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      3D Microwave Imaging through Full Wave Methods for Heterogenous Media Yuan, Mengqing  PRINTED
      Advanced methods for light trapping in optically thin silicon solar cells Nagel, James Richard  PRINTED
      Advancements in artificial magnetic conductor design for improved performance and antenna applications Kern, Douglas John  PRINTED
      Advances in complex electromagnetic media Kundtz, Nathan  PRINTED
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      6.9, 19 and 36 GHz brightness observations of cold lands hydrology in alpine and Arctic terrains Gu, Haoyu  電子書
      Aerosol transport and dispersion measurements in the near surface boundary layer Hiscox, April Lynn  電子書
      Air quality and radiative impacts of long-range transported aerosols over the southeastern United States Wang, Jun  電子書
      Alterations in land surface-atmosphere processes resulting from the 1988 Greater Yellowstone Area fires Hale, Robert C  電子書
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      Ab initio density functional theory Schweigert, Igor Vitalyevich  電子書
      An active core fiber optic gas sensor using a photonic crystal hollow core fiber as a transducer Tipparaju, Venkata Satya Sai Sarma  電子書
      Adiabatic pseudospectral technique: Applications to four atom molecules Antikainen, Jyrki Tapio  PRINTED
      Aggregation processes in colloids: Computer simulations Lach-hab, Mohammed  電子書
129 additional entries    
      Application of effective field theory to density functional theory for finite systems Bhattacharyya, Anirban  電子書
      Application of effective field theory to the study of hypernuclei McIntire, Jeffrey William  電子書
      Applications of instantons to hadronic processes Zetocha, Valeriu Ioan  電子書
      The azimuthally anisotropic flow of transverse energy and identified protons and charged pions in 10.8 A-GeV/c Au + Au collisions at AGS Chang, Wen-Chen  電子書
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      1D and 2D photonic crystal nanocavities for semiconductor cavity QED Richards, Benjamin C  PRINTED
      Ab initio and semiempirical studies of molecules adsorbed on surfaces Yang, Shizhong  電子書
      Ab initio calculations for transition metal clusters Li, Shen  電子書
      Ab initio electronic structure investigation of adsorption, coadsorption and reactions on selected transition metal surfaces Mehmood, Faisal  電子書
738 additional entries    
      "Art is in our heart": Transnational complexities of art projects and neoliberal governmentality Gretarsdottir, G I.Tinna  PRINTED
      Cochlear implants in the deaf community: Current circumstances of cochlear implant users among the deaf youth in Sweden's educational system Samp, Christopher  PRINTED
      From Revival to Remix: Norwegian American Folk Music and Song Rue, Anna C  PRINTED
      Imagining Themselves: National Belongings in Post-Ethnic Nordic Literature Leonard, Peter S  PRINTED
3 additional entries    
      Analysis of the -sja passive of Russian verbs of governing and wanting as a conceptual integration Min, Junghee  PRINTED
      Analyzing language choice among Russian-speaking immigrants to the United States Kasatkina, Natalia  PRINTED
      The Anomaly of Ekho Moskvy: Adaptation Strategies for the Survival of Diversity of Viewpoints in Russian Media during the Putin Era Evans, William Andrews  PRINTED
      Communicating change in a transforming state: Globalization and the politics of office communication in urban Russia Cohen, Susanne M  PRINTED
18 additional entries    
      'A mere party machine'? Judicial authority, party development, and the changing politics of attacking the courts Engel, Stephen M  PRINTED
      Aboriginal self-government in Aotearoa/New Zealand: A view through the Canadian lens Shortall, Stacey Anne  電子書
      Aborted discourse? Identity, marginalization, and the politics of reproductive and sexual health in New York City Rasmussen, Amy C  電子書
      Abortion and Religion: The Politics of the American Catholic Bishops Parsons, Margaret Sammon  PRINTED
2775 additional entries    
      'A question of names': The two Chinas issue and the People's Republic of China in the modern Olympic Movement Pei, Dongguang  電子書
      Access to protection: Democratic institutions, interest group politics, and international trade policy Ehrlich, Sean D  電子書
      Adapting the existing regime for the contemporary world to achieve global civil aviation safety: A developing country perspective Ahmad, Md. Tanveer  PRINTED
