
Wu, Rwei-ren
Ichijo, Atsuko
Mizutani, Satoshi
Numazaki, Ichiro
Karacsonyi, David
Lee, Yi-Tze
Yeh, Shu-Ling
Academia Sinica
Ministry of Education (Taiwan)
Alt Title 第三屆臺灣研究世界大會
臺灣研究世界大會. 第三屆
World congress of Taiwan studies, 3rd
Taiwan studies
Taiwan in the globalized world : the relevance of Taiwan studies to the social sciences and humanities
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