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      Acquisition, storage and reconstruction of multidimensional surgical information in a digital operation room environment Zhao, Xiaoming  電子書
      Adaptor proteins regulate cellular functions in the context of a dynamic membrane interface Baca, Quentin Joseph  PRINTED
      Adherence impedances to HIV/AIDS medications among a rural six-county northeastern Pennsylvania HIV/AIDS-infected population Heckman, JoAnn  電子書
      Affective distress moderates the relationship between treatment beliefs and adherence in chronic illness patients Held, Rachel Forster  PRINTED
299 additional entries    
      Applications of carbon nanotubes in bioanalytical chemistry research Koehne, Jessica E  PRINTED
      Applications of DNA Nanomechanical Devices to Molecular Biology and to Programmed Dynamic Motion Liu, Chunhua  PRINTED
      Applications of Raman spectroscopy for silicon stress characterization in integrated circuits McDonough, Colin J  PRINTED
      Atomic scale fabrication and characterization of novel one-dimensional organosilicon nanostructures: A scanning tunneling microscopy study Walsh, Michael Alan  PRINTED
119 additional entries    
      The Acne Problem amongst the Youth in Hong Kong and its Dietary Relationship from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective Law, Pui Man  PRINTED
      Adolescents' and parents' perceptions of risk and research participation Reynolds, William W., III  電子書
      Adults with dementia in social adult day care: Changes in cognitive status, sleep and activity behaviors, and caregiver stress Reinertsen, Lauren D  電子書
      Advancing a transdisciplinary representation of wellbeing for global health promotion Rose, Mary Ellen  電子書
193 additional entries    
      Adhesive resin conversion and composition in the hybrid layer of the resin-dentin bond Zou, Yuan  電子書
      Antimicrobial activity of human leukocyte defensin HNP-4 against Gram-negative bacteria Hilal, George E  電子書
      Application of distance learning to interactive seminar instruction in orthodontic residency programs Bednar, Eric David  電子書
      An assessment of associations between functional ability, nutrition, and dentition in homebound older adults DeSalvo, Denise M  PRINTED
78 additional entries    
      Academic needs of non-traditional nursing students at California State University, Fullerton Tussing-Munkholm, Meredith  PRINTED
      Accelerated nursing education: Study patterns, behaviors and learner characteristics Gutierrez, Kathleen Jo  PRINTED
      Access and utilization of transitional care services by the elderly according to payer source Honselman, Carla S  PRINTED
      Access to Health Care and Level of Health-Related Quality of Life of Elderly Chinese Immigrants in the Pacific Northwest Chen, Mei-Rong  PRINTED
1330 additional entries    
      3,3'-diindolylmethane and genistein alter the effects of estrogen on prostate cancer cells Smith, Sunyata  PRINTED
      Accuracy and failure rate of the Yamax Digiwalker 651 Pedometer and Omron HG-112 Pedometer in two samples Lynn, Kristyn Joanna  PRINTED
      The Acne Problem amongst the Youth in Hong Kong and its Dietary Relationship from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective Law, Pui Man  PRINTED
      Activation of oxidoreductases in millet and cowpea grains improves protein utilization for growth Kambonde, Lovisa Hinandyooteti  電子書
629 additional entries    
      Aerobic exercise attenuates asthmatic airway inflammation Pastva, Amy M  電子書
      The aggregation and membrane permeabilizing activity of alpha-synuclein Volles, Michael James  電子書
      Agrammatic production in Korean Halliwell, John F  電子書
      Alterations in adipogenic transcription factor expression lead to reduced preadipocyte differentiation with aging Karagiannides, Iordanes  電子書
160 additional entries    
      1. Development of hot-melt pan-coating, application to sustained-release capsules and tamper resistant-coating. 2. Formulation of verapamil hydrogen chloride and diltiazem hydrogen chloride semisolid matrix capsules. 3. Novel sustained release tablet of glipizide: Compression of coated drug beads, formulation, dissolution, and convolution. 4. Verapamil sustained release: New formulation and convolution Nguyen, Chien Ngoc  電子書
      2D Thin-Film Flow of a Non-Newtonian Fluid Between Elastic Boundaries Karri, Sunil  PRINTED