      Adapting to norms at the United Nations: The abortion-rights and anti-abortion networks Samuel, June  PRINTED
1303 additional entries    
      287(G) and public safety: Determining the effects of local immigration enforcement on crime Pinheiro, Erika D  PRINTED
      2001 Michigan hospital CQI/TQM study Croxall, Colleen L  電子書
      Aboriginal people, aboriginal rights, and protected areas: An investigation of the relationship between the Nuu-chah-nulth people and Pacific Rim National Park Reserve Berg, Lawrence Douglas  電子書
      Absenteeism, transfers and patronage: The political economy of teacher labor markets in India Beteille, Tara  PRINTED
1383 additional entries    
      Agape and eschatology as apologetical distinctives: A comparative study with Hinduism and Buddhism Charles, Enoch S  PRINTED
      Holy wars, cold wars and dirty wars. Manufacturing martyrs in the two-thirds world: A case study Cann, Candi K  PRINTED
      Malleable Mara: Buddhism's "Evil One" in conversation and contestation with Vedic religion, Brahmanism, and Hinduism Nichols, Michael David  PRINTED
      Of offal, corpses, and others: An examination of self, subjectivity, and authenticity in two works by Alexandra David-Neel Jones, Robert William, II  PRINTED
8 additional entries    
      Art, water, and circles: In what ways do study circles empower artists to become community leaders around water issues Jacoby, Jill Beth  PRINTED
      Assessing environmental justice and opportunities for community change: Brownfields redevelopment in Milwaukee's inner-city neighborhoods Zupan, Sandra  PRINTED
      Background environmental justice: An extension of Rawls's political liberalism Abplanalp, Edward R  PRINTED
      Beyond sustainability narratives: Justice and complex systems thinking for just sustainable viability Best, Andrea Leigh  PRINTED
52 additional entries    
      The abilities and differential difficulties of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and children with Specific Language Impairment to use semantic and social contexts to infer and recall novel words Goldman, Melody R  PRINTED
      The ability to taste 6-n-propylthiouracil (PROP) and its relation to a parent's emotional investment in the infant Jones, DeAnn  電子書
      Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal mothers' views on language acquisition Jonk, Luella Bernacki  PRINTED
      Aboriginal identity development, language knowledge, and school attrition: An examination of cultural continuity Hallett, Darcy  電子書
1809 additional entries    
      Acceptance and interpersonal functioning: Testing mindfulness models of empathy Hoopes, Jonathan Bert  PRINTED
      Achievement goals, self-efficacy, metacognition, and learning strategies as predictors of asynchronous learners' academic success Minnella, Janice M  PRINTED
      Achievement motivation: Examination of explicit and implicit measurements in two studies Deslauriers, Jessica L  PRINTED
      Action simulation in acquisition cost estimates Tal, Aner  PRINTED
486 additional entries    
      The ability of self-construals to predict psychological distress, satisfaction with life, and help-seeking in ethnically diverse American college students Christopher, Michael S  電子書
      The ability to flexibly regulate emotional expression: Stability, predictive validity, and the accuracy of self-report Seivert, Nicholas H  PRINTED
      Abnormalities in automatic and strategic encoding of emotional information in current and remitted major depression: An ERP investigation Shestyuk, Avgusta Y  電子書
      "Absence" as desire and "presence" as foreclosure: A psychoanalytic exploration of clinical phenomena, contemporary culture, and science fiction films Seckin, Banu Kevser  電子書
2811 additional entries    
      Accessing the mental lexicon in spoken word production: Masked priming effects in picture naming Xing, Kongliang  PRINTED
      Acquisition of three vowel contrasts by Russian speakers of American English Makarova, Aleksandra Olegovna  PRINTED
      Acquisition with partial and continuous reinforcement Gottlieb, Daniel A  電子書
      Actions speak louder than words: Understanding figurative proverbs Colston, Herbert Lynn  電子書
394 additional entries    
      Abusive supervision in the workplace: A restorative justice perspective Hoobler, Jennifer Marie  電子書
      Acceptance and commitment training to address burnout and stress in staff working with people with intellectual disabilities Bethay, Jeffry Scott  PRINTED
