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      AB 1802: The Middle and High School Supplemental Counseling Program: Administrator and counselor perspectives Zubko, Christina  PRINTED
      Abuse potential and discipline beliefs in parents of children with behavior problems McElroy, Erika M  電子書
      Academic advising, engagment with faculty, course load, course type, and course completion rates for urban community college students with learning disabilities Duke, Shalamon A  電子書
      Academic characteristics of student retention in college using logistic regression analysis Johnson, Robert E  電子書
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      35-Plus: The social studies department at Media Line High School, 1965--2007 Karpyn, Michael Edward  PRINTED
      'A perfect knowledge of our own tongue': Language use and learning Kimball, Elizabeth  PRINTED
      Aaron Douglas and Hale Woodruff: The social responsibility and expanded pedagogy of the Black artist Bey, Sharif  電子書
      Academic freedom and autonomy: Walter C. Eells and the Red Purge in universities during the Allied Occupation of Japan Kumano, Ruriko  電子書
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      Airline safety versus airline security: A case study in a post 9/11 society Cherry, Byron L., Sr  電子書
      American professional culinary education prior to World War II: The history of the founding of the Washburne Trade School Chef's Training Program Mandabach, Keith Howard  PRINTED
      An analysis of factors involved in teaching pilots to land Block, Emanuel Jascha  電子書
      An analysis of leadership training in large corporations Carter, Margaret A  電子書
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      The 1922 Week of Modern Art and its celebrations: A study of historical reconstruction and nationalism in Brazil Mezzadri, Danilo  PRINTED
      The 1986 National Endowment for the Arts Commission: An introspective analysis of two marimba works, "Reflections on the Nature of Water" by Jacob Druckman and "Velocities" by Joseph Schwantner, together with three recitals of selected works by Keiko Abe, Christopher Deane, Peter Klatzow, Wayne Siegel, Gitta Steiner, and others Fang, I-Jen  PRINTED
      Aaron Copland & Leonard Bernstein: Twentieth-century music through the eyes of masters Kirk, Erin P  PRINTED
      Academic achievement differences between Title I students enrolled in music classes and Title I students who are not McDaniel, Brian  PRINTED
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      Able-bodied inclusion in the National Wheelchair Basketball Association Coequyt, Steven P  電子書
      Academic and athletic achievement motivation of collegiate female basketball players Huschle, Katie S  PRINTED
      Academic and athletic excellence: A sports model for schools Cameron, Catherine Muriel  電子書
      Academic and pedagogical reform of college coaches Colwell, Chad Robert Dodds  PRINTED
938 additional entries    
      Academic achievement: Montessori and non-Montessori private school settings Hobbs, Alexandra  電子書
      Academic self-concept, subjective task value, and beliefs about intelligence in dual-language and English-only elementary school students Black, Jessica Marjorie  電子書
      Academic socialization and the transition to elementary school: Parents' conceptions of school readiness, practices, and children's academic achievement trajectories Puccioni, Jaime Lynn  PRINTED
      Acceptability of treatment strategies for hyperactivity and attention problems of elementary grade students: A study of kindergarten, third, and fifth grade teachers Subramony, Ritu  電子書
1578 additional entries    
      Ability and achievement variables of average, low average, and borderline students Claypool, Timothy Robert  電子書
      The absence of a father or father figure and its impact on the academic success of high school males Corlew, Willie  PRINTED
      The academic achievement and social emotional development of third grade Asian-American children: An exploratory study Kim, Joo-Young (June)  PRINTED
      Academic achievement and the self-regulation of study time: Quantitative and qualitative dimensions Kovach, Robert William  電子書
2231 additional entries    
      A contemporary strategy for church growth based on principles from the book of Acts Flattery, Mark Douglas  PRINTED
      A literary genre approach to biblical interpretation and instruction for the Chinese American Church Wang, Dora Lau  PRINTED