      Activation of Latent HIV Using Drug-loaded Nanoparticles Kovochich, Michael  PRINTED
      Affecting physician prescribing behavior: Factors influencing the success of a pharmacy intervention DeVries, Andrea Ruth  電子書
250 additional entries    
      Ability of the California State University, Fullerton Physical Activity Questionnaire to assess physical activity in older individuals Lasuzzo, Jason  電子書
      Access barriers for the low-income elderly: The impact of Medicaid prescription drug utilization management policies on medication nonadherence Kitchman, Michelle S  電子書
      Access to health care among children in the United States: Use of health inequalities measures to evaluate progress in reduction of disparities from 1997 to 2005 Guerrero, Alicia C  電子書
      Access to health information and health care decision-making of women in a rural Appalachian community LeGrow, Tracy L  電子書
1824 additional entries    
      Active appearance model segmentation in medical image analysis Mitchell, Steven Charles  電子書
      An adaptive control grid interpolation technique for the three-dimensional reconstruction of MRI data Frakes, David Harold  電子書
      Adjoint based treatment planning for brachytherapy: Novel techniques and further developments Chaswal, Vibha  電子書
      Advanced reconstruction techniques in cone-beam computed tomography for image-guided radiation therapy Cho, Seungryong  PRINTED
169 additional entries    
      A 12-week swimming intervention on specific respiratory elements of speech production in adolescents with Down syndrome Casey, Amanda Faith  電子書
      Ability of the California State University, Fullerton Physical Activity Questionnaire to assess physical activity in older individuals Lasuzzo, Jason  電子書
      Acceleration and kinematics of the lower extremity during running on treadmills of different surface stiffness Schiess, Brianna  電子書
      Acculturation and leisure time physical activity among racially and ethnically diverse women from NHANES III, 1988--1994 Gaskins, Ronnesia B  電子書
926 additional entries    
      Adult women and coronary heart disease: Studies on surgical procedures and perception Schlorke, Patricia J  PRINTED
      Anesthesiology, geriatric surgery, and the risk of post-operative cognitive dysfunction Rossi, Gina  PRINTED
      The application of phase-shift nanoemulsion in high intensity focused ultrasound: An in vitro study Zhang, Peng  PRINTED
      Critical success factors of medicare-certified ambulatory surgery centers: A qualitative collective case study Charoo, Elethia C  PRINTED
8 additional entries    
      The American China threat mentality Wei, Li Juan  PRINTED
      The American futures studies movement (1965--1975); its roots, motivations, and influences Tolon, Kaya  PRINTED
      The art of description: Finding a place for works of art in archival descriptive standards and practice Koreen, Blythe W  電子書
      The artistry of obedience: A critical history of minor political works by major western thinkers McCormick, Samuel Michael  PRINTED
73 additional entries    
      A first-century couple, Priscilla and Aquila: Their house churches and missionary activity Barbero, Mario  PRINTED
      After the fall: The funeral orations of Demosthenes and Hypereides (Greece) Herrman, Judson Spencer  電子書
      Agrarian institutions in transition: Privatization from Ptolemaic to Roman Egypt Monson, Andrew P  PRINTED
      Amazons of the ancient world: Women in Greek and Roman societies as seen in the Amazon myth Woods, Holly I  PRINTED
130 additional entries    
      Abbot Samson's brethren: Benedictine monastic leadership in later twelfth century England Christensen, Katherine Celeste  電子書
      Absolute markers of the continuity and change of world orders: The framework of evolutionary archetypes Sadigov, Turkhan  PRINTED
      According to Christian Sunna: Mozarabic notarial culture in Toledo, 1085--1300 (Spain) Miller, Howard Delgin  電子書
      Ad sustentacionem fidei Christiani: Sacred music and ceremony in medieval Oxford Lee-De Amici, Beth Anne  PRINTED
122 additional entries    
      The 1922 Week of Modern Art and its celebrations: A study of historical reconstruction and nationalism in Brazil Mezzadri, Danilo  PRINTED
      Adorning empire: A history of the early modern pearl trade, 1492--1688 Warsh, Molly A  PRINTED
      Air America and the war in Laos, 1959--1974 Ferguson, J. Michael  PRINTED
