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305.235095 Z63 : Modern History Library; PRINTED     
      Zhiqing : stories from China's special generation / [compiled and edited by] Kang Xuepei AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2014
305.2350951 C539 : 人文社會聯圖, Modern History Library ; PRINTED     
      China's youth cultures and collective spaces : creativity, sociality, identity and resistance / edited by Vanessa Frangville and GwennaeÌ̂l Gaffric AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2020
305.2350951 C664 : Cockain, Alex; Modern History Library, 人文社會聯圖 ; PRINTED     
      Young Chinese in urban China / Alex Cockain Cockain, Alex; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2012
305.2350951 L783 : Liu, Fengshu; Ethnology Library, Modern History Library ; PRINTED     
      Urban youth in China : modernity, the internet and the self / by Fengshu Liu Liu, Fengshu; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2011
305.2350951 M961 : Mulready-Stone, Kristin,; Modern History Library; PRINTED     
      Mobilizing Shanghai youth : CCP internationalism, GMD nationalism and Japanese collaboration / Kristin Mulready-Stone Mulready-Stone, Kristin,; DUE 07-28-22   PRINTED 2015
305.2350951 T882 : Tsimonis, Konstantinos D.,; 人文社會聯圖, Modern History Library ; PRINTED     
      The Chinese communist youth league : juniority and responsiveness in a party youth organization / Konstantinos D. Tsimonis Tsimonis, Konstantinos D.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2021
305.2350951 Y83 : Modern History Library, Ethnology Library ; PRINTED     
      Youth policies and services in Chinese societies / edited by Steven Sek-yum Ngai, Chau-kiu Cheung, Ngan-pun Ngai AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2014
305.2351 T254 : Tebbutt, Melanie; Modern History Library; PRINTED     
      Being boys : youth, leisure and identity in the inter-war years / Melanie Tebbutt Tebbutt, Melanie; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2012
305.2351 T871 : Truong, Fabien,; RCHSS Library, Modern History Library ; PRINTED     
      Radicalized loyalties : becoming Muslim in the West / Fabien Truong Truong, Fabien,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2018
305.2355 F6832 2004 : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Focus on the wonder years : challenges facing the American middle school / Jaana Juvonen ... [et al.] AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2004
305.2355 J974 2001 : Jurado Guerrero, Teresa,; Euro-Am Studies Lib, 人文社會聯圖 ; PRINTED     
      Youth in transition : housing, employment, social policies, and families in France and Spain / Teresa Jurado Guerrero Jurado Guerrero, Teresa,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2001
305.2355 V26 : Van Hoose, John; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Young adolescent development and school practices : promoting harmony / John Van Hoose, David Strahan Van Hoose, John; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1988
305.24 B853 : Buchmann, Marlis; Ethnology Library, Euro-Am Studies Lib ; PRINTED     
      The script of life in modern society : entry into adulthood in a changing world / Marlis Buchmann Buchmann, Marlis; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1989
305.24 H867 : Hudson, Frederic M.,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      The adult years : mastering the art of self-renewal / Frederic M. Hudson Hudson, Frederic M.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1991
305.24 L626 : Light, Paul Charles; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Baby boomers / Paul C. Light Light, Paul Charles; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1988
305.24 M551 : Merriam, Sharan B; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Lifelines : patterns of work, love, and learning in adulthood / Sharan B. Merriam, M. Carolyn Clark Merriam, Sharan B; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1991
305.240973 G536 / R : Gitlin, Marty; 人文社會聯圖, Modern History Library ; PRINTED     
      The baby boomer encyclopedia / Martin Gitlin Gitlin, Marty; LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED c2011
305.240973 M667 : Mintz, Steven,; Modern History Library, 人文社會聯圖 ; PRINTED     
      The prime of life : a history of modern adulthood / Steven Mintz Mintz, Steven,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2015
305.242 Af89 1997 : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      After the boom : the politics of Generation X / edited by Stephen C. Craig and Stephen Earl Bennett AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1997
305.242 Au43 2003 : Augst, Thomas; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      The clerk's tale : young men and moral life in nineteenth-century America / Thomas Augst Augst, Thomas; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2003
305.242 B6139 2007 : Blauvelt, Martha Tomhave,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      The work of the heart : young women and emotion, 1780-1830 / Martha Tomhave Blauvelt Blauvelt, Martha Tomhave,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2007
305.242 G439 1999 : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Giovani che non lasciano il nido atteggiamenti, speranze, condizioni all'uscita di casa / Corrado Bonifazi ...[et al.] AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1999
305.242 H3519 2003 : Heath, Sue,; 人文社會聯圖, Euro-Am Studies Lib ; PRINTED     
      Young, free, and single? : twenty-somethings and household change / Sue Heath and Elizabeth Cleaver Heath, Sue,; DUE 04-22-22, AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2003
305.242 J115 2007 : Jabour, Anya; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Scarlett's sisters : young women in the Old South / Anya Jabour Jabour, Anya; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2007
305.242 M8235 1987 : Morgan, S. Philip; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Parenthood and the attitudes of young adults / S. Philip Morgan, Linda J. Waite ; Prepared for the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Morgan, S. Philip; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1987
305.242 On15 2005 : 人文社會聯圖, Euro-Am Studies Lib ; PRINTED     
