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Author Garceau, Michelle E
Title God and his saints in medieval Catalunya: A social history
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Note Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 70-09, Section: A, page: 3595
Adviser: William Chester Jordan
Thesis (Ph.D.)--Princeton University, 2009
In this dissertation I explore Catalan society through people's practices, beliefs, and relationships as portrayed in thirteenth- and fourteenth-century miracle stories. I examine various means of community formation and involvement, tracing people's relationships with one another, focusing in particular on those to whom they turned in moments of crisis. The dissemination of knowledge, concerning miraculous and quotidian events, occupies a central place in the research. I examine general social issues such as the relationships between the clergy and the laity and among men and women, especially looking at the role of women in the spreading of news and care of the sick and injured. Catalans used both secular and religious treatments in their quests for health, expressing no misgivings about using the two forms of treatment in unison. Women were the primary caregivers of the sick, including, perhaps especially, through prayer
Tales of prayers and miracles spread quickly through medieval Catalunya, prompting a variety of reactions, from disdain to imitation to wonder. Through an inquiry into what people did at moments of crisis, and how they depicted it to others, we may begin to discern a world in which men and women---both living and dead---were intimately bound together. Not only was it a world in which God could, at any moment, reach out and change people's lives; it was also a world in which men and women could touch God. In this intimate world people shared their struggles and fears, telling of their wonder when a miracle occurred and conveying to others the hope that they, too, could be touched by the divine
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Host Item Dissertation Abstracts International 70-09A
Subject History, Church
History, European
History, Medieval
Alt Author Princeton University
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