      Alberto Vojtech Fric, the German diaspora, and Indian protection in southern Brazil, 1900--1920: A transatlantic ethno-historical case study Ritz-Deutch, Ute  PRINTED
500 additional entries    
      Gas hydrate-filled fracture reservoirs on continental margins Cook, Ann Elizabeth  PRINTED
      Geostatistical integration of core and well log data for high-resolution reservoir modeling Burch, Katrina M  PRINTED
      Insights into contractional fault-related folding processes based on mechanical, kinematic, and empirical studies Hughes, Amanda Nicole  PRINTED
      Laboratory measurements of static and dynamic elastic properties in carbonate Bakhorji, Aiman M  PRINTED
3 additional entries    
      Effect of selected parameters on aggregate reactivity in Accelerated Mortar Bar Test method: Aggregate size & deicers Math, Sujay  PRINTED
      Effects of off-axis melt supply at fast-spreading mid-ocean ridges: A study of the 9-10n region of the East Pacific Rise Durant, Douglas Troy  PRINTED
      The origin and evolution of North American kimberlites Zurevinski, Shannon E  PRINTED
      The Origin of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts: Insights from Trace Element Contents in Anorthite, Anorthite-hosted-melt Inclusions, and Ocean Core Complexes Weinsteiger, Allison B  PRINTED
3 additional entries    
      Agendas, gender, and audience: The discourse of eighteenth-century illness narratives Fife, Ernelle  PRINTED
      Agents on the loose: Embodied reflexive practice in emerging computational social science Francisco, Matthew R  PRINTED
      AIDS prevention and the experience of culture (Michel Foucault) Geary, Adam M  電子書
      The Ambiguous I: Photography, gender, self Jones, Jordy  PRINTED
343 additional entries    
      An analysis of the stability and transport of carbon dioxide on Mars and Iapetus: Increasing accuracy via experiments and photometry Blackburn, David Garrison  PRINTED
      Modeling water stability and transport on Mars and Iapetus: Exploring their effects on geomorphic and atmospheric processes Rivera-Valentin, Edgard G  PRINTED
      Remote sensing and terramechanics study of Mars using orbital and rover data sets Lichtenberg, Kimberly Ann  PRINTED
      The rotation and fracture history of Europa from modeling of tidal-tectonic processes Rhoden, Alyssa Rose  PRINTED
      Stability of phyllosilicates on Mars Gavin, Patricia  PRINTED
      A. R. Ammons and the forms of identity Rushton, William James, IV  電子書
      Abnormal tongues: Style and sexuality in modern literature and culture St. Pierre, Scott J  PRINTED
      An absurd evolution: Neil Labute and the progression of the theatre of the absurd McLafferty, Wilhelmina  PRINTED
      Las abuelitas and "?Y mi ama?: Social and economic conditions in the California labor camps and the silencing of Chicanas, 1900--1930 Jimenez, Alicia C  PRINTED
1265 additional entries    
      Alluvial fan surfaces in the Atacama Desert: Implications for surface modification rates, the earthquake cycle, and Mars Baker, Amanda Marie  PRINTED
      Central and South Pacific Plate Tectonic Reconstructions Croon, Marcel Bernard  PRINTED
      The chemical evolution of oceanic and continental lithosphere: Case studies in the US Cordillera Jean, Marlon Mauricio  PRINTED
      A Comparison of Residual Analysis Methods for Space-time Point Processes with Applications to Earthquake Forecast Models Clements, Robert Alan  PRINTED
20 additional entries    
      Abnormal tongues: Style and sexuality in modern literature and culture St. Pierre, Scott J  PRINTED
      The abuser and the abused: Impropriety in selected texts by Jane Austen Dimakis-Toliopoulos, Panagiota  PRINTED
      Accomplished women: Gender, artistry, and authorship in nineteenth-century England (Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, George Eliot) Wells, Juliette C  電子書
      Accursed palace: The Italian palazzo on the Jacobean stage (1603-1625) Lahiri, Jhumpa  PRINTED
1364 additional entries    
      Coastal marsh stratigraphy as an indicator of past earthquakes, Puget Lowland, Washington State Martin, Maria Elizabeth  PRINTED
      Dune erosion models and swash zone kinematics from remote video observations Palmsten, Margaret L  PRINTED
      Environmental change and molluscan death assemblages: An assessment of ecological history along a carbonate bank in Florida Bay Ferguson, Chad Allen  PRINTED
