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Astrology -- Poetry -- Early works to 1800

Diarium historicopoeticum in quo praeter constellationum vtriusque hemisphaerii, et zodiaci, ortus, et occasus, numerum stellarum, causarum´q[ue], ad poesin spectantium, varietatem, declarantur ciuisque mensis dies fere singuli, regum imperatorum, principum, pontificum, virorum´q[ue] doctorum, natalibus, nuptiis, inaugurationibus, morte deni´q[ue], aut re alia quacunq[ue] insigniore, celebriores, sic, vt nihil paene desiderari possit, ad perfectam rerum gestarum chronologiam, cum, ex auctorib
Moor, Robert, 1568-1640
Oxonii : Excudebat Iosephus Barnesius, 1595

Location: 中央研究院

Oniropolus, or dreams interpreter. Being several aphorisms upon the physiognomy of dreams made into verse. Some of which receive a general interpretation: and others of them have respect to the course of the moon in the zodiack. To which is added several physiognomical characters of persons of different humours and inclinations. After which follows the praise of ale. And lastly, the wheel of fortune, or Pithagoras wheel

London : printed by Tho. Dawkes, 1680

Location: 中央研究院

A yoke for the Roman-bulls Being a poem written on the royal proclamation for exiling popish-priests and Jesuits, &c. To which is added, A telescope for the new astrologers: or, A looking-glass for the staring star-gazers. Wherein is a reply to the libellious and seditious censurers of the late fire in the City of London. By T. S. Licensed according to authority, the 7th. of Decemb. 1666
T. S
[London] : Printed for S. Speed, at the sign of the Rain-Bow in Fleet-street, 1666

Location: 中央研究院