      A study of selected passages on distinguishing marks of genuine and false believers Pak, Joseph Kyung-Bum  PRINTED
256 additional entries    
      Acceptablity, conflict, and support for coastal resource management policies and initiatives in Cebu, Philippines Allegretti, Arren Mendezona  PRINTED
      Achieving a Better Understanding of Outdoor Recreation Conflict and its Management in Canada's National Parks Spiers, Andrew James William  PRINTED
      Alternative weed management practices: Effects on weed control, grapevine performance, and soil quality in an established midwestern vineyard Wasko, Lisa Marie  PRINTED
      An analysis of alternative soil, nutrient, and water management strategies Smith, Craig Matthew  PRINTED
129 additional entries    
      Able-bodied inclusion in the National Wheelchair Basketball Association Coequyt, Steven P  電子書
      The academic journey of students with chronic gastrointestinal illness: Narratives from daughters and their mothers Wideman-Johnston, Taunya  PRINTED
      Academic self-concept in adolescents: Causes, correlates and consequences Hemsley, Rita Elizabeth  PRINTED
      Accelerated Reader and its impact on special education students at Middletown High School Ciccia, Melinda  PRINTED
1190 additional entries    
      An academic evaluation of the Dimensions of Learning model as a tool for curriculum integration Curtis, Stan A  電子書
      The academic journey of students with chronic gastrointestinal illness: Narratives from daughters and their mothers Wideman-Johnston, Taunya  PRINTED
      Accommodating differences: Multicultural education courses in Michigan's teacher preparation programs Lunsford, Crystal Gail  電子書
      Accommodating English language learners in mainstream secondary classes: A comparative study of professional development delivery methods Christopher, Frances Palmer  電子書
2015 additional entries    
      7th grade Chinese students' reading motivation in Taiwan Huang, SuHua  電子書
      35-Plus: The social studies department at Media Line High School, 1965--2007 Karpyn, Michael Edward  PRINTED
      A.P. literature and composition women's journeys in higher education: Forming self identity through the lens of literature experiences Condino-Grupp, Loretta A  PRINTED
      The A+ Schools Program and School Improvement Moyer, Ashley Suzanne  PRINTED
1591 additional entries    
      35-Plus: The social studies department at Media Line High School, 1965--2007 Karpyn, Michael Edward  PRINTED
      The 1989 Beijing spring, P. R. China: The events and how they were portrayed in primary and middle schools in Beijing, August-December 1989 Levitt, Gregory Alan  PRINTED
      Absenteeism, transfers and patronage: The political economy of teacher labor markets in India Beteille, Tara  PRINTED
      Acting ethically: The experience of top leaders Nekoranec, Wendell  電子書
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      7th grade Chinese students' reading motivation in Taiwan Huang, SuHua  電子書
      Accelerated Reader and High School Students' Standardized Test Scores: A Correlational Study Lumpkin, Dena T  PRINTED
      Accelerated Reader and its impact on special education students at Middletown High School Ciccia, Melinda  PRINTED
      Accelerated Reader: Optimal conditions for reading achievement using a computer information system Townsend, Katherine  電子書
1137 additional entries    
      An analysis of land use planning and equity issues surrounding hazardous liquid and natural gas transmission pipelines in North Carolina Osland, Anna Christine  PRINTED
      Assessing landscape connectivity using butterfly distribution and disseminating agroforestry technologies in agrarian settlements in Brazil Francesconi, Wendy  PRINTED
      Assessing sustainable land-use practices using geographic information systems Davis, Amelie Y  PRINTED
      The Availability of Parks for Children: A Case Study of Scottsdale, Arizona Samples, Samantha  PRINTED
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      6.9, 19 and 36 GHz brightness observations of cold lands hydrology in alpine and Arctic terrains Gu, Haoyu  電子書
      Advanced Control Algorithms for Discrete Linear Repetitive Processes in Self-servowriting of Hard Disk Drives Dong, Feng Dan  PRINTED
      Advanced multidirectional UV lithography for three dimensional (3-D) micro-/nano structures Kim, Jungkwun  PRINTED
      Advancement of erosion testing, modeling, and design of concrete pavement subbase layers Jung, Youn Su  PRINTED