      Estimating geoacoustic parameters of gassy sediment using low-frequency sound in St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia R. Matthews, Marie-Noel  PRINTED
17 additional entries    
      Acute gastrointestinal illness associated with virus contamination of drinking water in communities served by small groundwater systems Lambertini, Elisabetta  PRINTED
      Adaptation to Extreme Droughts in Arizona, Georgia, and South Carolina: Evaluating Adaptive Capacity and Innovative Planning and Management Approaches for States and Their Community Water Systems Engle, Nathan Lee  PRINTED
      American Indian Water Rights in Arizona: From Conflict to Settlement, 1950--2004 Killoren, Daniel  PRINTED
      An analysis of water quality policy and management in China: An examination of water planning at the national and local level Shao, Wanyun  PRINTED
114 additional entries    
      Active integrated optic devices for sensing: Optical rate gyroscopes and stellar interferometers Hsaio, Hsien-kai  PRINTED
      B-machine polarimeter: A telescope to measure the polarization of the cosmic microwave background Williams, Brian Dean  PRINTED
      Circumstellar disk structure and evolution through resolved submillimeter observations Hughes, Alanna Meredith  PRINTED
      Dark matter halos: Assembly, clustering and sub-halo accretion Li, Yun  PRINTED
12 additional entries    
0597 : Harding, Eric C; 中央研究院; PRINTED     
      Observations of shear flows in high-energy-density plasmas Harding, Eric C  PRINTED
      A buffer-gas cooled Bose-Einstein condensate Doret, Stephen Charles  PRINTED
      Capture of laser-cooled atoms with a carbon nanotube Goodsell, Anne Laurel  PRINTED
      Composite fermions with a valley degree of freedom Padmanabhan, Medini  PRINTED
      Double-well potentials in Bose-Einstein condensates Wang, Chenyu  PRINTED
6 additional entries    
      1D and 2D photonic crystal nanocavities for semiconductor cavity QED Richards, Benjamin C  PRINTED
      Antiferromagnetic to valence-bond solid transition in quantum spin systems Lou, Jie  PRINTED
      Applications of correlation and quantum entanglement to optical measurement Simon, David S  PRINTED
      Band structure calculations of strained semiconductors using empirical pseudopotential theory Kim, Jiseok  PRINTED
22 additional entries    
      Advanced source/drain and contact design for nanoscale CMOS Vega, Reinaldo  PRINTED
      An analysis of multijunction, quantum coherent, and hot carrier solar photovoltaic cells Kirk, Alexander P  PRINTED
      Analysis of surface plasmon mediated light emitting diode efficiency enhancement Holmstedt, Jason  PRINTED
      Architecture and performance evaluation of data storage systems Ren, Jin  PRINTED
25 additional entries    
      The 1960 US-Japan Security Treaty Crisis and the Origins of Contemporary Japan Kapur, Nikhil Paul  PRINTED
      The absent empire: The United States and the South American regional subsystem Poggio Teixeira, Carlos Gustavo  PRINTED
      Activist globalization: How markets, societies and states empower cause-oriented action in transnational relations Pinto, Rodrigo G  PRINTED
      Adaptation of Balanced Scorecard and multiple criteria decision-making methodologies to measure nation-state power Lassen, Gregg Eric  PRINTED
344 additional entries    
      The adaptive significance of vocal performance in songbird communication DuBois, Adrienne L  PRINTED
      Adherence Factors for HIV Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy among HIV Seropositive African-Americans Clarke, Ormand  PRINTED
      Analyzing contingencies of behavioral and cultural selection Hunter, Chad S  PRINTED
      Anticipatory task-related modifications in reach: Age-related changes and implications for children with DCD Viswanathan, Priya  PRINTED
75 additional entries    
      Abuse in dating relationships: Do experiences of psychological abuse differentially affect men and women? Wayne, Sarah Carolyn  PRINTED
      Acceptance and commitment training to address burnout and stress in staff working with people with intellectual disabilities Bethay, Jeffry Scott  PRINTED
      Acculturation Gaps in Latino Families: Prospective Family Mediators Associated With Child Outcomes Toro, Rosa I  PRINTED
      Addiction counselling self-efficacy, job satisfaction, motivation, and burnout: A mixed methods study Elliott-Erickson, Sara Beth-Laine  PRINTED
254 additional entries    