      An Accessible Cognitive Modeling Tool for Evaluation of Human-Automation Interaction in the Systems Design Process Gil, Guk-Ho  PRINTED
      Acculturation status, filial piety and work-family conflict in Chinese-Americans Vuong, Vanna  PRINTED
1118 additional entries    
      Academic and non-academic factors associated with retention of undergraduate college students Kracher, Connie Myers  PRINTED
      Acceptance and interpersonal functioning: Testing mindfulness models of empathy Hoopes, Jonathan Bert  PRINTED
      Achievement motivation: Examination of explicit and implicit measurements in two studies Deslauriers, Jessica L  PRINTED
      Achieving ego integrity: Personality development in late midlife Torges, Cynthia M  PRINTED
567 additional entries    
      Abdolkarim Soroush and the discourse of Islamic revivalism Aliabadi, Ali M  電子書
      Abortion and Religion: The Politics of the American Catholic Bishops Parsons, Margaret Sammon  PRINTED
      Academic misconduct: A comparison of two general theories Urrea, Edda Melissa  電子書
      Academic performance of immigrant students: Roles of generation status, race/ethnicity, and school environment Chang, Qigui  電子書
782 additional entries    
      Aboriginal people and discrimination in the justice system: A survey of Manitoba inmates and related literature McMahon, Thomas  電子書
      Accounting fraud: Booms, busts, and incentives to perform Davidson, Robert Henry  PRINTED
      Acculturation-related factors, peer influences, and substance use trajectories among Mexican-heritage juvenile offenders Kopak, Albert M  PRINTED
      Accumulating, Preserving and Sharing Knowledge in Law Enforcement: Active and Retired Officer Perspectives Faint, Carol-Anne  PRINTED
983 additional entries    
      The abandonment of parenting Goetz, Susan Benedetto  PRINTED
      The absence of a father or father figure and its impact on the academic success of high school males Corlew, Willie  PRINTED
      Academic achievement of second generation Filipino and Korean Americans: A look at immigrant families and communities Kim, Susan S  電子書
      Academic achievement trajectories of adolescents from Mexican and East Asian immigrant families Jeong, Yu Jin  PRINTED
1403 additional entries    
      Abusive supervision in the workplace: A restorative justice perspective Hoobler, Jennifer Marie  電子書
      Accounting for Pensions Himick, Darlene  PRINTED
      The act and impact of whistle-blowing on the Los Angeles Police Department Gonzales, Deborah A  PRINTED
      African-American railroad workers, 1890--1960: A critical reinterpretation McCabe, Joshua T  PRINTED
584 additional entries    
      AB 1802: The Middle and High School Supplemental Counseling Program: Administrator and counselor perspectives Zubko, Christina  PRINTED
      Accelerated vehicle retirement: Toward a conceptualized framework for design and implementation Woods, Nathan Taylor  PRINTED
      Accelerating innovation via industry-scale open innovation networks: A case study in the US automotive industry Skardon, John Norton  PRINTED
      Access barriers for the low-income elderly: The impact of Medicaid prescription drug utilization management policies on medication nonadherence Kitchman, Michelle S  電子書
1278 additional entries    
      21st century Dine cultural identity: Defining and practicing Sa'ah Naaghai Bik'eh Hozhoon Lee, Lloyd L  PRINTED
      The 21st century Mandaean diaspora: New opportunities to reach Iraqi Mandaean refugees with the Gospel Baker, Karen  電子書
      500 Maori PhDs in five years: Insights from a successful indigenous higher education initiative Villegas, Malia Maya  PRINTED
      A literary genre approach to biblical interpretation and instruction for the Chinese American Church Wang, Dora Lau  PRINTED
1925 additional entries    
      The Adlerian Effective Parenting Inventory: A parent education measure Franklin, Tony R  PRINTED
      Adolescent perception of interparental conflict, and, adolescent principled moral reasoning, as mediated by parental acceptance-rejection Miller, Scott Garner  PRINTED
      Adolescents with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: WISC-IV working memory and processing speed indices Largotta, Danielle  PRINTED
      Advances in the assessment of social competence Cummings, Kelli Dawn  電子書
410 additional entries    
      The abilities and differential difficulties of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and children with Specific Language Impairment to use semantic and social contexts to infer and recall novel words Goldman, Melody R  PRINTED
