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245 00 Economic change and the national question in twentieth-
       century Europe /|cedited by Alice Teichova, Herbert Matis 
       and Jaroslav Patek 
260    New York :|bCambridge University Press,|c2000 
263    0010 
300    xvi, 433 p. :|bill., maps ;|c25 cm 
505 0  |tNationalism and the economic question in twentieth-
       century Ireland /|rAlan O'Day --|tEconomic aspects of the 
       nationality problem in nineteenth and twentieth-century 
       Belgium /|rErik Buyst --|tEconomy as a pushing or 
       retarding force in the development of the German question 
       during the seond half of the twentieth century /|rJorg 
       Roesler --|tLusatian Sorbs in Germany before the Second 
       World War /|rEdward Kubu --|tUnequal regional development 
       in Switzerland /|rBruno Fritzsche --|tPortuguese national 
       question in the twentieth century /|rNuno Valerio --From 
       autarky to the European Union /|rGabriel Tortella and 
       Stefan Houpt --|tEconomic background to the Basque 
       question in Spain /|rMontserrat Garate Ojanguren --
       |tEconomic change and nationalism in Italy in the 
       twentieth century /|rLuigi De Rosa --|tNational 
       integration and economic change in Greece during the 
       twentieth century /|rMargarita Dritsas --|tNational 
       identity and economic conditions in twentieth-century 
       Austria /|rHerbert Matis --|tEconomic, social and 
       political aspects of multinational inter Czechoslovakia /
       |rJaroslaw Patek --|tNationality and competition /
       |rChristoph Boyer --|tEconomic aspects of Slovak national 
       minorities /|rAgnes Pogany --|tEconomic background to 
       national conflicts in Yugoslavia /|rNeven Borak --
       |tEconomic differentiation and the national question in 
       Poland in the twentieth century /|rJerzy Tomaszewski --
       |tEconomy and ethnicity in the hands of the state /|rAnu 
       Mai Koll --|tChanging structure and organisation of 
       foreign trade in Finland after Russian rule /|rRiitta 
       Hjerppe and Juha-Antti Lamberg --|tEconomic change and the
       national question in twentieth century USSR/Russia /
       |rAndrei Yu Yudanov 
650  0 Nationalism|xEconomic aspects|zEurope|xHistory|y20th 
651  0 Europe|xEconomic conditions|y20th century 
700 1  Teichova, Alice 
700 1  Matis, Herbert 
700 1  Pátek, Jaroslav,|d1921- 
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