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      Abort trajectories for manned lunar missions Beksinski, E. David, Jr  電子書
      Acceleration of aircraft-level Traffic Flow Management Rios, Joseph Lucio  PRINTED
      Accuracy and stability of transient multiphysics simulations Jaiman, Rajeev K  電子書
      Accuracy investigation of filtered Rayleigh scattering for velocity measurements Gustavsson, Jonas P. R  電子書
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      Action research analysis of the forces affecting farmer participation in a West Virginia Cooperative Extension Service farmer education program Edalgo, John Robert  電子書
      Adhesive performance of soy protein isolate enhanced by chemical modification and physical treatment Wang, Ying  電子書
      Adsorption of multiple herbicides and metabolites on activated carbon fiber: Implications for contaminated groundwater treatment Kang, Sungho  PRINTED
      Advanced embedded systems and sensor networks for animal environment monitoring Darr, Matthew J  電子書
184 additional entries    
      Ab-initio modeling of electrochemistry in proton-exchange-membrane fuel cells Aryanpour, Masoud  電子書
      Active safety measures for vehicles involved in light vehicle-to-vehicle impacts Zhou, Jing  PRINTED
      Active vibration control of vehicle suspension Li, Xiao Dong  PRINTED
      Adaptive modeling, integrated optimization, and control of automotive paint spray processes Li, Jia  電子書
258 additional entries    
      3-D Reconstruction and Measurement of Microtubules from Multiple Angle-Total Internal Reflections Fluorescence Microscopy Yang, Qian  PRINTED
      A 3D multi-view freehand ultrasound reconstruction system using volumetric registration and geometric level set segmentation Yu, Honggang  電子書
      A 64-site multiplexed low-profile neural probe for use in neural prostheses Kim, Changhyun  電子書
      A 125kHz transmit/receive circuit for use in below-the-wrist amputation Spitznagel, Michael E  電子書
1313 additional entries    
      Ab initio and semiempirical studies of molecules adsorbed on surfaces Yang, Shizhong  電子書
      Ab-initio modeling of electrochemistry in proton-exchange-membrane fuel cells Aryanpour, Masoud  電子書
      Absorption of chlorine and mercury in sulfite solutions Roy, Sharmistha  PRINTED
      Acid catalysis by polyoxometalates: Alkylation chemistry and deactivation Janik, Michael John  電子書
1560 additional entries    
      3DLIF and its applications to studies of the near field mixing in wastewater discharges Tian, Xiaodong  PRINTED
      Accelerated ageing tests and long-term prediction models for durability of FRP bars in concrete Chen, Yi  電子書
      Accessibility and location choice: Innovations in measurement and modeling Lee, Brian Ho-Yin  PRINTED
      Accommodation of loop flows in competitive electric power systems Suryanarayanan, Siddharth  電子書
1927 additional entries    
      0.18 micrometers CMOS piezoelectric impedance-based structural health monitoring integrated circuit design Wang, Shirui  PRINTED
      0.18 Micron CMOS Low Power ADPLL with a Novel Local Passive Interpolation Time-to-Digital Converter Based on Tri-State Inverter Kim, Moon Seok  PRINTED
      A 1.2V 25MSPS Pipelined ADC Using Split CLS with Op-amp Sharing Swaminathan, Visu Vaithiyanathan  PRINTED
      A 1.8-GHz CMOS fractional-N frequency synthesizer with randomized multiphase VCO Heng, Chun Huat  電子書
5267 additional entries    
      Absenteisme au travail: L'absence comme moyen de retablir l'equite au travail lors d'iniquites percues (French text) Albert, Manon  電子書
      An Accessible Cognitive Modeling Tool for Evaluation of Human-Automation Interaction in the Systems Design Process Gil, Guk-Ho  PRINTED
      An adaptable methodology for managing technology transfer Brown, Andrew, Jr  PRINTED
      Adapting Simulation Environments for Emergency Response Planning and Training Campbell, Bruce Donald  PRINTED
1110 additional entries    
      Acoustic measurement techniques for suspended sediments and bedforms Mouraenko, Oleg A  電子書
      Acoustic positioning using multiple microphone arrays Liu, Hui  電子書
      Acoustic propagation in the Hudson River Estuary: Analysis of experimental measurements and numerical modeling results Radhakrishnan, Sreeram  PRINTED
      An advanced boundary element method for ship/water dynamic interaction analysis Zhou, Saiying  電子書
177 additional entries    
      2D Thin-Film Flow of a Non-Newtonian Fluid Between Elastic Boundaries Karri, Sunil  PRINTED