      Academic achievement and the self-regulation of study time: Quantitative and qualitative dimensions Kovach, Robert William  電子書
      Academic motivation among college students Lewis, Cheryl A  電子書
      Academic writing and the pedagogical practices of effective teachers Wolsey, Thomas DeVere  PRINTED
1414 additional entries    
      Accelerating innovation via industry-scale open innovation networks: A case study in the US automotive industry Skardon, John Norton  PRINTED
      Accountable Choice: Governance, Evaluation, and Culture in the New York City Department of Education Howell, Fanon John  PRINTED
      Adaptive management of complex environmental problems --Comparison of national nuclear waste management policies-- Letourneau, Carmel  PRINTED
      Adult learners' experiences in transformative degree programs Mercer, Shannon  PRINTED
157 additional entries    
      Academic language and young emergent bilinguals: Patterns of contextualizing discourse in personal narratives and classroom literacy events Gallagher, Colleen E  PRINTED
      An Acoustically Based Sociolinguistic Analysis of Variable Coda /s/ Production in the Spanish of New York City Erker, Daniel Gerard  PRINTED
      Acquisition as becoming: An ethnographic study of multilingual style in "la Petite Espagne" Divita, David Scott  PRINTED
      An analysis of selected Korean hedges in spoken discourse: Sociopragmatic and pragmalinguistic perspectives Yoon, Yeonhee  PRINTED
109 additional entries    
      Alternative windows into tradition: Non-hereditary practices in Hindustani Khyal music Deo, Aditi  PRINTED
      The ambition, cultivation and display of colonial power: The Victoria Memorial Rodarte, Marisol E  PRINTED
      The Amuktamalyada of Kr&dotbelow;s&dotbelow;n&dotbelow;zadevaraya Language, Power & Devotion in Sixteenth Century South India Reddy, Srinivas G  PRINTED
      Aulad: Infertility and the Meanings of Children in North India Singh, Holly Donahue  PRINTED
97 additional entries    
      Adolescence is an Ocean: A Biocultural Investigation of Youth Food Consumption in Tanzania Danforth, Elizabeth J  PRINTED
      African brain drain: A narrative inquiry on human capital flight from Sub Saharan Africa to the United States Omamegbe, Momodu Erhaga  PRINTED
      Artistically minded in Harare: Activist spaces and knowledge practices for engaging HIV/AIDS Pietrzyk, Susan  PRINTED
      Beyond promise: Politics, institutions and neoliberal economic reforms in four African countries Azindow, Yakubu M  PRINTED
44 additional entries    
      Achieving Realistic Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions in U.S. Cities Blackhurst, Michael F  PRINTED
      Activist tourism: Perceptions of ecotourism and sustainability in Costa Rica Shinnamon, Felicia Gobba  PRINTED
      Adaptation to Extreme Droughts in Arizona, Georgia, and South Carolina: Evaluating Adaptive Capacity and Innovative Planning and Management Approaches for States and Their Community Water Systems Engle, Nathan Lee  PRINTED
      Advanced Scenario Analysis: Tools for Enhancing Social Resiliency Evaluating Advanced Scenario Analysis in Regional Growth Visioning Quay, Raymond  PRINTED
250 additional entries    
      21st Century Zombies: New Media, Cinema, and Performance Taylor, Joanne Marie  PRINTED
      The adaptation of the clarinet to Hindustani music: The playing style of Master Ebrahim Raval, Shanti  PRINTED
      The aging female voice: Medical treatments and pedagogical techniques for combatting the effects of aging with emphasis on menopause Siarris, Catherine Froneberger  PRINTED
      The Amplification Controversy in Drum Corps International: Technological Change and the Meaning of Tradition Maher, Erin K  PRINTED
103 additional entries    
      Action-Maslov homomorphism for monotone symplectic manifolds Branson, Mark  PRINTED
      Asymptotic Properties of Orthogonal and Extremal Polynomials Simanek, Brian  PRINTED
      Combinatorial applications of symmetric function theory to certain classes of permutations and truncated tableaux Panova, Greta Cvetanova  PRINTED
      Efficient Rank Regression with Wavelets Estimated Scores Kwessi Nyandjou, Eddy Armand  PRINTED
20 additional entries    
      Absence of sense of community in e-learning courses: Can the implementation of tools used by Facebook help? Harter, Stacy Marie  PRINTED
      Agency, socio-cultural context, and the role of the technical communicator during IT adoption: A case study in innovation diffusion across cultures Coggio, Grace Leinbach  PRINTED
