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100 1  Chrysanthi, Angeliki 
245 10 Archaeology in the Digital Era :|bPapers from the 40th 
       Annual Conference of Computer Applications and 
       Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA), Southampton, 26
       -29 March 2012 
264  1 Amsterdam :|bAmsterdam University Press,|c2014 
264  4 |c©2014 
300    1 online resource (482 pages) 
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490 1  Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in 
       Archaeology Ser 
505 0  Intro -- Contents -- Foreword -- Human Computer 
       Interaction, Multimedia, Museums -- Disciplinary Issues: 
       Challenging the Research and Practice of Computer 
       Applications in Archaeology - Jeremy Huggett -- Paperless 
       Recording at the Sangro Valley Project - Christopher F. 
       Motz and Sam C. Carrier -- 'Tangible Pasts' : User-
       centered Design of a Mixed Reality Application for Central
       Heritage - Angeliki Chrysanthi, Constantinos Papadopoulos,
       Tom Frankland and Graeme Earl -- The Virtue Museum: a 
       Quest for the Standard Definition - Laia Pujol and Anna 
       Lorente -- Can you Hack (the) Communication? - Hugh Corley
       -- Identifying and Tracing Archaeological Material with 
       RFID Tags - Ana María López, Ana María Salinas, Eduardo 
       Pascual, Guillermo Ignacio Azuara, Gloria Fernández, Elena
       Gallego and Francisco Burillo -- Matera Città Narrata 
       Project: a Multimedia and Multi-Platform Guide for Mobile 
       Systems - Eva Pietroni -- Evaluating Virtual Museums: 
       Archeovirtual Case Study - Sofia Pescarin, Alfonsina 
       Pagano, Mattias Wallergard, Wim Hupperetz and Christie Ray
       -- Simulating the Past -- Extracting Scar and Ridge 
       Features from 3D-scanned Lithic Artifacts - Eitan 
       Richardson, Leore Grosman, Uzy Smilansky and Michael 
       Werman -- Retracing Prehistoric Population Events in 
       Finland Using Simulation - Tarja Sundell, Juhana Kammonen,
       Martin Heger, Jukka U. Palo and Paivi Onkamo -- SteppingIn
       - Modern Humans Moving into Europe - Implementation - 
       Fulco Scherjon -- Geospatial Virtual Heritage: A Gesture-
       Based 3D GIS to Engage the Public with Ancient Maya 
       Archaeology - Heather Richards-Rissetto, Jim Robertsson, 
       Jennifer von Schwerin, Giorgio Agugiaro, Fabio Remondino 
       and Gabrio Girardi 
505 8  Integration of 3D Laser Scanning and Virtual 
       Reconstructions as Research and Educational Tools for 
       Representing the Past. The Case Study of Roman Baths of 
       Edeta - Vito Porcelli, Fernando Cotino Villa, Josep Blasco
       i Senabre, Vicent Escriva Torres and Julian Esteban 
       Chapapria -- Reconstructing the Baths of Caracalla - 
       Taylor A. Oetelaar -- Instruments and Methods for the 
       Survey and Analysis of Amphitheatres - Martina Ballarin, 
       Francesco Guerra and Luigi Sperti -- Why Hunter and 
       Gatherers did not Die More Often? Simulating Prehistoric 
       Decision Making - Florencia Del Castillo and Juan A. 
       Barcelo -- Reconstructing of Ruined Archaeological 
       Structures Using Structural Analysis Methods - James Miles,
       Aykut Erkal, Dina D'Ayala, Simon Keay and Graeme Earl -- 
       Field and Lab Recording -- Telling the Story of Ancient 
       Coins by Means of Interactive RTI Images Visualization - 
       Gianpaolo Palma, Eliana Siotto, Marc Proesmans, Monica 
       Baldassari, Clara Baracchini, Sabrina Batino and Roberto 
       Scopigno -- IBISA 3D: Image-Based Identification / Search 
       for Archaeology Using a Three-dimensional Coin Model - 
       Sylvain Marchand -- Using Image Analysis to Match a Coin 
       to a Database - Sebastian Zambanini and Martin Kampel -- 
       Pompeii Revived: Scanning Mission - Insula V 1 - Nicolo 
       Dell'Unto, Matteo Dellepiane, Marco Callieri, Anne-Marie 
       Leander, Stefan Lindgren and Carolina Larsson -- A 
       Metrology Tracking System Used as a 3D Drawing Tool for 
       Faster Excavation Recording - Maarten Smeets, Wouter 
       Yperman and Geoff Avern -- Data Modelling and Sharing -- 
       From the Slope of Enlightenment to the Plateau of 
       Productivity: Developing Linked Data at the ADS - Michael 
       Charno, Stuart Jeffrey, Ceri Binding, Doug Tudhope and 
       Keith May -- Reflections on the Rocky Road to E-
       Archaeology - Geoff Carver and Matthias Lang -- Least-cost
       Networks - Irmela Herzog 
505 8  Linking Roman Coins: Current Work at the American 
       Numismatic Society - Ethan Gruber, Gilles Bransbourg and 
       Sebastian Heath and Andrew Meadows -- GeoDia: or, 
       Navigating Archaeological Time and Space in an American 
       College Classroom - Adam Rabinowitz -- Data Analysis, 
       Management, Integration and Visualisation -- Dating 
       Historical Rock Art on Marble Surfaces by Means of a 
       Mathematical Model for Natural Erosion Processes - Paolo 
       Emilio Bagnoli -- Cultural Heritage Application Schema: a 
       SDI Framework within the Protected Sites INSPIRE Spatial 