      16 inch composite material telescope with adaptive optics. Key components: Wavefront reconstructor and vibration testing Santiago, Freddie  電子書
      A-posteriori finite element output bounds for the electro-osmotic flow in microchannels Choi, Hae-Won  電子書
      Abstractions, analysis techniques, and synthesis of scalable control strategies for robot swarms Berman, Spring Melody  PRINTED
2983 additional entries    
      An adaptive tabu search approach to cutting and packing problems Harwig, John Michael  電子書
      Adhesion and subcritical debonding of polymer/inorganic interfaces in the absence of threshold Sharratt, Bree M  電子書
      Adhesion mechanisms of nano-particle silver to electronics packaging materials Joo, Sung Chul  PRINTED
      ALD Enabled Wafer Level Polymer Packaging for MEMS Zhang, Yadong  PRINTED
53 additional entries    
      The absent empire: The United States and the South American regional subsystem Poggio Teixeira, Carlos Gustavo  PRINTED
      Activist tourism: Perceptions of ecotourism and sustainability in Costa Rica Shinnamon, Felicia Gobba  PRINTED
      The artistry of Neguinho do Samba: Afro-Brazilian girls and samba-reggae music in the local neighborhood Haas, Colleen M  PRINTED
      As if: The fiction of executive accountability and the persistence of corruption networks in weakly institutionalized presidential systems. Argentina (1989--2007) Guillan-Montero, Aranzazu  PRINTED
90 additional entries    
      Benchmark data and analysis of dilute turbulent fluid-particle flow in viscous and transitional regimes Pepple, Mark  PRINTED
      The beneficial use of coal fly ash in reactive mine tailings and acid mine drainage management Wang, Hongliu  PRINTED
      Carbon dioxide sequestration and enhanced coalbed methane recovery in unmineable coalbeds of the Powder River Basin, Wyoming Ross, Hannah Elizabeth  電子書
      A community genomics investigation of microorganisms involved in acid mine generation Tyson, Gene William  電子書
24 additional entries    
      An advanced methodology for generating multigroup cross sections for shielding calculations Alpan, Fatos Arzu  PRINTED
      Advanced Monte Carlo methods for analysis of very high temperature reactors: On-the-fly Doppler broadening and deterministic/Monte Carlo methods Yesilyurt, Gokhan  PRINTED
      An analysis of international nuclear fuel supply options Taylor, J'tia Patrice  PRINTED
79 additional entries    
      Academic dishonesty: The link between academics and the law Jackson, Judith T  PRINTED
      The Bill of Rights and federalism: An interpretation in light of the unwritten constitution Devaney, Joseph S  PRINTED
      Card-carrying Indian: The social construction of an American Indian legal identity Robertson, Dwanna Lynn  PRINTED
      China's labor dispute settlement: Forced settlement, worker awareness of rights, and policy suggestions Chen, Yingying  PRINTED
38 additional entries    
      3DLIF and its applications to studies of the near field mixing in wastewater discharges Tian, Xiaodong  PRINTED
      Air sparged hydrocyclone flotation for oily wastewater treatment Niewiadomski, Marcin Michal  電子書
      Anaerobic membrane bioreactor for the treatment of low strength wastewater Ho, Jae Ho  電子書
      Anaerobic phased solids digester (APS-digester) system for biogasification of agricultural and food wastes Zhang, Zhiqin  電子書
136 additional entries    
      The advertising construction of identity in Lebanese television Nasr, Assem  PRINTED
      The aid for security dilemma: The distortive impact of U.S. national security interests on development assistance Mahanty, Daniel R  PRINTED
      Al-Jazeera television: Intifada on the air Al-Sadi, Mahmoud Raouf  PRINTED
      Arab/American relations and human security, post-9/11: A political narrative inquiry Moats-Gallagher, Charlotte  PRINTED
39 additional entries    
      Accessing the records of methane passage in ancient sediments Martin, Ruth A  PRINTED
      Analysis of the Coastal Protection Experience in Three Towns on Cape Cod, Massachusetts Kelly-Joseph, Peter T  PRINTED
      Assessing the nature of rip currents along the south shore of Long Island, NY: Dominant rip type and insights into possible forcing mechanisms Slattery, Michael Patrick  PRINTED
      An assessment of the perceptions, level of involvement, and needs of user-groups for Marine Protected Areas in the Carolinas Chhotray, Shilpi  PRINTED
64 additional entries    
      The Application of Remotely Sensed Inner-core Rainfall and Surface Latent Heat Flux in Typhoon Intensity Forecast Gao, Si  PRINTED