      Appalachian women's experiences of unmarried adolescent motherhood Rezek, Janis Evelyn  PRINTED
      China's pursuit of power: Objectives and consequences of the security boundary Blazevic, Jason J  PRINTED
      Creative Reconstruction in the City: An Analysis of Art, Shrinking, and the Story of the American Dream in Detroit, MI Marotta, Stephen  PRINTED
      Deconstructing collective identities and violence: Analytical perspectives from Indonesia Sternquist, Brandon S  PRINTED
13 additional entries    
      Achieving reliable, scalable, fault-tolerant quantum computation Svore, Krysta M  電子書
      Advanced quantitative measurement methodology in physics education research Wang, Jing  PRINTED
      Advances in data analysis of diffusion tensor imaging Koay, Cheng Guan  電子書
      Almost Poisson brackets for nonholonomic systems on Lie groups Garcia-Naranjo, Luis Constantino  電子書
154 additional entries    
      16 inch composite material telescope with adaptive optics. Key components: Wavefront reconstructor and vibration testing Santiago, Freddie  電子書
      The accelerating expansion of the universe Upadhye, Amol Ravindra  電子書
      An accurate measurement of the brightness temperature of Jupiter at 28.5 GHz Gibson, James Lionel  電子書
      Active black holes and the evolution of their host galaxies Woo, Jong-Hak  電子書
111 additional entries    
      3D Microwave Imaging through Full Wave Methods for Heterogenous Media Yuan, Mengqing  PRINTED
      Advanced methods for light trapping in optically thin silicon solar cells Nagel, James Richard  PRINTED
      Advancements in artificial magnetic conductor design for improved performance and antenna applications Kern, Douglas John  PRINTED
      Advances in complex electromagnetic media Kundtz, Nathan  PRINTED
282 additional entries    
      6.9, 19 and 36 GHz brightness observations of cold lands hydrology in alpine and Arctic terrains Gu, Haoyu  電子書
      Aerosol transport and dispersion measurements in the near surface boundary layer Hiscox, April Lynn  電子書
      Air quality and radiative impacts of long-range transported aerosols over the southeastern United States Wang, Jun  電子書
      Alterations in land surface-atmosphere processes resulting from the 1988 Greater Yellowstone Area fires Hale, Robert C  電子書
128 additional entries    
      Ab initio density functional theory Schweigert, Igor Vitalyevich  電子書
      An active core fiber optic gas sensor using a photonic crystal hollow core fiber as a transducer Tipparaju, Venkata Satya Sai Sarma  電子書
      Adiabatic pseudospectral technique: Applications to four atom molecules Antikainen, Jyrki Tapio  PRINTED
      Aggregation processes in colloids: Computer simulations Lach-hab, Mohammed  電子書
129 additional entries    
      Application of effective field theory to density functional theory for finite systems Bhattacharyya, Anirban  電子書
      Application of effective field theory to the study of hypernuclei McIntire, Jeffrey William  電子書
      Applications of instantons to hadronic processes Zetocha, Valeriu Ioan  電子書
      The azimuthally anisotropic flow of transverse energy and identified protons and charged pions in 10.8 A-GeV/c Au + Au collisions at AGS Chang, Wen-Chen  電子書
31 additional entries    
      1D and 2D photonic crystal nanocavities for semiconductor cavity QED Richards, Benjamin C  PRINTED
      Ab initio and semiempirical studies of molecules adsorbed on surfaces Yang, Shizhong  電子書
      Ab initio calculations for transition metal clusters Li, Shen  電子書
      Ab initio electronic structure investigation of adsorption, coadsorption and reactions on selected transition metal surfaces Mehmood, Faisal  電子書
738 additional entries    
      "Art is in our heart": Transnational complexities of art projects and neoliberal governmentality Gretarsdottir, G I.Tinna  PRINTED
      Cochlear implants in the deaf community: Current circumstances of cochlear implant users among the deaf youth in Sweden's educational system Samp, Christopher  PRINTED
      From Revival to Remix: Norwegian American Folk Music and Song Rue, Anna C  PRINTED
      Imagining Themselves: National Belongings in Post-Ethnic Nordic Literature Leonard, Peter S  PRINTED
3 additional entries    
      Analysis of the -sja passive of Russian verbs of governing and wanting as a conceptual integration Min, Junghee  PRINTED
      Analyzing language choice among Russian-speaking immigrants to the United States Kasatkina, Natalia  PRINTED