       Data Theme - Antonio Uriarte Gonzalez, Cesar Parcero 
       Oubina, Alfonso Fraguas Bravo, Pastor Fabrega Alvarez, 
       Juan Manuel Vicent Garcia, Esther Perez Asensio, Carlos 
       Fernandez Freire and Isabel del Bosque Gonzalez -- Old 
       Places, New ideas: New Routes into Canmore, the National 
       Inventory of Scotland - Susan Hamilton, Rebecca Jones and 
       Peter McKeague -- ADS easy: an Automated e-archiving 
       System for Archaeology - Ray Moore, Catherine Hardman, 
       Julian Richards and Lei Xia -- Archaeology in Broad 
       Strokes: Collating Data for England from 1500 BC to AD 
       1086 - Chris Green -- Beyond Inspire: Towards Delivering 
       Richer Heritage Data in Scotland - Peter McKeague and Mike
       Middleton -- SEAD - The Strategic Environmental 
       Archaeology Database Inter-linking Multiproxy 
       Environmental Data with Archaeological Investigations and 
       Ecology - Philip Iain Buckland -- Obscua itinera: a GIS-
       based Approach to Understand the pre-Roman and Roman 
       Transhumance Pathways in Umbria and Sabina Regions 
       (Central Italy) - Paolo Camerieri and Tommaso Mattioli -- 
       Transparency, Testing and Standards for Archaeological 
       Predictive Modelling - William Wilcox -- Spatial Analysis 
       -- Zooming Patterns Among the Scales: a Statistics 
       Technique to Detect Spatial Patterns Among Settlements - 
       Alessio Palmisano 
505 8  The Long and Winding Road: Combining Least Cost Paths and 
       Network Analysis Techniques for Settlement Location 
       Analysis and Predictive Modelling - Philip Verhagen, Tom 
       Brughmans, Laure Nuninger and Frederique Bertoncello -- 
       Can Infovis Tools Support the Analysis of Spatio-Temporal 
       Diffusion Patterns in Historic Architecture? - Jean-Yves 
       Blaise and Iwona Dudek -- Introducing the Human Factor in 
       Predictive Modelling: a Work in Progress - Philip Verhagen,
       Laure Nuninger, Francois-Pierre Tourneux, Frederique 
       Bertoncello and Karen Jeneson -- Changing Settlement 
       Patterns in Mediterranean Context: a Case Study of Menorca
       (Balearic Islands) from Prehistory to the 19th Century AD 
       - Monica De Cet, Rainer Duttmann, Simon Gornes, Joana Gual,
       Johannes Muller, Roberto Risch, Elena Sintes and Bianca 
       Willie -- A New Method of Spatial Analysis Based on the 
       Extraction of Proximity Graphs - Diego-Jimenez-Badillo -- 
       Bayesian Spatial Modelling of Radiocarbon Dated 
       Archaeological Artefacts Using R-INLA - Juhana Kammonen, 
       Tarja Sundell, Petro Pesonen, Markku Oinonen and Paivi 
       Onkamo -- From Space to Graphs to Understand Spatial 
       Changes Using Medieval and Modern Fiscal Sources - Xavier 
       Rodier, Melanie Le Couedic, Florent Hautefeuille, Samuel 
       Leturcq, Bertrand Jouve and Etienne Fieux -- Exploring the
       Effects of Curvature and Refraction on GIS-based 
       Visibility Studies - Mariza Kormann and Gary Lock -- 
       Process Formalization and Conceptual Modelling in the 
       Study of Territorial Dynamics - Laure Saligny, Xavier 
       Rodier, Estelle Gauthier, Nicolas Poirier, Murielle 
       Georges Leroy, Frederique Bertoncello and Olivier Weller -
       - Theoretical Approaches and Context of Archaeological 
       Computing -- Defining and Advocating Open Data in 
       Archaeology - Stefano Costa, Anthony Beck, Andrew Bevan 
       and Jessica Ogden 
505 8  The Evolution of Territorial Occupation: Exploratory 
       Spatial Data Analysis. Uncertainty and Heterogeneity of 
       Data in Archaeology - Lucile Pillot and Laure Salingny -- 
       Visualising Time with Multiple Granularities: a Generic 
       Framework - Iwona Dudek and Jean-Yves Blaise 
520    The Conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative 
       Methods in Archaeology is the leading conference on 
       digital archaeology, and this volume offers a 
       comprehensive and up-to-date account of the state of the 
       field today. It features a selection of the best papers 
       presented at the fortieth annual conference in 2012 and 
       explores a multitude of topics of interest to all those 
       working in digital archaeology 
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650  0 Archaeology -- Methodology -- Congresses.;Archaeology -- 
       Computer simulation -- Congresses.;Archaeology -- Data 
       processing -- Congresses 
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700 1  Murrieta-Flores, Patricia 
700 1  Romanowska, Iza 
700 1  Wheatley, David 
700 1  Papadopoulos, Konstantinos 
700 1  Earl, Earl 
700 1  Sly, Timothy 
700 1  Verhagen, Philip 
700 1  Papadopoulos, Konstantinos 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aChrysanthi, Angeliki|tArchaeology in the
       Digital Era : Papers from the 40th Annual Conference of 
       Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in 
       Archaeology (CAA), Southampton, 26-29 March 2012
       |dAmsterdam : Amsterdam University Press,c2014
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       Archaeology Ser 
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