      On the frontier of adulthood : theory, research, and public policy / Richard A. Settersten, Jr., Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr., and Rubén G. Rumbaut, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2005
305.242 On17 2005 : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      On your own without a net : the transition to adulthood for vulnerable populations / edited by D. Wayne Osgood ... [et al.] DUE 06-30-22   PRINTED 2005
305.242 R25934 2003 : Reese, Renford,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      American paradox : young Black men / Renford Reese Reese, Renford,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2003
305.242 Sa187 2010 : Sagert, Kelly Boyer,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Flappers : a guide to an American subculture / Kelly Boyer Sagert Sagert, Kelly Boyer,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2010
305.242 T687 2001 : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Transitions to adulthood in Europe / edited by Martine Corijn and Erik Klijzing ; contributors, Pau Baizan ... [et al.] AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2001
305.242 T9181 2006 : Twenge, Jean M.,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Generation me : why today's young Americans are more confident, assertive, entitled--and more miserable than ever before / Jean M. Twenge Twenge, Jean M.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2006
305.242 W1347 1986 : Waite, Linda J; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      The effects of parenthood on the career orientation and job characteristics of young adults / Linda J. Waite, Gus Haggstrom, David E. Kanouse ; prepared for The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Waite, Linda J; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1986
305.2422 M689 : Modern History Library; PRINTED     
      The modern girl around the world : consumption, modernity, and globalization / the Modern Girl Around the World Research Group (Alys Eve Weinbaum ... [et al.], editors) AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2008
305.244 B644 : Borenstein, Audrey,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Chimes of change and hours : views of older women in twentieth-century America / Audrey Borenstein Borenstein, Audrey,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1983
305.2440947 R163 : Raleigh, Donald J; Modern History Library; PRINTED     
      Soviet baby boomers : an oral history of Russia's Cold War generation / Donald J. Raleigh Raleigh, Donald J; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2012
305.26 A267b : Economics Library, Modern History Library ; PRINTED     
      Aging societies : the global dimension / Barry Bosworth and Gary Burtless, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1998
305.26 Ac45 : Achenbaum, W. Andrew; RCHSS Library, 人文社會聯圖, Euro-Am Studies Lib ; PRINTED     
      Crossing frontiers : gerontology emerges as a science / W. Andrew Achenbaum Achenbaum, W. Andrew; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1995
305.26 Ag32 1993 : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Ageing in society : an introduction to social gerontology / edited by John Bond, Peter Coleman, and Sheila Peace AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1993
305.26 Ag32 2007 : 人文社會聯圖, Euro-Am Studies Lib ; PRINTED     
      Ageing in society : European perspectives on gerontology / edited by John Bond ... [et al.] AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2007
305.26 Ag32ar 1993 : RCHSS Library, Euro-Am Studies Lib ; PRINTED     
      Ageing, independence, and the life course / edited by Sara Arber and Maria Evandrou AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1993
305.26 Ag32da 2006 : RCHSS Library, Euro-Am Studies Lib ; PRINTED     
      Ageing and diversity : multiple pathways and cultural migrations / edited by Svein Olav Daatland and Simon Biggs AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2006
305.26 Ag32do 2005 : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Ageing matters : European policy lessons from the East / edited by John Doling, Catherine Jones Finer, Tony Maltby AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2005
305.26 Ag32ec 2002 : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Ageing in Asia and the Pacific : emerging issues and successful practices / Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2002
305.26 Ag32un 2003 : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Ageing populations : opportunities and challenges for Europe and North America / United Nations Economic Commission for Europe AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2003
305.26 Ag47 : Ethnology Library, RCHSS Library, Euro-Am Studies Lib ; PRINTED     
      Aging and generational relations over the life course : a historical and cross-cultural perspective / edited by Tamara K. Hareven AVAILABLE, DUE 03-09-22   PRINTED 1995
305.26 Ag47 1991 / R : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Aging America : trends and projections / prepared by the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging, the American Association of Retired Persons,the Federal Council on the Aging, and the U.S. Administration on Aging. LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED 1991
305.26 Ag47ba 2006 : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Aging, globalization, and inequality : the new critical gerontology / edited by Jan Baars ... [et al.] AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2006
305.26 Ag47be 2000 : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Aging in East and West : families, states, and the elderly / Vern L. Bengtson ... [et al.], editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2000
305.26 Ag47fo : Euro-Am Studies Lib, Fu Ssu-Nien Library ; PRINTED     
      Aging--stability and change in the family / edited by Robert W. Fogel ... [et al.] ; James G. March, editor-in-chief AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1981
305.26 Ag47mc : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Aging and retirement : prospects, planning, and policy / edited by Neil G. McCluskey, Edgar F. Borgatta AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1981
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