      Bridging the gap between user experience research and design in industry: An analysis of two common communication tools: Personas and scenarios Putnam, Cynthia  PRINTED
      Building Community Online?: Social Media Use in Sacramento Area Neighborhood and Homeowner Associations Khan, Jamila Bebe  PRINTED
71 additional entries    
      Afterlives: The Reuse, Adaptation and Transformation of Rome's Ancient Theaters Ajello Mahler, Guendalina  PRINTED
      The Artistic Patronage of Albrecht V and the Creation of Catholic Identity in Sixteenth-Century Bavaria Gustafson, Adam R  PRINTED
      "Ballet knowledge": Emily Dickinson and the ballet "Giselle, ou Les Wilis" Barclay Skoller, Joanne  PRINTED
      Chappie Willet and popular music arranging in Swing Era New York Wriggle, John D  PRINTED
50 additional entries    
      Applying Constantin Stanislavski's acting 'system' to choral rehearsals Minut, Bogdan Andrei  PRINTED
      The circulation of blackface: Nostalgia and tradition in US minstrel performance of the early 1920s Byrne, Kevin  PRINTED
      Empty sky: 9/11 and performing regenerative violence Genna, Raimondo  PRINTED
      Female Social Conventions in Plays of Eugene O'Neill Wells, Pamela  PRINTED
5 additional entries    
      The 21st century addiction: User generated content dependency and media aesthetic expectations as experienced through YouTube McKeague, Matthew T  PRINTED
      Achieving Civic Engagement Through the District of Columbia's Government Website Jones, Linda Gail  PRINTED
      Adaptive peer networks for distributed Web search Wu, Le-Shin  PRINTED
      Adaptive social networking with applications to security Patankar, Pushkar  PRINTED
442 additional entries    
      Adolescent depression and social support, religiosity and spirituality in a faith-based high school Ekwonye, Angela U  PRINTED
      An analysis of factors contributing to the spiritual development and persistence in the faith of certain Thai young people Bateup, Valerie  PRINTED
      Anxiety, depression, and spiritual well-being in older adults Ong, Tracy Mingli  PRINTED
      The art in the everyday: A spiritual journey of aesthetic experience within Western and Japanese contexts Yoshimatsu, Jun  PRINTED
89 additional entries    
      2D Thin-Film Flow of a Non-Newtonian Fluid Between Elastic Boundaries Karri, Sunil  PRINTED
      Acute and delayed effects of an exhaustive bout of exercise on landing biomechanics in women and men Kipp, Kristof  PRINTED
      Age-related influence of bone remodeling on local tissue properties of human cortical bone Reyes, Michael John  PRINTED
      Analysis of biodynamic responses associated with upper limb reaching movements under whole-body vibration: Support for an active biodynamic model Kim, Heon-Jeong  PRINTED
68 additional entries    
      After the fighting stops: Youth-based approaches to conflict management Charbonneau, Andrea  PRINTED
      American Indian Water Rights in Arizona: From Conflict to Settlement, 1950--2004 Killoren, Daniel  PRINTED
      Are sustainable resolutions attainable for clan based conflict? An assessment of intra-group conflict in the Lanao Provinces of Mindanao, Philippines Towner, Simon C. B  PRINTED
      The art of caring: Woman and restorative justice Lobb, Peggy  PRINTED
36 additional entries    
      Aesthetic experience: An integral theory of music Haghjoo, Ramin  PRINTED
      Aesthetic Ideas, Rationality, and Art in Kant An Interpretation of Aesthetic Ideas---As a Counterpart of Rational Ideas---In Kant's "Critique of Judgment", by Way of Analysis of Rational Ideas in Theoretical, Practical, and Teleological Employments of Reason Stern, Moris  PRINTED
      The aesthetics of existence: Nietzsche and Merleau-Ponty on the body Beasley, Kevin Allen  PRINTED
      Aesthetics of expenditure: Philosophy, art, and the infinite faculty Turpin, Stephen  PRINTED
70 additional entries    
      Andragogy Content Knowledge Technology: A Training Model for Teaching Adults Santos, Roberta  PRINTED
      L'appropriation d'un dispositif hybride en formation pour adultes: Le cas du campus numerique a l'ESSCA Noblet, Jean-Pierre  PRINTED
      Assembly required: Self-employed workers' informal work-learning in online communities Thompson, Terrie Lynn  PRINTED
      Assessing a conflict communication workshop for a diverse community Ehlers, Heather Gail  PRINTED
48 additional entries    
      Activation of Latent HIV Using Drug-loaded Nanoparticles Kovochich, Michael  PRINTED
