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Author Kim, Sung Jin
Title Teaching on friendship in the Proverbs of Solomon (Prov 10:1--22:16 and Prov 25--29): A text-linguistic study
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Note Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 73-08, Section: A, page:
Advisers: Willem A. VanGemeren; Dennis R. Magary
Thesis (Ph.D.)--Trinity International University, 2012
The theme of friendship is a key principle of human relationships. In order to elucidate this theme as it is found in the proverbial teachings of the book of Proverbs, this study will utilize the theme of "friendship"-a personified wisdom-to argue that "friendship" plays an important role in constructing and maintaining human relationships. The goal of this dissertation is twofold: (1) to identify and characterize the friendship discourses in Proverbs; and (2) to elucidate proverbial teachings on friendship that speak to this principle in the dimensions of human relationships
At the heart of the friendship discourses in Proverbs are the friendship terms. The friendship terms play two roles in the book's friendship discourse: (1) they formulate a friendship discourse by connecting its immediate sayings with respect to other sayings, and (2) they generate specific communicative contexts by a combination of helping key words. From this core role, we may conclude that the placement of friendship terms in their specific positions in the book are products of a careful and deliberate editorial arrangement in order to produce a coherent and unified teaching on friendship. This study limits its scope to the Solomonic sections (Prov 10:1--22:17 and Prov 25--29) in the book of Proverbs based on the predominance of friendship vocabulary in these sections (which contain 81 percent of the friendship vocabulary in Proverbs)
In terms of methodology, this study utilizes two methods: textlinguistics and Hebrew poetic analysis. This study seeks to understand the proverbial sayings through a holistic approach by examining the text in three analytical dimensions: syntactics (grammar and syntax), semantics (the meaning of words), and pragmatics (context of communication)
Two significant contributions toward an understanding of the book of Proverbs are suggested as a fruit of this study. One is the construction of a hermeneutical model to interpret the proverbial sayings from a holistic perspective. The other is an understanding of how Proverbs provides wisdom as a way of life in which people learn to maintain relationships that reflect wisdom, and above all, the character of God. Friendship enhances and maintains God's order within the community of the righteous
School code: 1522
Host Item Dissertation Abstracts International 73-08A
Subject Literature, Classical
Religion, Biblical Studies
Alt Author Trinity International University. Theological Studies
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