      A Bayesian Spatial Analysis of Extreme Precipitation Alston, Shenek Catrell  PRINTED
      Characterization of the convective boundary layer through a combination of large-eddy simulations and a radar simulator Scipion, Danny  PRINTED
      Climate feedback analysis of the GFDL IPCC AR4 global warming simulation Castet, Christelle  PRINTED
28 additional entries    
      The 21st century addiction: User generated content dependency and media aesthetic expectations as experienced through YouTube McKeague, Matthew T  PRINTED
      21st Century Zombies: New Media, Cinema, and Performance Taylor, Joanne Marie  PRINTED
      Adaptive social networking with applications to security Patankar, Pushkar  PRINTED
      Advertising effects and aggression in video games: Effects of sensory realism cues on brand memory, attitude, and aggression via physiological arousal, affect, and presence Jeong, Eui Jun  PRINTED
379 additional entries    
      The Cosmic Imagery of the Temple in Sumerian Literature Ragavan, Deena  PRINTED
      Doubt's benefit: Legal maxims in Islamic law, 7th-16th centuries Rabib, Intisar A  PRINTED
      The maqamah as prosimetrum: A comparative investigation of its origin, form and function Qian, Ailin  PRINTED
      Philistine domestic architecture in the Iron Age I Aja, Adam Jonathan  PRINTED
      The relationship of pottery and economy in Old Kingdom Egypt: A question of state control Warden, Leslie Anne  PRINTED
      Architecture as a tool in empowering marginalized communities Fimmers, Guy-Michel  PRINTED
      The art of affiliation: Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and the politics of terrorist alliances Munkittrick, Prudence  PRINTED
      Authorizing narrative: Negotiations of belonging in North African literature Siegel, Irene Rachel  PRINTED
      Confronting authoritarianism: Order, dissent and everyday politics in modern Tunisia Chomiak, Laryssa  PRINTED
8 additional entries    
      Architecture of the Palauan verbal complex Nuger, Justin  PRINTED
      Black and white on black: Whiteness and masculinity in the works of three Australian writers---Thomas Keneally, Colin Thiele, and Patrick White Byrge, Matthew Israel  PRINTED
      Chamorros, ghosts, non-voting delegates [electronic resource] : Guam! Where the production of America's sovereignty begins Bevacqua, Michael Lujan  COMPUTER FILE
      Chamorros, ghosts, non-voting delegates: Guam! Where the production of America's sovereignty begins Bevacqua, Michael Lujan  PRINTED
48 additional entries    
      Canada's Patented Medicines (Notice of Compliance) Regulations: Removing Inefficiencies to Encourage Generic Competition Porter, Suzanne Marie  PRINTED
      Innovation, development dynamics and market exclusivity in the U.S. drug industry, 1994--2006 Keyser, Donald Jeffrey  PRINTED
      Intellectual Property and Biotechnology: Theoretical Arguments and Empirical Evidence Allen, Clarissa  PRINTED
      International patent law: Cooperation, harmonization and an institutional analysis of WIPO and the WTO Stack, Alexander James  PRINTED
6 additional entries    
      Aging in conflict environments: A case study of the occupied Palestinian territories Taha, Rebecca Dawn Jones  PRINTED
      Brokering peace: Bargaining, international institutions and the management of international conflict Schmidt, Holger  PRINTED
      A case study of the role of apology in the Cambodian post-genocide reconciliation process Ryono, Angel  PRINTED
      Clarifying the sociological meanings of peace and war in pursuit of peace Giroux, Maxine S  PRINTED
26 additional entries    
      Acquisition, storage and reconstruction of multidimensional surgical information in a digital operation room environment Zhao, Xiaoming  電子書
      Adaptor proteins regulate cellular functions in the context of a dynamic membrane interface Baca, Quentin Joseph  PRINTED
      Adherence impedances to HIV/AIDS medications among a rural six-county northeastern Pennsylvania HIV/AIDS-infected population Heckman, JoAnn  電子書
      Affective distress moderates the relationship between treatment beliefs and adherence in chronic illness patients Held, Rachel Forster  PRINTED
299 additional entries    
      Applications of carbon nanotubes in bioanalytical chemistry research Koehne, Jessica E  PRINTED
      Applications of DNA Nanomechanical Devices to Molecular Biology and to Programmed Dynamic Motion Liu, Chunhua  PRINTED