      Advanced Nanostructured Concepts in Solar Cells using III-V and Silicon-Based Materials Dahal, Som Nath  PRINTED
      Advancing Porous Silicon Biosensor Technology for Use in Clinical Diagnostics Bonanno, Lisa Marie  PRINTED
      Albumin-derived nanoparticles: A flexible biointerface for enhanced adhesion, spatial guidance and growth factor stimulation of human mesenchymal stem cells Xu, Jing  PRINTED
278 additional entries    
      Biomarker records of terrestrial organic matter input to the Indonesian Seas 0-30 ka BP: Implications for regional climate Hastings, Katherine  PRINTED
      Calcareous nannoplankton as paleoceanographic and biostratigraphic proxies: Examples from the mid-Cretaceous Equatorial Atlantic (ODP Leg 207) and Pleistocene of the Antarctic Peninsula (NBP0602A) and North Atlantic (IODP Exp. 306) Kulhanek, Denise Kay  PRINTED
      Climate Change in the Pacific North America Region Over the Past Millennium: Development and Application of Novel Geochemical Tracers Roach, Lydia Darcy  PRINTED
      The diversity and endangerment of Hawaiian dry forests and their role as a signal for climate change Pau, Stephanie  PRINTED
7 additional entries    
      After apartheid: Kwaito music and the aesthetics of freedom Steingo, Gavin  PRINTED
      Big men and ballots The effects of traditional leaders on elections and distributive politics in Zambia Baldwin, Kate  PRINTED
      The camouflaged political concerns in William Kentridge's landmark film "Journey to the Moon" Garza, Michael Quinn  PRINTED
      Colonialism, Conflict, and the Religious Response Luetzow, Nicholas T  PRINTED
13 additional entries    
      A critical analysis of William Alston's view of religious language, with a comparison with classical and modern Islamic theories Sajedi, Abolfazl  PRINTED
      Aboriginal language use and socioeconomic well-being: A multilevel analysis O'Sullivan, Erin  PRINTED
      "Acoustic Hike" a collection of poems and short prose Gans, Christine  PRINTED
      Acquisition of Agreement and Morphological Features Within the Noun Phrase in Russian Tarasenkova, Oksana Vladimirovna  PRINTED
353 additional entries    
      The academic journey of students with chronic gastrointestinal illness: Narratives from daughters and their mothers Wideman-Johnston, Taunya  PRINTED
      Achievement goals and fear of failure as predictors of stages of change for physical activity Perkins, Heidi Y  電子書
      Activated self concept as a mechanism underlying persuasive message effects Comello, Maria Leonora G  PRINTED
      Activity and physical fitness in adolescent students of the cities of Zaragoza (Spain) and Monterrey (Mexico) (Spanish text) Ceballos Gurrola, Oswaldo  電子書
574 additional entries    
      A classical analysis of Malachi's rhetoric: A call to faith, a call to fear Hall, Daniel Cannon  PRINTED
      'A perfect knowledge of our own tongue': Language use and learning Kimball, Elizabeth  PRINTED
      A rhetorical reading of the Rebekah narratives in the Book of Genesis Yoo, Yeon Hee (Yani)  PRINTED
      Academic discourse socialization of American and Taiwanese graduate students in TESOL: A case study of small-group activities Ho, Mei-ching  電子書
952 additional entries    
      5Rhythms(TM) in the workplace: Exploring movement as a corporate training approach Hogya, Anne Marie  電子書
      The absence of technology in undergraduate sport management curriculum and its relationship to intercollegiate and professional athletics Hjerpe, Karen L  PRINTED
      Academic achievement, attitudes, and retention: Application of whole brain instruction in the Principles of Accounting course in central Taiwan (China) Lee, Li-Tze  電子書
      Academic performance of college students in financial management and related prerequisite courses: A comparison of senior high school and commercial high school graduates attending Tamsui Oxford University College in Taiwan Lin, Biing-Shyun  電子書
450 additional entries    
      The 21st century addiction: User generated content dependency and media aesthetic expectations as experienced through YouTube McKeague, Matthew T  PRINTED
      The abandonment of parenting Goetz, Susan Benedetto  PRINTED
      Academic economics: Scholarship, publishing, capital Pollex, Michael  電子書
      Access, engagement, networks, and norms: Dimensions of social capital at work in a first grade classroom Wexler-Robock, Stephanie  電子書
1186 additional entries    
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