      The Anomaly of Ekho Moskvy: Adaptation Strategies for the Survival of Diversity of Viewpoints in Russian Media during the Putin Era Evans, William Andrews  PRINTED
      Communicating change in a transforming state: Globalization and the politics of office communication in urban Russia Cohen, Susanne M  PRINTED
17 additional entries    
      'A mere party machine'? Judicial authority, party development, and the changing politics of attacking the courts Engel, Stephen M  PRINTED
      Aboriginal self-government in Aotearoa/New Zealand: A view through the Canadian lens Shortall, Stacey Anne  電子書
      Aborted discourse? Identity, marginalization, and the politics of reproductive and sexual health in New York City Rasmussen, Amy C  電子書
      Abortion and Religion: The Politics of the American Catholic Bishops Parsons, Margaret Sammon  PRINTED
2775 additional entries    
      'A question of names': The two Chinas issue and the People's Republic of China in the modern Olympic Movement Pei, Dongguang  電子書
      Access to protection: Democratic institutions, interest group politics, and international trade policy Ehrlich, Sean D  電子書
      Adapting the existing regime for the contemporary world to achieve global civil aviation safety: A developing country perspective Ahmad, Md. Tanveer  PRINTED
      Adapting to norms at the United Nations: The abortion-rights and anti-abortion networks Samuel, June  PRINTED
1303 additional entries    
      287(G) and public safety: Determining the effects of local immigration enforcement on crime Pinheiro, Erika D  PRINTED
      2001 Michigan hospital CQI/TQM study Croxall, Colleen L  電子書
      Aboriginal people, aboriginal rights, and protected areas: An investigation of the relationship between the Nuu-chah-nulth people and Pacific Rim National Park Reserve Berg, Lawrence Douglas  電子書
      Absenteeism, transfers and patronage: The political economy of teacher labor markets in India Beteille, Tara  PRINTED
1383 additional entries    
      Agape and eschatology as apologetical distinctives: A comparative study with Hinduism and Buddhism Charles, Enoch S  PRINTED
      Holy wars, cold wars and dirty wars. Manufacturing martyrs in the two-thirds world: A case study Cann, Candi K  PRINTED
      Malleable Mara: Buddhism's "Evil One" in conversation and contestation with Vedic religion, Brahmanism, and Hinduism Nichols, Michael David  PRINTED
      Of offal, corpses, and others: An examination of self, subjectivity, and authenticity in two works by Alexandra David-Neel Jones, Robert William, II  PRINTED
8 additional entries    
      Art, water, and circles: In what ways do study circles empower artists to become community leaders around water issues Jacoby, Jill Beth  PRINTED
      Assessing environmental justice and opportunities for community change: Brownfields redevelopment in Milwaukee's inner-city neighborhoods Zupan, Sandra  PRINTED
      Background environmental justice: An extension of Rawls's political liberalism Abplanalp, Edward R  PRINTED
      Beyond sustainability narratives: Justice and complex systems thinking for just sustainable viability Best, Andrea Leigh  PRINTED
52 additional entries    
      The abilities and differential difficulties of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and children with Specific Language Impairment to use semantic and social contexts to infer and recall novel words Goldman, Melody R  PRINTED
      The ability to taste 6-n-propylthiouracil (PROP) and its relation to a parent's emotional investment in the infant Jones, DeAnn  電子書
      Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal mothers' views on language acquisition Jonk, Luella Bernacki  PRINTED
      Aboriginal identity development, language knowledge, and school attrition: An examination of cultural continuity Hallett, Darcy  電子書
1808 additional entries    
      Acceptance and interpersonal functioning: Testing mindfulness models of empathy Hoopes, Jonathan Bert  PRINTED
      Achievement goals, self-efficacy, metacognition, and learning strategies as predictors of asynchronous learners' academic success Minnella, Janice M  PRINTED
      Achievement motivation: Examination of explicit and implicit measurements in two studies Deslauriers, Jessica L  PRINTED
      Action simulation in acquisition cost estimates Tal, Aner  PRINTED
486 additional entries    
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