      Applications of Raman spectroscopy for silicon stress characterization in integrated circuits McDonough, Colin J  PRINTED
      Atomic scale fabrication and characterization of novel one-dimensional organosilicon nanostructures: A scanning tunneling microscopy study Walsh, Michael Alan  PRINTED
119 additional entries    
      The Acne Problem amongst the Youth in Hong Kong and its Dietary Relationship from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective Law, Pui Man  PRINTED
      Adolescents' and parents' perceptions of risk and research participation Reynolds, William W., III  電子書
      Adults with dementia in social adult day care: Changes in cognitive status, sleep and activity behaviors, and caregiver stress Reinertsen, Lauren D  電子書
      Advancing a transdisciplinary representation of wellbeing for global health promotion Rose, Mary Ellen  電子書
193 additional entries    
      Adhesive resin conversion and composition in the hybrid layer of the resin-dentin bond Zou, Yuan  電子書
      Antimicrobial activity of human leukocyte defensin HNP-4 against Gram-negative bacteria Hilal, George E  電子書
      Application of distance learning to interactive seminar instruction in orthodontic residency programs Bednar, Eric David  電子書
      An assessment of associations between functional ability, nutrition, and dentition in homebound older adults DeSalvo, Denise M  PRINTED
78 additional entries    
      Academic needs of non-traditional nursing students at California State University, Fullerton Tussing-Munkholm, Meredith  PRINTED
      Accelerated nursing education: Study patterns, behaviors and learner characteristics Gutierrez, Kathleen Jo  PRINTED
      Access and utilization of transitional care services by the elderly according to payer source Honselman, Carla S  PRINTED
      Access to Health Care and Level of Health-Related Quality of Life of Elderly Chinese Immigrants in the Pacific Northwest Chen, Mei-Rong  PRINTED
1330 additional entries    
      3,3'-diindolylmethane and genistein alter the effects of estrogen on prostate cancer cells Smith, Sunyata  PRINTED
      Accuracy and failure rate of the Yamax Digiwalker 651 Pedometer and Omron HG-112 Pedometer in two samples Lynn, Kristyn Joanna  PRINTED
      The Acne Problem amongst the Youth in Hong Kong and its Dietary Relationship from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective Law, Pui Man  PRINTED
      Activation of oxidoreductases in millet and cowpea grains improves protein utilization for growth Kambonde, Lovisa Hinandyooteti  電子書
629 additional entries    
      Aerobic exercise attenuates asthmatic airway inflammation Pastva, Amy M  電子書
      The aggregation and membrane permeabilizing activity of alpha-synuclein Volles, Michael James  電子書
      Agrammatic production in Korean Halliwell, John F  電子書
      Alterations in adipogenic transcription factor expression lead to reduced preadipocyte differentiation with aging Karagiannides, Iordanes  電子書
160 additional entries    
      1. Development of hot-melt pan-coating, application to sustained-release capsules and tamper resistant-coating. 2. Formulation of verapamil hydrogen chloride and diltiazem hydrogen chloride semisolid matrix capsules. 3. Novel sustained release tablet of glipizide: Compression of coated drug beads, formulation, dissolution, and convolution. 4. Verapamil sustained release: New formulation and convolution Nguyen, Chien Ngoc  電子書
      2D Thin-Film Flow of a Non-Newtonian Fluid Between Elastic Boundaries Karri, Sunil  PRINTED
      Activation of Latent HIV Using Drug-loaded Nanoparticles Kovochich, Michael  PRINTED
      Affecting physician prescribing behavior: Factors influencing the success of a pharmacy intervention DeVries, Andrea Ruth  電子書
250 additional entries    
      Ability of the California State University, Fullerton Physical Activity Questionnaire to assess physical activity in older individuals Lasuzzo, Jason  電子書
      Access barriers for the low-income elderly: The impact of Medicaid prescription drug utilization management policies on medication nonadherence Kitchman, Michelle S  電子書
      Access to health care among children in the United States: Use of health inequalities measures to evaluate progress in reduction of disparities from 1997 to 2005 Guerrero, Alicia C  電子書
      Access to health information and health care decision-making of women in a rural Appalachian community LeGrow, Tracy L  電子書
1824 additional entries    
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